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Flashback: Howard Phillips Interviews Ron Paul in 1997

Howard Phillips was a conservative political activist who founded the Constitution Party (called the U.S. Taxpayers Party until 1999) in 1992. He passed away on April 20th at the age of 72. For many years, he hosted a TV show called the “Conservative Roundtable”. In 1997, he welcomed Congressman Ron Paul, who at that time had just reentered Congress after a 12 year break.… Read more ...

Larry West: Ballot Status and Registered Write-In Status By Presidential Candidate, 2012

From IPR comments, original research by Larry West as to which presidential candidates are on the ballot in which states, and which ones are registered write-in candidates in which states. Larry West is the only source for this information and I have not attempted to verify or correct it, but corrections – preferably with links to sources/evidence – are welcome in the comments.Read more ...

Huffington Post Essay on Ron Paul and Third Party Voting

Here is an essay by Brian LaSorsa from Huffington Post, “Is a Vote for Ron Paul a Vote for Obama, or the Product of a Disenfranchised Right?”

In the end, though, we have meaningful questions to ask: are third-party voters betraying the Republican Party, or are these voters a product of the Republican Party betraying the ideals of small government?

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Mediaite Article on Ron Paul Supporters, Libertarians and Romney

Here is a Mediaite article that is in reply to a couple of Breitbart columns imploring Ron Paul supporters and L(l)ibertarians to vote for Romney. I think the article addresses libertarian/Libertarian Party dynamics enough to be of interest to IPR readers.

…Schlichter’s misunderstanding of the libertarian mentality doesn’t help, either. The first and most obvious mistake he makes is to conveniently overlook the fact that small-L libertarians are truly unconcerned with the Libertarian Party.

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Can Romney win over libertarians?

The Blaze reports that Mitt Romney is having a difficult time getting supporters of former presidential candidate Ron Paul and libertarians in general on his side.

Those who identify with libertarian ideas represent a sizable part of the voter base in America. In a 2006 Zogby International poll, 59 percent of respondents said “yes” to whether they would describe themselves as “fiscally conservative and socially liberal.” The poll was commissioned by David Boaz and David Kirby of the Cato Institute – a think tank dedicated to advancing principles of individual liberty, limited government, free markets and peace — who have conducted several studies together on the libertarian-leaning voter beginning with a 2006 paper where they determined through admittedly strict calculations that 13 to 15 percent of the electorate could be defined as libertarian.

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Gallup Nationwide Poll Includes Goode, Stein, and Johnson

Gallup recently did a nationwide presidential poll in which they included the Constitution Party’s Virgil Goode of Virginia, the Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson of New Mexico, and the Green Party’s Jill Stein of Massachusetts. The results cannot, of course, compensate for ballot access–so the polling firm assumed that anyone they called was capable of voting for each candidate.… Read more ...

Wayne Root To Endorse Romney For President

From Wayne Root, 2008 Libertarian Party Vice-Presidential nominee:

Wayne will be appearing on Fox & Friends, the #1 morning show on cable TV on Sunday at 7:50 AM ET/4:50 AM PT to discuss his commentary “The Party That Booed God” and why Wayne, the former Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee, has just resigned from the LP to re-join The Republican Party as a Tea Party Libertarian Republican, and is endorsing Mitt Romney for President of the United States.… Read more ...

Ron Paul on Leno: No Endorsements

From a Facebook Post on LP Radicals by a (proclaimed) member of the audience for the taping earlier today:

Just came back from (the taping of) Ron Paul on Jay Leno.  Ron Paul did not endorse anyone and said a third party run was unlikely. So the news? *SPOILER ALERT* He was kind of subtle about it, but he said he needed a rest for 2016.  

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Stockman Denies Endorsing Chuck Baldwin in 2008

I recently wrote a bit about the third party connections of former Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX). In that article, I linked to one of our former articles claiming that Stockman had voted for pastor and Constitution Party presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin in 2008. One of the editors at Republican elections website Red Racing Horses (full disclosure: I helped found the site) recently interviewed Stockman and asked him about that detail.… Read more ...

USA Today Story on Ballot Access

Here is a seemingly sympathetic article on ballot access from USA Today. Hat tip to Ricardo Davis of the Georgia CP for drawing my attention to the article.

It is a quirk of American democracy: Your choices for president of the United States depend on which state you live in.

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Gallup Poll Includes Johnson, Stein, Goode

A new national Gallup poll was released July 6th, and it included three additional candidates on top of President Barack Obama, and former Governor Mitt Romney. These candidates were Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party, Jill Stein of the Green Party, and Virgil Goode of the Constitution Party.
I'm going to read a list of five candidates for president who may appear on the ballot in a significant number of states this November. Supposing that all of these candidates were on the ballot in your state, which one would you be most likely to vote for -- [ROTATED: Barack Obama, the Democratic candidate, Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate, Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate, Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, Virgil Goode, the Constitution Party candidate,] or will you be voting for someone else? (Asked of those who are undecided) As of today, which one of these candidates do you lean toward?

The drop in support during the campaign is likely due to two factors.

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