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Party for Socialism and Liberation: California Socialist Election Campaigns Get Off to Rousing Start

Socialist congressional candidate Frank Lara (second from right in gray jacket) with guests at campaign launch event
Photo: Omar Ali

Credit: LiberationNews.org

By Jon Britton

What promise to be dynamic socialist campaigns in the state’s 2014 elections got off [read more]

Cindy Sheehan: Now is the Time for All Good People to Come to the Aid of their Candidate

February 20th is the deadline for “Signatures in Lieu” of filing fee to get Cindy Sheehan on the ballot for Governor here in California.

The campaign has been working since January 1st to collect the signatures, and we really do not have a clear idea [read more]

Cindy Sheehan: We Have a Dream

The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today: my own government…I cannot be silent. — Martin Luther King Jr., “Beyond Vietnam”, April 4, 1967

To celebrate the birth of Martin Luther King, Jr. we must really analyze some facts that made people (even his own colleagues) uncomfortable. On April 4, 1967–exactly one year before he was killed–at the Riverside Church in New York City, [read more]

Leaked Recording Reveals How PSL Cut Socialist Candidates from the California Ballot

Originally posted to Freedom Socialist newspaper (Vol. 34, No. 6) by Megan Cornish

Many thanks to Monica Hill for this news.

In an ongoing refrain, unallied radicals regularly plead with socialist parties to join forces in electoral and [read more]