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N.C. Libertarians respond to governor’s State of the State address

Nothing Gov. Pat McCrory said in his State of the State address indicates he’ll deviate from the 40 year record of both Democratic and Republican governors that’s contributed to the excessive debt, regulation and public sector bureaucracy handicapping North Carolina, [read more]

Howe asks N.C. Gov. Perdue to pardon the Wilmington Ten

Libertarian N.C. gubernatorial candidate Barbara Howe has announced her support for a pardon of innocence for the group known as the Wilmington Ten, nine men and one woman convicted of arson and conspiracy in 1972. They served nearly a decade in prison before a federal appeals court [read more]

Libertarian Party Nominee Barbara Howe Polls 7% in North Carolina Gubernatorial Election

SurveyUSA is one of the most accurate polling companies in the United States, along with Public Policy Polling. Those two polling firms have also been the most reliable in terms of including third party candidates in their polls over the last couple of years. [read more]

Johnson Polls 6% in North Carolina

Public Policy Polling is, by far, the best polling agency when it comes to including third parties in their surveys. They have included Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson in another poll, this time in North Carolina.

We also looked at what impact Gary Johnson could have as the Libertarian candidate. He gets 6% and draws slightly more from Romney than Obama, pushing the President’s lead up to 2 points at 46-44. Third party candidates tend to poll a lot better six months out from an election than they actually end up doing on election day- it seems unlikely Johnson will really get 6%.

Johnson has previously polled 15% in [read more]

Constitution Party Presidential Candidates Answer Extensive Questionaires

There are five presidential candidates vying for the nomination of the Constitution Party. Each of them answered a questionnaire which was put out by the Constitution Party of Indiana a couple of months ago. They are posted online. Michael Kennedy of Maryland, Laurie Roth of Washington, Susan Ducey of Kansas, Robby Wells of North Carolina, and Virgil Goode of Virginia.

Robby [read more]

N.C. Libertarians to Request Presidential Primary

The North Carolina Libertarian Party will ask the State Board of Elections to conduct a Libertarian Presidential Preference Primary which may be the first in the state’s history.

The party’s executive committee directed Acting Chair J.J. Summerell to make the request [read more]

Jordon Greene: Virginia Primary Law Just One Example of ‘Flawed’ Election Laws

LENOIR, (Dec. 26) – Two of the major Republican presidential hopefuls are learning what third party and independent candidates have known for years, that ballot access laws in most states are rigged against offering voters any real choices in primaries and on election day, [read more]