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Brett H. Pojunis Writes to LNC to be Included on their Next Meeting’s Agenda

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Brett Pojunis on Libertarian Party of Nevada’s Page

I am going to keep you updated on everything with the Nevada situation. After the Agenda item email went out and was accepted by our Chariman, the board started [read more]

Brett H. Pojunis Reports on Last Saturday’s Non-Convention Event

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To the members of the Libertarian Party of Nevada Executive Committee, State Leaders in Region 4, Libertarian State Leadership Alliance, and members of the Libertarian National Committee;

Libertarian National Committee: Please give us a fair [read more]

Concerned Nevada Libertarians Plan Event for Day of Postponed Convention

From Brett Pojunis:

Help build the Libertarian Party in Nevada!

Concerned Members of the Libertarian Party of Nevada

I am asking all members (or potential members) to show up who want to build the Libertarian Party. There is a lot for us to do to [read more]

What’s Going On NOW With the Libertarian Party of Nevada?

These articles were sent to me by an anonymous source, and, since they’re all published articles, I’ve decided to publish them here without comment. They concern Kurt Treptow, who is currently the treasurer for the Nevada Libertarian Party. He apparently also has uses the name Kurt Brackob.

The [read more]

What’s Going On with the Libertarian Party of Nevada?

In May of 2011, the Libertarian Party of Nevada released the following press release:

Posted by LPNevada News on 11 May 2011


Libertarian Party of Nevada announces the results from Executive Committee meeting.

LAS VEGAS, Nevada, May 10, 2011 ― The Libertarian Party of Nevada (LPNevada), the Libertarian Party is America’s third-largest political party who believes in minimum government and maximum freedom, announced the results of its May 5, 2011 Executive Committee meeting.

The LPNevada Executive Committee (ExCom) had its regularly scheduled meeting held telephonically on May 5, 2011 at 8:00PM PST. The agenda included the Treasurer’s report, establishing state levels of donor contributions (memberships), authorization of spending funds and, most notably, a motion to unite the state’s leadership. Other issues discussed were the addition of the new LPNevada website (www.LPNevada.org), LPNevada Logo, engagement of social media activities and the introduction of contributors to the LPNevada blog.

A far-reaching motion spearheaded by Joseph P. Silvestri, the state Chairman, and made by Irv Hopkins, the At-Large Representative, to consolidate its leadership and party platform on a state level. The ExCom voted in favor (6-to-2) of de-affiliating all the county organizations with the intent to consolidate the LPNevada into one centralized state party.

The board members voting in favor of this change want to state that our primary reason for this change was to more effectively pursue Libertarian goals of identifying and electing qualified Libertarian candidates statewide by creating a single source of a unified, positive message of freedom and responsibility. When the LPNevada is compared to other LP state affiliates on a per-capita basis, we do well for the population base we have. But in raw numbers, we have few activists who are spread too thin across our organizational structure. Without adequate coordination, the voting public is getting mixed messages from different parts of the LPNevada as county affiliates often focus on issues of little importance to mainstream voters. Once the LPNevada has grown to a size to adequately support a multi-level structure, we hope then to be able to rebuild county affiliates.

“Based upon a review of the past decade’s lack of membership growth and current membership totals, the LPNevada ExCom believes the current system design of individual county organizations is both inefficient and counterproductive,” said Joseph P. Silvestri, LPNevada Chairman. “While Chairman of the Clark County affiliate, I saw firsthand the difficulties in maintaining an effective affiliate organization. This decision was long overdue.”

Silvestri continued, “While this decision was not taken lightly, there was strong consensus that this change was absolutely necessary. I am very pleased with the direction the LPNevada is now heading, which will also create uniform membership criteria statewide. I encourage other Libertarian Party leaders of small affiliates to consider reviewing their organizational structure and adopt positive changes like we did here in Nevada.

Here are links to some articles we posted here at IPR about the disaffiliation:

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And now, 18 months later, we have received the [read more]

Goode Campaigns in Wyoming and Nevada, Attends American Independent Party Convention in CA

Virgil Goode has been on a Western States tour for his presidential campaign. The nominee of the Constitution Party was in Wyoming a few days ago and called for deep cuts to the federal budget as a solution to the issues of over-taxation and the national [read more]

Nevada Independent American Party files Virgil Goode for President

Nevada Independent American Party State Chairman John Wagner filed the forms to put Virgil Goode on the ballot in that state. The Independent American Party is the state affiliate of the national Constitution Party.

Virgil Goode was a member of Ron Paul’s Liberty Caucus when he served in the U.S. House of Representatives. He was chosen as the Independent American Party’s presidential candidate at the National Convention in Nashville, Tennessee in April, 2012.

The Independent American Party also filed the names of the Party’s presidential electors in order to vote in the Electoral College.

Party Chairman John Wagner stated that “Now the people of Nevada have a real choice for President, not just the twin party candidates that offer us more of the same.”

Read the rest at USA News First: [read more]