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New Candidate for LP Nevada Chairman Position Comes Forward

This email was sent to the LP Nevada meetup list. The rescheduled convention for the Libertarian Party of Nevada will be held on Saturday, November 16, at the Suncoast Hotel in Las Vegas. At least one other person, Brett H. Pojunis, is expected to run for chairman. It is not known whether the incumbent, Joe Silvestri, will run for a new term.Read more ...

Resignation of Kurt Brackob as Treasurer of Libertarian Party of Nevada

This letter was sent to me via email:

Please post to IPR:

I am hereby resigning my position as Treasurer of the Libertarian Party of Nevada due to what I consider to be the unethical behavior of Joseph Silvestri and his cronies who, fearing their imminent removal from office at the upcoming party convention, have devised a plan to bankrupt the Party treasury before relinquishing office.… Read more ...

New Nevada Data Showing Voter Registration By Party Released

From Ballot Access News, July 3, 2013:

The Secretary of State of Nevada issues monthly tallies for the number of registered voters in each party. This news story notes that the Libertarian Party is the only one of Nevada’s four ballot-qualified parties that gained registrants during June. The number of independent voters, like the number of voters in the Democratic, Republican, and Independent American Parties, also declined during June. … Read more ...

Nevada’s IAP Candidate for Senate in 2012 Has Controversial Video Questioning Sandy Hook

I ran across this video on Facebook, and researched the gentleman who made it. In the video, he states he will be running to be the Constitution Party’s candidate for governor in 2014 , although the website doesn’t mention which party, from what I can tell. He was the Independent American Party’s candidate for Senate in 2012 , receiving 48,792 votes, which was 4.89 %.… Read more ...

Brett H. Pojunis Writes to LNC to be Included on their Next Meeting’s Agenda

Found on Facebook

Brett Pojunis on Libertarian Party of Nevada’s Page

I am going to keep you updated on everything with the Nevada situation. After the Agenda item email went out and was accepted by our Chariman, the board started making statements that the LNC should NOT get involved.

Unfortunately, I am forced to shake things up.… Read more ...

Brett H. Pojunis Reports on Last Saturday’s Non-Convention Event

Found on Facebook

To the members of the Libertarian Party of Nevada Executive Committee, State Leaders in Region 4, Libertarian State Leadership Alliance, and members of the Libertarian National Committee;

Libertarian National Committee: Please give us a fair Convention in Nevada!

We respectfully request that the Libertarian National Committee host, facilitate, credential, and oversee a fair, legal, and Libertarian convention for the Libertarian Party of Nevada during the July 2013 National Committee meeting in Las Vegas, NV.… Read more ...

Video of Confrontation Between Two Nevada Groups April 27, 2013

This was taken by Adam Sanacore.  This is the confrontation that occurred when the group of people who had assembled for a meeting after the Nevada Libertarian Convention was postponed.  Brett Pojunis organized the meeting, which met at the Marritt hotel in Las Vegas.  They were told that a meeting was going on at the Suncoast, where the original convention had been planned, and that Joe Silvestri, LPNV chair, and other members of the Ex Com were there. … Read more ...

Petition to LNC: Please Give Us a Fair Convention in Nevada!

Found on Facebook

We, the concerned members and Delegates of the Libertarian Party of Nevada (herein referred to as membership), are deeply dismayed at the events going on within the Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of Nevada (herein referred to as LPNevada) this term.

In review of blatant violations of our bylaws committed by the Executive Committee of LPNevada:

Failure to register dues paying members and forward applicable monies to the National Libertarian Party, in violation of Article III, Section 1(B);

Failure to properly notify members of the state convention, deeming placement on a secondary page on lpnevada.org ample notification, in violation of Article IV, Section 3;

Failure to adopt agendas or follow any notion of Robert’s Rules of Order during Executive Committee meetings, in violation of Article VI(A);

Failure to record any business taken at Executive Committee meetings, in violation of Article V, Section 3(B);

Failure to post a single record of minutes taken at Executive Committee meetings, in violation of Article V, Section 3(B);

Failure to properly record submitted bylaws amendments before the convention, in violation of Article VII(C).… Read more ...

Report of the Other Nevada LP Event from Filippo Di Noto

Filippo Di Noto in comments on a prior post:

This is my account of the events.

First of all, to those concerned that LPNevada funds were used to pay for the event. Absolutely no LPNevada funds were used to pay for the luncheon. It was a Free Speech Coalition event promoted by that organization, RSVP required.… Read more ...

Concerned Nevada Libertarians Plan Event for Day of Postponed Convention

From Brett Pojunis:

Help build the Libertarian Party in Nevada!

Concerned Members of the Libertarian Party of Nevada

I am asking all members (or potential members) to show up who want to build the Libertarian Party. There is a lot for us to do to get Candidates elected in Nevada.

Here is the game plan for Saturday, April 27th, 2013:

8:00 AM Suncoast Casino
Please show up at Suncoast Casino to ensure nothing is going on.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party of Nevada Postpones its Convention

This announcement was sent out this morning from the Libertarian Party of Nevada:

We regret to announce that we are forced to postpone the 2013 Libertarian Party of Nevada State Convention. The convention will no longer be held on Saturday April 27, 2013, as originally scheduled.
The Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of Nevada does not take this decision lightly, but is compelled to do so because, during the past week, the resources of the National Libertarian Party were used in an unethical manner in an attempt to influence the outcome of the Convention.… Read more ...