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Libertarian Randall Hayes: Baton Rouge NPR station gives 5 minutes of airtime to each U.S. Senate candidate

Email from Randall Hayes to conatct.ipr@gmail.com:

WRKF, the NPR affiliate in Baton Rouge, offered five minutes of unedited airtime to each of the twelve candidates in Louisiana’s U.S. Senate race. Seven of those candidates accepted the offer and [read more]

Louisiana Legislator Leaves GOP to Become Independent and Files For U.S. Senate

Ernest D. Wooton has been a Republican Representative in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, since 1999. Wooton recently changed his registration to Independent and filed for the U.S. Senate race in Louisiana, against GOP incumbent David Vitter.

Rep. Wooton represents the parish which is geographically closest to the oil spill and is [read more]

Former Constitution Party Vice Presidential Candidate Offers Advice to Bobby Jindal

In 2008 the Constitution Party nominated Darrell Castle of Tennessee to be their Vice Presidential nominee for 2008. Castle has penned an article in which he both criticizes and lauds Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal for his response to the BP oil spill [read more]

Prominent Independents Consider Running For LA-2

Tommie Vassel, a New Orleans resident and Orleans Parish Sewage and Water Board member, is considering an Independent run for Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional District. He isn’t the only independent considering the race, though. Reverend Byron Clay, the immediate past President of the Southern Christian [read more]

Independent Legislator in Louisiana Wants to Freeze Per Diem Payments

Rep. Dee Richard (No Party – Thibodaux) wants to freeze per diem payments to legislators for the next two years. That is to say, Rep. Richard does not want to eliminate the payments, but suspend the growth of those payments by putting a pay-ceiling on them.

The House and Governmental Affairs Committee approved the measure on a 9-7 vote after a motion to kill the idea died on a 9-8 vote.
House Bill 1390 now heads to the House floor.
“If we cannot live with $159 per diem, I shouldn’t say shame but….,” said state Rep. Dee Richard, No Party-Thibodaux, trailing off at the end of his sentence.
“I want to do something to show the Legislature wants to do something to reduce some of our costs,” said Richard, noting the state’s budget problems.
Per diem is the money lawmakers get to cover expenses while they are in session, attending interim committee meetings, legislative conferences and the like. The amount is tied to the rate federal employees receive when traveling in the Baton Rouge area.
The per diem amount is adjusted annually with the federal rate. Today, per diem is $159. It has risen from $113 in 2005.
Richard’s House Bill 1390 would freeze the $159 from July 1 to July 1, 2012.

[read more]

Louisiana Newspaper Editorializes Against Top Two Primary Bill in Louisiana

In an unsigned editorial in The Daily Advertiser, a Lafayette, Louisiana, based newspaper, yesterday comments onthe current movement back towards “open primaries” or “top two primaries” in Louisiana.

The first and loudest objection will be the one we cited earlier: Open primaries let everyone vote for anyone they want. But it’s important to remember that primaries are creatures of political parties, and their purpose is to choose political party nominees. In that sense, Louisiana didn’t really open the primaries. It abolished them.If allowing any registered voter to vote for any primary candidate was the goal, doing away with party registration and allowing everyone to request the ballot he or she wants to vote would have done the trick. If economizing on elections was the goal, well, Stalin and Hitler figured out startlingly effective ways to save on ballots.

The editorial serves as a good comparison between a state that [read more]

Green Party of Florida calls on Obama and Crist to declare State of Emergency for the Gulf Coast

Eleven oil rig workers have died in the April 20 explosion in the Gulf of Mexico. Now, there are dire consequences for the ecosystem as crude oil gushes into the Gulf. The Green Party of Florida has called on President Obama and Florida Governor Crist to declare an immediate State of Emergency for the Gulf Coast in response to the oil rig disaster. The Green Party of Florida believes that all available federal and state resources must be mobilized to protect threatened communities and wildlife habitats in four states. [read more]

December Congresional Runoffs Bill Passed by Louisiana Senate Committee

Ballot Access News has the latest from Louisiana’s re-imposition of their jungle primary.

On April 28, the Louisiana Senate and Governmental Affairs Committee passed HB 292. It moves congressional elections back to the pattern used between 1998 and 2006. There are no congressional elections until November. All voters use the same ballot, and that ballot lists all candidates. If anyone gets 50% or more in November, that person is elected. Otherwise the top two finishers face off in December.

Thanks to Richard winger for bringing this to our [read more]