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Judge Gray: To Act, or Not to Act?

Judge Gray

The Functional Libertarian Series
October 10, 2013

Have you ever felt inspired, hopeful, able and optimistic about your ability to right a wrong?

Have you ever felt frustrated, small, ineffective and helpless about your ability to do anything about a problem?

I have, both ways.

Recently my wife and I saw the movie “The Butler,” starring Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey, and, in what is probably the most intentionally ironic casting in the history of moviemaking, Jane Fonda as Nancy Reagan.… Read more ...

Ohio Senate Votes to Ban Libertarian Party from 2014 Ohio Election

Found on the Libertarian Party of Ohio’s website

Libertarian party of ohio

Up-to-the-minute SB 193 news will appear here until further notice, so check back often

Latest SB 193 UPDATE:

COLUMBUS (Tue., Oct, 7 at 1 p.m.)

The Ohio Senate has passed SB 193, just a couple of hours after it made it out of committee.… Read more ...

Steve Scheetz, Chairman of LPPA, Issues Letter Banning Dr. Tom Stevens from Commenting on Any LPPA Email List

Found on Facebook

Good Morning,

First and foremost. Tom Stevens, having resigned his membership, is no longer a member of the LPPA and should no longer be allowed the privilege to post on any LPPA e-mail list.

Second. Tom Stevens stated that he “appointed” the new chairman, Aaron Rosengarten. There were no elections, there was a statement that Aaron was appointed Chair of Northampton County Libertarian Committee, and Tom Stevens appointed himself Executive Director of an affiliate of the LPPA while no longer being a member of the LPPA.… Read more ...

Art Pedroza: Libertarians should not be supporting or applauding George Zimmerman


Posted to oc politics blog
By Art Pedroza

I am appalled to see that some of my fellow Libertarians are supporting accused murderer George Zimmerman, in the wake of the end of his trial for the killing of teenager Trayvon Martin.

As Libertarians we should be advancing the cause of civil rights and standing up against the racists in this country.… Read more ...

Cathy Reisenwitz: Why This Libertarian is Celebrating DOMA’s Defeat


By Cathy Reisenwitz
Posted to Sex and the State
June 27, 2013

Not everyone is happy about yesterday’s SCOTUS decision on DOMA, and I get it. More recently than I’d like to admit, that was me. I believed that gay sex was a sin. I also thought that government should promote God’s plan for us by not legitimizing “marriages” between anyone other than one man and one woman.… Read more ...

Garry Reed: Another Memorial Day, another big lie from government

Posted to Examiner.com
May 26, 2013

Every year during Memorial Day weekend the people who run our government repeat the same glowing stories about the glories of war and the heroes who “fight for our freedoms” even though it’s difficult to find wars in America’s history that were really about fighting for our freedoms rather than fighting for conquest.

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Marc Guttman: Interventionist Policies Impoverish Us

Published in theday 11-07-2010

I received an informative e-mail regarding significant tax increases alleged to begin in 2011. To be honest, I’ve made no effort to check the veracity of its claims, but one response to the message was “That’s okay. I don’t mind contributing to the greater good … except the wars.”

According to the War Resisters League, current military spending makes up 36 percent of federal government spending.… Read more ...

California NDAA Nullification Bill Passes Assembly Committee Unanimously

Report by Michael Boldin of the Tenth Amendment Center

Today, the California Public Safety Committee voted unanimously in favor of Assembly Bill 351 (SB351), the California Liberty Preservation Act.

Introduced by Republican Assemblymember Tim Donnelly, AB351 is a strong stand against “indefinite detention” as supposedly authorized by the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2012.  … Read more ...

Sheldon Richman and Jacob Hornberger: The Libertarian Angle

Here are Sheldon Richman and Jacob Hornberger of the Future of Freedom Foundation discussing the ten-year anniversary of the Iraq war.

Now online
March 25, 2013

Edit from Paulie: Sheldon Richman and Jacob Hornberger were both formerly prominent activists in the Libertarian Party, although as far as I know neither one is associated with that party anymore.Read more ...

23 Libertarian Columnists Launch Libertarian Party News Outlet

PRLog (Press Release) – Mar. 14, 2013 – WASHINGTON, D.C. — 23 libertarian columnists launch Libertarian Party News outlet

A coalition of libertarian news reporters announced the launch of America’s newest independent political news outlet – Libertarian Party News. Twenty-three experienced and established columnists, all self-proclaimed libertarians, have come together to help level the playing field for Libertarian candidates and to promote the cause of liberty.

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