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Liberty for America March 2014 edition released

George Phillies

Liberty for America is a monthly newsletter published by Massachusetts Libertarian Party activist George Phillies. It deals with news and views pertaining to the LP. It is now online at:


Some stories include:

* Coverage of recent Libertarian National Committee (LNC) meeting

* Editorials by Rodger Paxton, R.Read more ...

George Phillies: Liberty for America To Launch National Media Campaign Calling for Impeachment of James Clapper and Keith Alexander


George Phillies, Principal Officer of the Liberty for America Political
Action Committee, announced that Liberty for America is about to launch
a national media campaign calling for the impeachment of Director of
National Intelligence James Clapper and NSA Director Keith Alexander.

We are in the stage of developing the final media content from media
outlets, Phillies said.

Read more ...

George Phillies: Questions for the Libertarian Party National Party Members to Consider


There has been quite a bit of discussion here on IPR of the Libertarian Party’s Audit Committee Report from 2012. Resolution appears to have occurred last weekend at the quarterly meeting of the Libertarian National Committee . There were several issues, two of them involving then Executive Director Carla Howell. Discussions will continue, however, at least here on this forum.Read more ...

Liberty for America: Arkansas Libertarian Party is On the Ballot


Found in George Phillies’ Liberty for America Nov 13
Arkansas Libertarian Party is on the Ballot

(Little Rock, AR) The Libertarian Party of Arkansas (LPAR) is officially a recognized political party for the second time in history and will now be able to run candidates for office in 2014.

Last month the party submitted signatures to the Secretary of State’s office in order to fulfill the requirement of collecting at least 10,000 valid signatures from registered voters in the state.… Read more ...

State-by-State Results of IPR’s 2016 LP Presidential Preference Poll


With IP analysis complete, IPR can now release the official state-by-state results of its August 12-19 survey, which gauged reader preference for the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination field.

In the poll, voters were asked to chose one of the following individuals, who at the time, were either running or had expressed an interest in running for the 2016 LP presidential nomination:

Results released in late August showed former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson as the overwhelming preference of the poll’s 166 participants.… Read more ...

October 2013 edition of Liberty for America released

George Phillies (photo from his 2008 presidential campaign)

Every month, Massachussetts Libertarian Party activist and frequent IPR commentator George Phillies publishes Liberty for America. This online as well as hard copy newsletter covers news about the Libertarian Party as well as provides views and analysis on what is going on with the LP along with other pressing issues of the day.… Read more ...

George Phillies: Federal Surveillance— Bringing the STASI to America


This is an editorial by George Phillies in October Liberty for America

It is now revealed by the ACLU that the Federal Government has been using no-fly lists to turn people into Federal spies, planting them in religious institutions and community groups. For much more https://www.aclu.org/unleashed-and-unaccountable

The mechanism is simple. The Federal octopus waits until the victim has flown to a remote foreign place.… Read more ...

George Phillies: “Libertarian Populism”= Republican Lie

Posted to Liberty for America , August 2013
Dr. Phillies sent this to us at IPR for publishing.

The Republican Party has hatched a newer but hardly better scheme to
lure libertarian-leaning voters into their clutches. It’s called
‘libertarian populism’. It’s named after two things that Republicans
will never be: ‘libertarian’ and ‘popular’.… Read more ...

George Phillies: Impeach the FISC Twelve

George Phillies is a longtime Libertarian Party activist who was a several time candidate for various party offices. 

FISC seal 

Impeach the FISC Twelve

The eleven members of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court and the Chief Justice who appoints them should be impeached by the House, tried and convicted by the Senate, and removed from office.… Read more ...

IPR 2016 Libertarian Party Presidential Preference Survey Results

Using SurveyMonkey, IPR conducted three polls from August 12-19 gauging reader preference for those running or interested in running for the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination.  With each individual listed in alphabetical order, readers chose between:

In the three polls, participants were asked to rate the viability of the above individuals, to rank each based on personal preference, and to select one (or none) as their preferred choice for the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination.… Read more ...

IPR’s 2016 Libertarian Party Presidential Preference Poll

The following is the first official Independent Political Report poll concerning the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination.

The only individuals included in this poll are those who are either officially running for the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination or have expressed interest in running for the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination.… Read more ...