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Marc Guttman: Would things be any different if McCain or Romney won?

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This commentary was originally posted to Norwich Bulletin
December 23, 2013

Anthony Gregory’s provocative commentary, “Pretend It Was President McCain,” asks defenders of President Barack Obama to attribute the current administration’s policies — and scandals — to a President John McCain [read more]

Connecticut Libertarian for Congress Seeks Reductions in Government Education, Agriculture and Military

Staff at LP.org blog:

Having run twice as a write-in candidate in Connecticut’s second congressional district, this year Libertarian Dan Reale is officially on the ballot.

He sees an opportunity in growing voter disapproval of the two major parties which refuse [read more]

Rocky Anderson Nominated by the Independent Party of Connecticut

Rocky Anderson has been nominated by the Independent Party of Connecticut for President. This party last nominated a presidential candidate in 2008, receiving over 1% of the votes for Ralph Nader, which helped them to retain their ballot access for [read more]

CT Greens to formally launch petition drive at Jill Stein appearance in Middletown on March 1

Press release from the Connecticut Green Party:




Green Party presidential candidate, physician, and environmental health advocate Dr. Jill Stein will be speaking in Middletown, CT, on March 1st 2012.  Dr. Stein advocates for the creation of a Green New Deal, (http://www.jillstein.org/green_new_deal) which aims to end unemployment, transition to a more sustainable energy infrastructure, initiate financial reform, and strengthen democracy by protecting voters’ rights and limiting the power of corporations.  If you’re interested in Dr. Stein’s campaign, curious about the Green Party, or frustrated by the politics of the two-party system, come to this event on March 1st.

Stein was a candidate for Governor of Massachusetts in the 2002 and the 2010 gubernatorial elections. Stein was nominated for Secretary of the Commonwealth on March 4, 2006, at the Green-Rainbow Party (MA) state-wide nominating convention. In a two-way race with three-term incumbent Democrat Bill Galvin, Stein received 353,551 votes or 18% of the total vote.  

Stein is a resident of Lexington, Massachusetts and a 1979 graduate of Harvard Medical School. She serves on the boards of Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility and MassVoters for Fair Elections, and has been active with the Massachusetts Coalition for Healthy Communities.

This event will be the kickoff meeting for the Green Party of CT’s 2012 Petition Campaign to secure a place on the CT ballot for the Green Party Presidential candidate.  The GPCT must collect 7500 valid signatures (12,500 + raw signatures) to qualify for a line on CT’s 2012 ballot for President, Vice President, and U.S. Senate.  Petitions and information about this petition campaign will be available at this historic meeting. So please come and join this important effort to give the citizens of CT more voices and more choices!

For more information on this event call 860-919-4042

More info on Jill Stein/the Green Party:

(Some disclosure:  I’m one of the primary organizers of this [read more]

5 Green candidates profiled in New London, CT

Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

Dirk Langeveld at the New London Patch has published 5 Green candidates’ responses to a questionnaire sent to all local candidates. Jessica Cartagena, Kenric Hanson, and Joan Sullivan Cooper are running for City Council. Ronna Stuller [read more]

Root: The Strike – As Ayn Rand Predicted

“…revenues are down dramatically. Coincidence?

Everything happening today under Obama resembles the storyline of Ayn Rand’s famous book, Atlas Shrugged…” [read more]

Marc Guttman: Voting Against Social Harmony, Individuals, and Prosperity

From an article distributed by Connecticut Libertarian Party activist Marc Guttman:

It’s often said that if someone doesn’t like something the government is doing, he or she should convince enough people to change it.  Is this our idea for community, granting government the power to [read more]