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Judge Gray: George Washington-The American Patriot

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The Functional Libertarian

November 7, 2013



Today begins a short series in this weekly column about some of America’s greatest patriots, and we begin today with probably the greatest: George Washington.

At his funeral oration for George Washington, which was given to both houses of Congress on December 26, 1799, General “Light Horse Harry” Lee famously stated that Washington was “First in War, First in Peace, and First in the Hearts of his Countrymen.” That was demonstrably true at that time, and it is, or should be, still true today.… Read more ...

Steve Collett: Drug Policy Alliance Offers True Hope and Change

steve_w_dogsSteve with Ron Paul

Steve Collett posted this to his blog just a few days ago . He passed away suddenly over this past weekend.

Love Fest in Denver

Economy, End Drug Prohibition, Human Rights, by Steve Collett.

Drug Policy Alliance Offers True Hope and Change

There is a love fest going on in Colorado right now.… Read more ...

Libertarians Shocked at Sudden Death of CA Activist, Steve Collett


Posted to OC Politics Blog

RIP, L.A. liberty movement leader Steve Collett
By Art Pedroza

Friends of Steve Collett , the noted Libertarian activist, are commenting on his Facebook page that he has apparently passed away. If this is true it would be a great loss for the liberty movement. Reportedly he died at his home in Hermosa Beach, of unknown causes, after returning from the Reform Conference in Denver, which he blogged about just a couple days ago, here .… Read more ...

Judge Gray: Restore Hetch Hetchy Valley!

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The Functional Libertarian Series
October 24, 2013

Those of you who have read this column more than a few times can probably tell that innately I am an optimist. For example, recently I have predicted that our nation’s policy of Drug Prohibition will be ended within only a few years. I believe that is true, but I acknowledge that it is an optimistic thought.… Read more ...

Steve Kubby: Public Needs to Know the Government is Watching

Posted to Lake Tahoe News
October 16, 2013


Information released recently in a story by John Shiffman of Reuters explained how a secretive U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration unit is funneling information from intelligence intercepts, wiretaps, informants and a massive database of telephone records to authorities across the nation to help them launch criminal investigations of Americans.… Read more ...

Judge Gray: The Drug War is A Failure, From My Perspective

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The Functional Libertarian Series
October 17, 2013

At the end of my September 7, 2013 column I asked you the readers to respond to me about any area of importance to you, and I would show to your satisfaction how it was made worse by Marijuana Prohibition. So many of you took me up on my offer that I want to share my answers with the rest of you.… Read more ...

Judge Gray: To Act, or Not to Act?

Judge Gray

The Functional Libertarian Series
October 10, 2013

Have you ever felt inspired, hopeful, able and optimistic about your ability to right a wrong?

Have you ever felt frustrated, small, ineffective and helpless about your ability to do anything about a problem?

I have, both ways.

Recently my wife and I saw the movie “The Butler,” starring Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey, and, in what is probably the most intentionally ironic casting in the history of moviemaking, Jane Fonda as Nancy Reagan.… Read more ...

Judge Gray: Apply libertarian philosophy to education for success

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The Functional Libertarian
September 26, 2013

Last week we discussed how the U.S. would thrive in several important areas, including education, by using a functional libertarian approach.

Because education really is a common denominator and a key to success for individuals as well as our country, it deserves more exploration.

Today most people agree that many schools are failing our children, particularly those youngsters who come from lower economic areas.… Read more ...

Judge Gray: Actual Congressional Benefits

Judge Gray

The Functional Libertarian
October 3, 2013

There is a lot of misinformation and mystery about the compensation that the members of the United States Congress receive, and this is perpetuated by frequent emails that spread many things that are untrue. So I did some research at www.About.com, which provides information about the US Government, and also placed several calls to the Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives (202 225-7000) to compile and report to you the accurate information.… Read more ...

California Libertarian Party Aids in Getting Indefinite Detention Nullified in CA

Tenth Amendment Rules
Photo: Dave 77459 via Flickr

Posted to Infowars
Written by Julie Wilson
October 2, 2012

Calif. achieved a tremendous victory yesterday when a coalition of grassroots’ efforts managed to persuade Gov. Jerry Brown to sign into law the “California Liberty Preservation Act,” also known as AB-351 and “Habeas Corpus.”

The Calif.… Read more ...

Judge Gray: Toward A Functional Libertarian World

The Functional Libertarian
September 19. 2013

I am happy to say that the Functional Libertarian approach is beginning to attract more and more people both in our country and around the world. But what does that mean? What would a Functional Libertarian world really look like?

Generally speaking, Functional Libertarians strive for a government in which people would happily pay their taxes because they see that the money is being responsibly and effectively spent for their general safety, welfare and quality of life.… Read more ...

Judge Gray: My Family is Grieving for Our Dog

Judge Gray's dog 1a

The Functional Libertarian
September 12, 2013

My wife never had a dog before she bought one as a companion for her then six-year-old son. After some investigation, she got a White Golden Retriever, and they named her Devonshire Cream, or Devon, for short. The problem was, as I got to know Devon, I found that they had started at the top.… Read more ...