Stein says Sanders will ultimately endorse “corporate Democrat” nominee


In an interview with ThinkProgress following her campaign launch event Tuesday, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein said she is glad independent Sen. Bernie Sanders is running for the Democratic presidential nomination, but that she is a better spokesperson for progressives because she will be in the race through the general election.… Read more ...

OAI DBA “FairDebates.Com”


In a press release received by IPR earlier today, The Our America Initiative has announced it has created a new DBA (Doing Business As) subsidiary website,

“FairDebates is a DBA of Our America Initiative which is a 501(c)(4) political advocacy committee that may receive unlimited donations from both individual and corporate donors.… Read more ...

Stein campaign launch draws media coverage


Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein’s campaign launch event in Washington Tuesday has received coverage from several sources. United Press International reported in a brief item that Stein “used the opportunity to present her Power to the People plan, which emphasizes renewable energy, reduction of the military and nuclear weapons budget, and an end to institutional racism and police brutality.”

Al Jazeera America ran a longer report, saying Stein “pledged to eradicate poverty, bring about full employment and wean the United States off fossil fuels by 2030.” Stein “said her campaign ‘is building a people-powered force that will not sell or bow out, and will change American politics forever.'” Al Jazeera said the Green Party “presents itself as a left-wing alternative to both the Democrats and Republicans.” had the most upbeat report, saying, “The most successful female presidential candidate in US history is making another White House bid.” RT says Stein “is pinning her hopes on the support of voters as disillusioned with the Democrat-Republican duopoly as they are passionate about climate change, jobs and social justice.”… Read more ...

Libertarians in Washington Banned From Gay Pride Event Due to Question Asked About Open Carry


Posted at The Blaze

‘Banned From Pride For Being a Gay Libertarian’: Right to Marry Clashes With Right to Carry at Gay Pride Event

Jun. 23, 2015 4:09pm

The right to marry clashed with the right to carry over the weekend in Olympia, Washington, when members of the state’s Libertarian Party were barred from a gay pride event because of their support for the Second Amendment.… Read more ...

Darryl Perry: SCOTUS rules on free speech

2016 Libertarian Party presidential candidate Darryl Perry wrote the following editorial for his blog Free Press Publications 

The US Supreme Court recently issued two seemingly conflicting rulings on free speech. Scotusblog reports the Supreme Court “gave state governments sweeping new control over the messages that can be put on auto and truck license plates but restricted governments at all levels from using differing rules to control the messages put on billboards and other outdoor signs.… Read more ...

Photos from Jill Stein presidential campaign kickoff event

Jill Stein enters her Green Party presidential campaign kickoff event at the National Press Building in Washington, D.C.

Jill Stein enters her Green Party presidential campaign kickoff event at the National Press Building in Washington, D.C.

CODEPINK founder and Green Party Shadow Cabinet member Medea Benjamin speaks on Stein's behalf.

CODEPINK founder and Green Party Shadow Cabinet member Medea Benjamin speaks on Stein’s behalf

Stein formally announces her candidacy. To her left in the photo is 2012 Green Party vice presidential nominee Cheri Honkala.

Stein formally announces her candidacy. To her left in the photo is 2012 Green Party vice presidential nominee Cheri Honkala.

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Jill Stein presidential campaign kickoff liveblog


Jill Stein announced her second Green Party presidential candidacy on Democracy Now! Monday, telling host Amy Goodman, “I’m running with the only national party that does not take corporate funding. That is the Green Party. And it’s a great honor to be here at Democracy Now! to announce that I am running for president of the United States.”

Stein will be kicking off her campaign at the National Press Club in Washington this afternoon.… Read more ...

Libertarians, Greens, & Level the Playing Field (formerly Americans Elect) file lawsuit against Comm. on Pres. Debates

Press Release via the Libertarian Party:

The Libertarian Party joined Level the Playing Field, the successor group to Americans Elect, and the Green Party to file a lawsuit aimed at the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), a Democratic- and Republican-run agency that sets rules designed to exclude third parties and independents from presidential debates.… Read more ...

Green Party says S.C. killings show persistence of racism in U.S.


The Green Party of the United States expressed condolences for members of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina Friday, and said the killing of nine people at the church Wednesday evening was an indicator of the persistence of racism in the U.S.

In a statement, Green Party leaders said “abuses in the criminal justice system, including record-high incarceration rates, have escalated to the point of national crisis,” and said governmental and law enforcement responses “to the ongoing justice-system violations of the basic human and legal rights of People of Color have been superficial, inadequate, or nonexistent.”

Green Party Black Caucus Co-Chair Thomas Muhammad said, “The Green Party calls mass incarceration, excessive police and prosecutorial power, and extreme racial disparities in arrests, prosecution, and conviction a national emergency that requires emergency measures.… Read more ...

Sanders: Independent or Democrat? Either way he’ll be on Democratic primary ballots

Bernie Sanders

Sen. Bernie Sanders (?-VT)

Whether or not somebody is a member of a party, or affiliated with a party, is not always a straightforward question. In his FEC Form 2 filing for his presidential candidacy, Bernie Sanders listed his “affiliation” as “Democratic Party.” However he continues to hold himself out as an Independent, and also still lists himself in the Congressional directory as an Independent.… Read more ...

Mississippi Libertarian Convention today

I’m headed off to the Mississippi 2015 LP convention today, and if the wifi cooperates, hope to bring you live coverage this afternoon in the comment section of this post. If the wifi doesn’t work, I’ll do my best to summarize it later. I did not attend the social event they had as part of the convention last night (I’m still in Alabama as of this writing).… Read more ...