Freedom Socialist Party Solidarity Statement to the February 28, 2015 TPR Rally

From the FSP website:

FSP Solidarity Statement to the February 28, 2015 TPR rally calling for the recall of U.S. Ambassador Noah Mamet

The Freedom Socialist Party, U.S. stands in solidarity with the protest organized by TPR at the U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires. We support the demand that U.S.… Read more ...

Seattle Times Article on Kshama Sawant and Her Bid for Reelection

Kshama Sawant

Kshama Sawant

From Socialist Kshama Sawant: Action-now approach gains influence by Daniel Beekman at the Seattle Times:

The Indian-born former computer engineer and community-college instructor, who knocked off incumbent Richard Conlin in 2013 under the banner of the Socialist Alternative Party, has rapidly become one of the council’s most influential members.… Read more ...

Patrick Martin: Wisconsin Governor Walker, American Workers, and Terrorism

Scott Walker

From Patrick Martin at the World Socialist Web Site, website of the international arm of the Socialist Equality Party:

On three separate occasions in the past four days, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, one of the frontrunners for the Republican presidential nomination, has stressed the close connection between the struggle against the working class at home and Washington’s militarist policies internationally.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party of Kentucky holds convention, elects new officers

On Sun, Mar 1, 2015 at 4:09 PM, Ken Moellman wrote:

Hello everyone. I wanted to let you know the outcome of the LPKY State Convention yesterday.

We had 4 guest speakers. The ACLU of Kentucky, Take Back Kentucky (a paleo-con activist group), 2016 LP Presidential Candidate Dr. Feldman, and Brett Bittner from the LNC (Region 3 Alternate).… Read more ...

Gary Johnson

HuffPo covers Gary Johnson at CPAC

Eliot Nelson at HuffPo:

NATIONAL HARBOR, MARYLAND — Typically, when a politician meets a reporter for an interview, decorum dictates that said politician offer up a bland pleasantry to break the ice. “Thanks for spending time with us!” or “Try to keep up!” are standard.

When I meet former New Mexico governor and 2012 Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), he takes a different tack.… Read more ...

Darryl W. Perry: ‘Regulate everything like tomatoes: a guide to ending the drug war’

By Darryl W. Perry, a candidate for the 2016 Libertarian Presidential nomination, at

In late February, the Colorado Department of Revenue Marijuana Enforcement Division released a reports stating, “On December 31, 2014, Colorado concluded a full twelve months of lawful retail marijuana sales to adults over 21 years of age.… Read more ...

Mike Shipley: ‘A History Lesson for Conservatives: What These People Have in Common’

Mike Shipley at Outright Libertarians Blog:

c-b-pI want to point out the historical point addressed by this meme: an ideological critique to the notion of inherited power in what is supposed to be a merit-based individualist society. Having power pass from father to son was the legacy of aristocracy and monarchy … It’s impossible to be a Constitutional conservative and want to be ruled by an aristocracy.… Read more ...

Anita Stewart: ‘Red My Lips: A Simple Act of Outright Defiance’


by Anita Stewart at the Green Party GreenPapers.Net. Stewart was elected to the Soil and Water Conservation Board in Hillsborough County, FL in 2010 and served until 2014.

for Challenging the Rhetoric and Wise Women Media

Violence against women continues even though we as women think “we can bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan,” to quote the old Enjoli perfume commercial from years ago.… Read more ...

Steve Rossignol: Texas Republican Political Worms Talking Out of Both Sides of Their Mouth

Steve Rossignol is Archivist for the Socialist Party USA. Posted at The Socialist:

“There are two things a person should never be forced to see—how the sausage makers make sausage and how Texas politicians make their daily bread”

With the opening of the Texas Legislative session earlier this week, this age-old Texas proverb above has never been truer.… Read more ...

Ohio Libertarian Party Asks U.S. District Court Judge to Keep it On Ballot for 2015 Local Partisan Elections

Ballot Access News:

On February 27, the Ohio Libertarian Party requested a ruling from a U.S. District Court that the Court keep the party on the ballot for the 2015 local partisan elections. The party is awaiting a ruling from the same court on whether the new procedures for parties to get on the ballot (the bill passed in November 2013) is constitutional.… Read more ...

Four Lakes Green Party Endorses Local Candidates for 2015 Election

Jake Johnson

From Dave Schwab at the Wisconsin Green Party website:

The Four Lakes Green Party has endorsed seven candidates for local office in Madison and Fitchburg.

Help us elect more Greens to local government by volunteering, making a financial contribution, and voting April 7th!

Samba Baldeh (Madison Alder District 17)

Samba Baldeh is a software engineer and community activist in Northeast Madison.… Read more ...

Walter Smolarek: SYRIZA Bows to Banks, Capitalists Take Aim at Democracy

Eurogroup chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem (left) and Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis (right) speak during a press conference following a meeting at the Finance Ministry in Athens, Greece, Jan. 30

From Walter Smolarek at Liberation News, newspaper of the Party for Socialism and Liberation:

On Feb. 20, the new Greek government led by the Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) signed an agreement with the Eurogroup, composed of the finance ministers of all the countries that use the Euro currency.… Read more ...