Socialist Equality Party Announces Presidential Ticket

FB_IMG_1461330197356From the SEP’s Facebook page:

The Socialist Equality Party has selected Jerry White as its presidential candidate and Niles Niemuth as its vice-presidential candidate in the 2016 elections. White and Niemuth will run on a socialist, anti-war and anti-capitalist program in the interests of the working class in the United States and around the world.… Read more ...

Credentials Committee Refuses to Seat Delegates from Epstein’s Libertarian Party of Oregon’s PAC

This exchange has been seen on Libertarian Party email lists.

Dear Mr. Epstein:

The 2016 LP Credentials Committee has considered your April 16 submission of delegates from Oregon for the convention in Orlando. We regret that we cannot accept these delegates for Oregon.

Since 2011 the national Libertarian Party and the State of Oregon have recognized the Wagner/Hedbor group as the official Libertarian Party in Oregon.… Read more ...

Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party Advocates for Medical Marijuana

jill stein

This was sent to me from the Jill Stein 2016 campaign.

As a medical doctor and public health advocate, people ask me all the time if marijuana is dangerous.

Yes, marijuana is dangerous – because it’s illegal. It’s not inherently dangerous. It’s certainly less harmful than alcohol and tobacco, which are perfectly legal.

Jill 2016
Dear Jill —
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Press Release: Third Party Advocate Richard Winger Endorses Governor Gary Johnson for President

Winger endorses Johnson
Meme above was found on Facebook

The notice below was sent to me from the Gary Johnson campaign.


April 20, 2016, Salt Lake City, UT — Richard Winger, Publisher of Ballot Access News and nationally recognized advocate for more equitable treatment of independent and third party candidates, has endorsed Governor Gary Johnson for President.… Read more ...

Excerpt: Surely We Can Do Better?

George Phillies — author of a number of books on Libertarian Party topics, as well as a long-time party activist and past candidate for the presidency of the United States and the chairmanship of the Libertarian National Committee — recently published his latest work on Libertarian Party campaign finance, titled Surely We Can Do Better?Read more ...

Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate John McAfee Answers Questions from IPR Readers

xxxxxx-showcase_image-7-p-1931A few months ago, IPR readers had submitted questions for LP Presidential candidate John McAfee to answer for consideration in his run to be the Party nominee. Here are the questions and responses received (no editing). Enjoy!

What do you think the three most serious problems facing our country at this time?Read more ...

Gary Johnson Receives Endorsement from Record-Setting Presidential Candidate Ed Clark

Press Release from Gary Johnson 2016

vote libertarian Ed Clark

April 19, 2016, Salt Lake City, UT — Ed Clark, the Libertarian Party’s candidate for President in 1980, has endorsed Gov. Gary Johnson for the Libertarian Party presidential nomination.

Clark won a record vote for an LP presidential candidate, gaining more than 920,000 votes. Clark’s vote reached 12% in Alaska, and in one county-level jurisdiction Clark’s vote topped 19.5%, beating the incumbent President Jimmy Carter.… Read more ...

Press Release Libertarian Party of Washington: Gary Johnson wins Washington Straw Poll, Libertarian State Convention Delegates Award 80% of 2016 Ballots to Johnson Campaign

WashingtonOutlineLogo2Contact: David Traynor
Phone: 253-327-3875

Libertarian State Convention Delegates Award 80% of 2016 Ballots to Johnson Campaign

Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson dominated the 2016 State Party straw poll, outperforming all other candidates combined by 4:1. The poll was conducted by Libertarian Party members at convention over the three-day period April 8th through the 10th.… Read more ...

Press Release: Libertarian Party of Louisiana Holds 2016 State Convention and Presidential Forum

LPL SCC Group Photo(Monday, April 18, 2016) The Libertarian Party of Louisiana (LPL) held its state convention last weekend on Saturday, April 16th and Sunday, April 17th.

Elections were held for State Central Committee offices, Presidential Electors, and national convention delegates. There were over 70 Libertarians in attendance with 69 voting members. Baton Rouge attorney Rufus Craig was elected as the new State Central Committee chairman.… Read more ...

Being Libertarian: Inventor & Journalist Charles Peralo Seeks Libertarian Party Chairman Position

Posted to Being Libertarian
April 17, 2016

With all the commotion regarding the 2016 Libertarian presidential race, there is one race that has seemingly taken a back seat in the Libertarian Party and that is the race for the national party Chair.

charles 1Inventor and journalist, Charles Peralo is one of the candidates running, announcing his candidacy today/yesterday, Peralo looks to do what so many former, and the current chairperson has promised to do but failed upon – bring the Libertarian Party into the modern age.… Read more ...