Minneapolis Green City Councilor Cam Gordon working to lessen impact of police racial profiling

Photo credit: Tony Webster

As reported by the Daily Minnesotan, Cam Gordon, the Green City Councilor representing District 2 in Minneapolis, has introduced a bill to repeal “lurking” and “spitting” as arrestable crimes.  Gordon is also working to obtain data from the city’s police force on the racial dynamics of policing in Minneapolis.… Read more ...

Glenn Davis: Even in Third Place, Libertarian Party Has Significant Impact in Elections

From Glenn Davis at the Independent Voter Network:

“As Libertarians, we seek a world of liberty; a world in which all individuals are sovereign over their own lives and no one is forced to sacrifice his or her values for the benefit of others.” – Preamble to the Libertarian Party Platform

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson was the 2012 Libertarian Party candidate for President of the United States.… Read more ...

Green Party of New York State calls for end to ‘LLC loophole’ allowing $150,000 political donations

Image from chambercoalition.org/greenparty.html

From the Green Party of New York State:

Albany – The New York State Green Party said today that the Commissioners of the New York State Board of Elections should move immediately to close the infamous “LLC Loophole” that allows limited liability corporations to skirt corporate campaign finance laws and donate $150,000 a year to candidates.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party of Indiana: Pence’s Pelosi Moment Gives Cause for RFRA Repeal


Press release from the LPIN:

When a state’s governor goes on national television and explains that a bill he just signed into law needs clarification, you know the bill is a troubled piece of legislation.

When state legislative leaders from that same governor’s party hold a press conference to explain that the legislation they just recently passed needs to be revisited and clarified, you know the bill is a troubled piece of legislation.… Read more ...

New Jersey Libertarian Party Adds Immigration Plank to Platform at March 21, 2015 Convention

new jersey libertarian party

The New Jersey Libertarian Party had their convention on March 21, and updated their platform. You can read about the changes here .

IPR readers might be interested to know that they added a plank about immigration. Following is that plank:

Proposal #7. Reintroduce Immigration plank

Rationale: Immigration policy is very much in the news today.

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Ilona Gersh: Socialist Candidate in Chicago Builds Solidarity for Oil Strikers

Dan Fein, Socialist Workers candidate for mayor of Chicago, right, discusses importance of oil strike with Michael Garcia outside his home in Whiting, Indiana, a few blocks from BP refinery.

From Ilona Gersh in The Militant:

Dan Fein, Socialist Workers Party candidate for mayor of Chicago, joined oil workers on strike against BP, demonstrating at the company’s national headquarters here March 19.… Read more ...

Nicholas Sarwark Comments on Weekend’s LNC Meeting

Nicholas Sarwark

From the Libertarian Party website:

From the Libertarian National Committee chair Nicholas Sarwark:

“This last weekend, the Libertarian National Committee met in Phoenix. After a lovely reception Friday evening, organized by the Libertarian Party of Arizona, the national committee members met on Saturday and Sunday. During the meeting, appointments for the Platform, Bylaws, and Credentials Committees were made.… Read more ...

Philadelphia Socialists Join Anti-Drone Action

From the Socialist Party USA website:

The Greater Philadelphia Socialist Party attended the vigil hosted by the Brandywine Peace Community outside of Horsham Air Guard Station on March 28 2015, with members David Reppert and Marc Train in attendance. Around 30 demonstrators, some who had come in from the Harrisburg area, read off the names of several young victims of military drone strikes from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, and elsewhere that has born the brunt of senseless US military aggression, with no regard for innocent lives lost.… Read more ...

Will Russell Brand Endorse the Green Party?

Green Party logo

Found in New Statesman

The Green party has opened the door to an official endorsement from Russell Brand.

Brand, the controversial comedian and self-styled revolutionary campaigner, made his first explicit remarks about the party publicly – and he was very complimentary:

I think the Green party seem fantastic. If only there were the constitutional reform to make them electable.… Read more ...