American Freedom Party: Donald Trump Discovers “Americanic” Vote

Donald Trump

From the American Freedom Party website:

Donald Trump discovers what the American Freedom Party has stated for years! That there is an issue with immigration in this country.

Earlier this week The American Freedom Party congratulated Donald Trump on discovering a new voting bloc, the “Americanics.”

Other candidates have avoided any criticism of Mexican policy or America’s open borders to the south for fear of “The Hispanic Vote.”

Fear of “The Hispanic Vote” is based on the assumption that American voters who have Spanish surnames resent any criticism of Mexican policy and that voters with Spanish names place the well-being of immigrants from Mexico above any effect they may have on American citizens.… Read more ...

Legislative Hearing Set for Pennsylvania Ballot Access Bill

Mike Folmer

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

The Pennsylvania Senate State Government will hold a hearing on SB 495 on Tuesday, September 22, at 9 am. This is the bill that eases ballot access for minor parties and independent candidates. The author of the bill, Senator Mike Folmer, is also chair of the Committee.… Read more ...

Ohio Green Party Congratulates Local Activists for Efforts Regarding Marijuana Decriminalization

Press release from the Ohio Green Party:

The Ohio Green Party wishes to acknowledge and congratulate the local activists working with SE Ohio NORML for their successful efforts in the city of Logan, OH. Logan residents will have the chance to vote on an issue this fall, that if passed, would lower the penalties prescribed by law for marijuana possession and cultivation.… Read more ...

Stein “honored to speak” at Ferguson rally

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein said Tuesday, “I was honored to speak in ‪Ferguson‬ Saturday alongside locals active in the ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ movement. I’m committed to lifting up the voices of these courageous activists calling for an immediate end to police brutality, mass incarceration, and all forms of institutional racism.”… Read more ...

Gary Johnson: “A 2016 campaign will be much smarter and more efficient.”

Gary Johnson isn’t officially running for president in 2016, but he appears to be inching closer to that decision. Other than expressing an intention to run, he has not made a formal announcement, nor even filed candidacy papers with the FEC.

Yet in an exclusive interview for IVN, Johnson suggests that his potential candidacy for the Libertarian nomination is advancing toward another serious run. 

Read more ...

Libertarian Party of California Supports Referendum to Reverse Mandatory Vaccinations Bill Recently Signed by CA Governor

ted brown

Ted Brown, the chairman of the Libertarian Party of CA, has made this announcement on Facebook today:


Ted Brown, chairman of the Libertarian Party of California, has announced that our state party will be endorsing the referendum to overturn the mandatory vaccination law which was recently passed in CA.  Said Mr.… Read more ...

FreedomWorks interviews Libertarian Party of Colorado chair, Chinese immigrant Lily Tang Williams on ‘Communist Core’ at FreedomFest

Lily Tang Williams, a mother of three, recalls growing up in Communist China, and explains why Common Core reminds her so much of the oppressive/statist nature of her education growing up.

Interview with FreedomWorks taped at FreedomFest. Williams is state chair of the Libertarian Party of Colorado ad state director of Colorado for Our America Initiative.… Read more ...

Independent Candidate Paul Panepinto Petitioning for Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice in 2015 Election

Ballot Access News:

On November 3, 2015, Pennsylvania voters will elect there new State Supreme Court Justices in partisan elections. There will be three Democrats, three Republicans, and probably one independent candidate. The independent candidate is Paul Panepinto, who switched his registration from Republican to independent in March 2015. He needs 16,639 valid signatures by August 3, 2015.… Read more ...

Darryl W. Perry: “Drugs minus two” is not good enough

President Obama recently made headlines for commuting the sentences of 46 federal drug offenders. That represents less than one half of one percent of the total number of drug offenders in federal prison. During the ceremony Obama said, “in some cases, the punishment required by law far exceeded the offense.”

However, a little known policy change may end up releasing nearly 46,000 federal offenders before their sentences are complete.… Read more ...

Green Party Hails Federal Court Ruling Concerning Pennsylvania’s Restrictive Ballot Access

The Green Party of Pennsylvania applauds Friday’s Federal Court ruling which has declared Pennsylvania’s restrictive ballot access procedures as unconstitutional. The July 24, Order by US District Judge, Lawrence Stengel takes aim at the restrictive, two-tiered scheme of forcing a disproportionate number of voter signatures, compared to the requirement for major parties; and the threat or imposition of litigation costs and fees on candidates whose nominating petitions are challenged successfully.… Read more ...

J. Richard Marra: ‘Charleston: A Political Meditation’


J. Richard Marra at the Socialst. “Note: The views expressed in this article are those of the author, and not necessarily of the SP-USA or the Faith and Socialist Commission.”

The Socialist Party USA recently chartered its Faith and Socialism Commission. Its purpose is to reach out to communities of conscience and spirituality “as socialists.” As a socialist and secular Buddhist, I joined soon after its chartering invited my membership.… Read more ...