Former West Virginia County Commissioner Hopes to be Elected to Legislature this Year as an Independent

From Ballot Access News:

Brenda Hutchinson has qualified for the ballot as an independent candidate for the West Virginia House of Delegates in district 58. See this story in the Cumberland Times-News, which is a Maryland newspaper that covers the eastern panhandle of West Virginia. She was a Morgan County Commissioner 2006-2012.… Read more ...

Socialist Party USA to Announce Dean Capone as Presidential Candidate

Excerpts from an article by Jim Hagerty in The Examiner:

The Socialist Party of the United States of America will formally announce Dean Capone as its 2016 presidential candidate Monday, Aug. 4, in Chicago, according to a press release Monday, July 28.

The announcement will be held at New Era Windows Cooperative, 2600 W.… Read more ...

Jim Jenkins Questions Farm Bureau’s Endorsement of Republican Ben Sasse

Press Release from the Jenkins for Senate campaign:

Nonpartisan U.S. Senate candidate Jim Jenkins, today sent a letter to the Nebraska Farm Bureau questioning their endorsement of Ben Sasse in the U.S. Senate race to replace retiring Senator Mike Johanns.

View entire the Farm Bureau letter here.

“Several weeks ago, your organization made the decision to endorse Ben Sasse in the race for the United States Senate seat being vacated by Mike Johanns.… Read more ...

Opposition News: Constitution Party Fields 150 Candidates and Counting

Jennifer Young

The Constitution Party announced it had registered its 150th candidate for the upcoming November General Election. And that total comes from just 22 states so far. The party’s energy is increasing with its fired-up, nationwide, precinct level organization. Their Seven Principals show where the Constitution Party proudly stands, while its positions on the hot button issues of the day are on the popular side of popular opinion.… Read more ...

Coalition For Free and Open Elections Holds Annual Board Meeting in New York City

From Ballot Access News:

COFOE, the Coalition for Free & Open Elections, holds an annual board meeting. The minutes of the June 2014 meeting held in New York city are now posted at COFOE’s web page. COFOE is a loose coalition of most of the nation’s nationally-organized minor parties, and has existed since 1985.… Read more ...

IVN: Independent Candidates See 2014 as Opportunity for Change in Washington

By Glenn Davis:

Since 1877 (the end of Reconstruction), there have been 111 third party or independent candidates elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. Since 1949 (the Modern Era), there have only been six.

How many independents are sitting in the House today? Zero. That’s right, zero. All 432 current representatives (3 seats are vacant) are members of either the Republican or Democratic parties.… Read more ...

Michigan Socialist Party Nominee Asks Sixth Circuit to Put Him on November Ballot

From Ballot Access News:

On July 24, Matt Erard asked the Sixth Circuit to put him and four other Socialist Party nominees on the Michigan ballot this year. The basis for the case, Erard v Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson, 14-1873, is: (1) Michigan’s law discriminates against new parties, relative to old minor parties, because the number of signatures is approximately twice the number of votes for an old party to remain on; (2) Michigan barred out-of-state circulators during most of the petitioning period for this year’s election and only recently repealed the law, too late to do much good; (3) language on the petition which discourages voters from signing; (4) the six-month limit on petitioning.… Read more ...

PSL: Despite reform, worst parts of War on Drugs left in place


By Eugene Puryear at Liberation News, Website of the Newspaper of the Party for Socialism and Liberation:

The United States Sentencing Commission has again made a major decision taking a step back from some of the more draconian drug policies at the federal level. The roughly 2 million people behind bars, 7 millionincluding those on parole or probation, has become one of the most embarrassing aspects of the American social landscape.… Read more ...

Rose City Antifascists: ‘Meet the Oregon Chapter of the American Freedom Party’


Rose City Antifa has a two-part expose of the American Freedom Party (former names: American Third Position, and before that Golden State Party) in Oregon:

Part One

Part Two

A few excerpts:

The American Freedom Party (AFP) is a nationwide white supremacist organization that markets itself as an upstanding, family-friendly, and nonviolent political party by portraying white people as an oppressed group, and themselves as an advocacy organization similar to the NAACP.

Read more ...
Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader: Can Progressives Learn from Eric Cantor’s Defeat?

Ralph Nader at, posted Jue 13:

The stunning upset defeat of House Majority Leader, Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) by Professor David Brat, an economist from Randolph-Macon College, in Tuesday’s Republican Primary has several takeaways for progressives besides envy and shame over why they do not directly take on the corporate Democrats.… Read more ...