Bob Helland Responds to Rep. Simon’s Election Reform Proposals

Bob Helland is the Independence Party of Minnesota’s candidate for Secretary of State. From the candidate’s tumblr:

Today, DFL candidate Steve Simon released what he calls “Next Generation Election Reform Proposals”.

He made two proposals that he would work towards passing legislation in support of.

1. Automated DVS Registration
2.… Read more ...

Independent Shogan Polling at 8% in Colorado U.S. Senate Race

From Austin Cassidy at Uncovered Politics:

Dr. Steve Shogan, an independent candidate for U.S. Senate in Colorado, is polling at 8% in the latest Quinnipiac survey. Shogan is a neurosurgeon and attorney. He served on the Colorado Boxing Commission from 2001 to 2013.

He has been actively campaigning for the Senate, putting his medical career on pause to focus on meeting voters and getting the word out.… Read more ...

Independent Candidate Chris Stockwell Lays Out Full Platform in New E-Book

Chris Stockwell is an independent candidate in Massachusetts’ 6th U.S. House District. The following is an excerpt from an article by Glenn Davis at the Independent Voter Network:

Stockwell just authored the e-book, Forward Together: Moving Beyond Polarization and Gridlock in Washington, DC. The introduction by journalist and author Linda Killian describes Stockwell’s candidacy as “an effort that is worthy to be remembered.”

A key ingredient in Stockwell’s platform, as laid out in his book, is economic recovery.… Read more ...

Independent in U.S. House Race in Maine is Polling Ahead of the Republican

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

According to this story, a poll for the Maine U.S. House race, First District, shows that although the Democratic incumbent is far in the lead, the independent in the race is outpolling the Republican nominee. The results are: Democrat Chellie Pingree 51.4%; independent Richard Murphy 10.4%; Republican Isaac Misiuk 8.7%; undecided 29.5%.… Read more ...

Blogger Joshua Evans Reports on Libertarian Party of Massachusetts Convention

As was reported at Ballot Access News, blogger Joshua W. Evans attended the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts State Convention and acted as the ballot counter. From his blog:

Packing into the dining hall of Tweed’s Restaurant and Pub in Worcester, Libertarian stalwarts from across the Commonwealth assembled over this past weekend to continue their push to change the Massachusetts state government.… Read more ...

Arizona Libertarian Runs for Constable and Plans to Not Enforce Unconstitutional Drug Laws

Thane “Goldie” Eichenauer is a candidate for constable for the downtown area of Phoenix, Arizona. He is running on three simple planks:

I will not enforce unconstitutional drug laws.

Further, I will not enforce unconstitutional SB 1070 immigration laws.

Further, I will advocate to end funding of the position of deputy constable.

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Independent presidential bids, a third party, and other big changes . . .

Era of Political DisruptionAn article by Ron Fournier, Senior Political Columnist and Editorial Director of the National Journal suggests that “The Era of Political Disruption” is upon us and that “Independent presidential bids, a third party, and other big changes may be just over the midterm horizon.”

Mr. Fournier writes:

“You can now choose any musician’s song from any album, download it instantly and from virtually anywhere on earth for less than the price of a candy bar, and store it on a device with thousands of other tracks from just as many different singers.… Read more ...

Jesse Ventura Again Talks 2016 Presidential Bid

Jesse Ventura says his only path to the White House is as an independent. Image courtesy of

Jesse Ventura Wants to Run for President

By Mark Wachtler

October 19, 2014. Dellwood, MN. (ONN) Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura says he wants to run for US President in 2016. But the former professional wrestler and current cable TV host has some requests and conditions.

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MA Secretary of State Candidate Danny Factor Arrested at Silver Maple Forest Demonstration

Danny Factor (in orange jacket) is arrested along with other protesters at the Silver Maple Forest in Belmont

From the Green-Rainbow Party website:

The cutting of trees was part of a pre-emptive strike by O’Neill properties, a Pennsylvania-based real estate developer who wants to build 300 condominiums on the site of the forest.… Read more ...

Newsday: Want Big Ideas? Listen to Howie Hawkins and Michael McDermott

Howie Hawkins

From Lane Filler at Newsday:

If you spend much time talking to mainstream politicians, you can get bored. As they bicker over who wants to cut property taxes more without coming up with ways to limit the expenditures the taxes pay for, the eyelids droop. As they joust about the (largely nonexistent) difference between giving people here illegally a path to citizenship, a path to legal residency and a garden path to sweep at substandard wages while awaiting deportation, the mind wanders.… Read more ...

Eileen Umbehr Pens Letter to Kansas City Star, Critical of their Election Coverage

Keen and Eileen Umbehr

From the Libertarian Party website:

Eileen Umbehr wrote the following letter to Kansas City Star reporter Eric Adler after he wrote an Oct. 5 headline story that neglected to mention her husband, Libertarian for governor Keen Umbehr, who has polled as high as 9% and has consistently beaten the spread between his Democratic and Republican rivals.… Read more ...

Ohio Democratic and Green Gubernatorial Nominees to Debate

Anita Rios

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

Ohio is one of only three states this year with a gubernatorial election, and in which the Democratic and Republican nominees won’t be debating each other. The other such states are Nevada and Tennessee.

However, the Ohio Democratic gubernatorial nominee, Ed FitzGerald, will debate the only other gubernatorial nominee on the ballot, Anita Rios of the Green Party, on October 22.… Read more ...