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Technical problems with wordpress 4.4

We are having a variety of technical problems with wordpress 4.4 and will likely do a site restore to wordpress 4.3 as of the last site backup on that version, which was about 1:25 am on December 8. I’ll try my best to manually save a copy of the articles and comments we had since then, but if you post anything else in the meantime please back it up yourself.… Read more ...

Problems Logging In?

Some users (including the site owner) have been having problems logging into IPR. This appears to be a glitch with the JetPack plugin.

If you are having this problem on the IPR website, please e-mail me at and send me your IP address in the e-mail.


Minnesota state Sen. introduces bill to put NOTA on ballots, with new election if NOTA wins


via the Star-Tribune:

If a Minnesota state senator gets his wish, a faceless and nameless force would give political candidates extra reason to sweat at election time. They’d have to compete against “None of the Above,” with the threat of a new election featuring all-new candidates if that option prevails.

GOP Sen.

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IPR Theme Updated

My brother made some changes to the theme which may satisfy some of the concerns, especially making it easier to tell which comments you’ve clicked on already.

Please let us know if it’s working better for you.


IPR On New Server: Now Working (??)

We think we’ve “successfully” moved IPR to its new server. We know it’s not perfect yet.

When we moved it, there was some unknown problem with the “theme” and we’ve temporarily implemented the Twenty Twelve theme instead.

It seems to be working now. Please post comments on this post if you see anything not working.… Read more ...

Moving IPR to New Server

We will tentatively be moving IPR to a new server and hosting setup on Monday morning. Articles and comments posting during the morning may be lost.

We’ll do our best to preserve all content, but it won’t be perfect.

The new setup will allow us to make better updates on the site, and allow volunteers to edit the way the site works on a “staging” server.… Read more ...

Ballot Access News: California June 3rd Primary Turnout was 24%

(The following was originally published by Richard Winger on Ballot Access News.)

On June 5, the California Secretary of State released the number of ballots still uncounted from the June 3, 2014 primary. That number is 1,011,398. When that figure is added to the number of votes cast for Governor that had been counted as of the same point, 3,296,369, the sum is 4,307,767.… Read more ...

The Libertarian Alliance (UK): “Paleoism and the Traditional Britain Group”

Here is an interesting article from The Libertarian Alliance blog, a libertarian organization based in England. The article is really about small l libertarianism rather than Libertarian Party matters, but it does a good job of chronicling the “paleolibertarian” phenomenon of the ’90s. Paleolibertarianism seems to mystify some people, so I thought it was worth posting.… Read more ...