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Michael Bloomberg Pours $1.25 Million into Oregon Top Two Campaign

Michael Bloomberg, former Republican/independent mayor of New York City & 8th richest man in the country, has reportedly contributed over one million dollars to promote Oregon’s Measure 90, the “Top Two” election system. From an email blast from the Free and Equal Elections Foundation:

The Free and Equal Elections Foundation, a non-partisan election reform organization, is calling into question former New York Mayor & billionaire Mike Bloomberg’s $1.25 million dollar contribution to Oregon’s Measure 90 (Top Two primary system), as part of Free and Equal’s Stop Top Two Nationwide campaign, one of the organization’s many initiatives to create open elections free of big money influence.… Read more ...

Independent presidential bids, a third party, and other big changes . . .

Era of Political DisruptionAn article by Ron Fournier, Senior Political Columnist and Editorial Director of the National Journal suggests that “The Era of Political Disruption” is upon us and that “Independent presidential bids, a third party, and other big changes may be just over the midterm horizon.”

Mr. Fournier writes:

“You can now choose any musician’s song from any album, download it instantly and from virtually anywhere on earth for less than the price of a candy bar, and store it on a device with thousands of other tracks from just as many different singers.… Read more ...

Ben Swann Covers and Discusses Third Parties and Third Party Candidates

Ben Swann’s site had an article this week discussing CNN’s ommission of Adrian Wyllie in Florida’s gubernatorial debate.

CNN Receives Fire For Ignoring Libertarian Wyllie

By Evan Mulch

October 16, 2014


A meme the (sic) was shown by CNN on the internet recently came under fire when Florida Libertarian Governor Adrian Wyllie supporters voiced their opinion about its content.… Read more ...

Opposition News: Stats Reveal Major Flaw in 3rd Party Election Strategies

By Mark Wachtler

Your author has been volunteering, helping and reporting on independent and opposition parties and their candidates for over 25 years. We know a thing or two about what we’re talking about here at Opposition News. So take it from the opposition’s equivalent of Karl Rove and David Axelrod – stop running for national offices with no experience.… Read more ...

LA Times Op-Ed Ties Voter Apathy to Limited Choice

From Ballot Access News:

The Los Angeles Times has this op-ed, published October 2, by Ted Rall. Rall has been an editorial cartoonist for many decades. His column says California and other low-turnout states will never match the higher turnout of most other democratic countries, until there are more choices on the ballot.… Read more ...

William Saturn: Functional Fillmore Frugal Movement Ends

This was posted to William Saturn’s blog, The Saturnalian . Mr. Saturn is a contributor here at IPR.

fffm header

Header for the Functional Fillmore Frugal blog featuring (from left) Newt Gingrich, John Lennon, Millard Fillmore, Jim Burns, and Rand Paul.

In 2010, an individual using the name “Concerned Citizen” (CC) began commenting on Independent Political Report (IPR) articles.  … Read more ...

Free the Vote NC Sponsors All-Inclusive US Senate Debate


CHARLOTTE (Sept. 23) – Free the Vote North Carolina and the Young Americans for Liberty at UNC Charlotte are sponsoring North Carolina’s only all-inclusive U.S. Senate candidates debate on Friday, Oct. 17 in McKnight Hall on the UNC Charlotte campus at 7 p.m.

All the candidates whose name will appear on the ballot, as well as those who have qualified to have their write-in votes counted, have been invited.… Read more ...

Independent Political Report Seeking New Contributors

journalist newsman
Independent Political Report is a site run by volunteers. Although there are a quite a few people signed up to contribute, there is currently a shortage of new articles being posted. If any of the readers here are interested in being signed up, please contact Warren Redlich (the site’s owner), Paulie or me.… Read more ...

IPR’s Visitor Vernon Starts His Own Blog

troll doll

Vernon, AKA Randy and a few other monikers, is tired of IPR not being run his way, so he’s started a new blog, promising the demise of IPR.

This is in addition to Concerned Libertarian Citizen’s (or Nathan Norman, or whatever other names he used) blog:

IPR wants to be fair and allow our readers new opportunities to learn about third parties and independents.… Read more ...

Jed Ziggler: Steve Peace Misleads Voters on Top Two and Alternative Parties


Jed Ziggler, who is one of our top writers and commenters here on IPR, has written this rebuttal to an article which appeared August 7, 2014 in IVN , which makes the assertion that the states of Washington and California have third parties which are “thriving” due to the Top-Two laws which have been passsed in those states.Read more ...

Independent American Party to Sue Utah Debate Commission

From the party’s website:

The Utah Debate Commission (or “UDC”) is sponsoring a series of debates in September and October including candidates for Utah’s four congressional districts and attorney general. The debates will be hosted at publicly funded universities, with the exception of one debate that will be hosted by BYU.… Read more ...

Chicago Sun-Times: ‘Open door to third parties on ballot’


The Chicago Sun-Times by way of Ballot Access News:

Pens are not always mightier than the sword.

In Illinois, volunteers have collected tens of thousands of signatures on petitions to get candidates representing “non-established” political parties on the November ballot.

But because of Illinois’ onerous requirements for anyone who isn’t running as a Democrat or a Republican, most of those signatures won’t matter.

Read more ...