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NBC News: Independents’ Day? Game Rigged Against Third-Party Candidates

By Chuck Todd, Mark Murray and Carrie Dann

Independents’ Day?

There’s not a better week to look at the state of “independent-based politics” than on Independence Day weekend! And if there was ever a time for an independent, third-party candidacy to gain a following, it should be this year; the public is almost begging for it (as it was in 2010 or 2012).… Read more ...

Free and Equal Elections Foundation Seeking Volunteers

free and equal

(The following was posted on the Free and Equal Elections Foundation Facebook page.)

Want to volunteer for the Free & Equal Network? We are seeking passionate and dedicated people who have experience in honest media!

Experience needed in audio/video production/recording/editing and other skills necessary to helping our production team get the job done.Read more ...

Oregon Top Two Ad: “Unfuck the Vote” – Petition 55 v. Petition 54.

The following video is for Petition 54 in Oregon, the “Unified Primary.” (Petition 55, the “Open Primary” is also underway.)

According to this video:

“We are going to make the vote equal for the first time in American history by getting rid of the two things that make us unequal; the closed primary, which now silences more than half of us, and the vote-splitting spoiler effect that diminishes our voice for each additional candidate we like and compels us to choose only the lesser of the two evils.… Read more ...

Salomon Orellana: How a Third Party Could Reduce Incarceration In the U.S.

The United States has a prison population of over 2.2 million people — just over 1 percent of adults — and another 5 million under probation or parole. The costs of this appear to be unsustainable, not only in terms of the financial costs associated with incarceration but also the damage inflicted on families and communities.… Read more ...

Free and Equal: Want to Get Rid of Voter Apathy?

Hey Everyone,

It’s important we show that we have the power of the people behind us. Support Free & Equal Elections by donating just $1 to signify your personal commitment to open and fair elections!

Did you know 42% of Americans self-identify as “independents” and don’t agree with the entire agenda of any single party?(1) Now, more than half of all voters feel they are not represented in Washington by either party.(2)

More than 90% don’t approve of the job that Congress is doing.(3) It’s time for the people to unite to take back Congress in November.… Read more ...

Oregon’s Burke: “Helping Other 3rd Parties Benefits LP,” Preps for Wagner Candidate “Disqualifications”

split rock

Split Rock Oregon Trail landmark near Muddy Gap.

Wednesday morning, 11 June 2014, several IPR contributors received a copy of an email from a third party with the allegation (and appearance) that it had been authored by Richard Burke.

The email indicated that Mr. Burke was offering his services to non-Libertarian third party candidates, claimed pro-bono robocall work had already been done for the Pacific-Green Party, related personal attendance at the Pacific-Green Party Convention, and revealed plans “to work with the Progressive Party, Constitution Party, and Working Families Party as well” noting “how dysfunctional the Libertarian Party of Oregon is right now.”

The complete text of the email is reproduced at the conclusion of this article.… Read more ...

Roseanne Barr: Ran for President to “legalize marijuana” and explicate “ballot access difficulties”

Roseanne Barr On Tuesday 10 June 2014 2012 Presidential Candidate and comedian Roseanne Barr appeared as a guest on the syndicated Wendy Williams Show.

The following is a transcript of the portion of the interview which addressed her 2012 campaign.

WILLIAMS: “So last time you were here you were running for President; how did that go?”

BARR: “It went good; I learned a lot about how our system works and doesn’t work.… Read more ...

Free & Equal: Honest Republicans, Democrats, Greens, Libertarians, & Independents Unite

Did you know 42% of Americans self-identify as “independents” and don’t agree with the entire agenda of any single party? Now, more than half of all voters feel they are not represented in Washington.

More than 90% don’t approve of the job that Congress is doing. It’s time for the people to unite to take back Congress in November.… Read more ...

IPR turns 6 Years Old; Paulie Turns 6 for the 7th time

After a 36-hour period of nonstop work by Jason “GE” Seagraves, IPR went live six years ago today with our first post, on May 20, 2008. Our predecessor site, Third Party Watch, operated between May 2005 and May 2008 before being purchased by Richard Viguerie right before the Libertarian presidential nomination in 2008, which led to the creation of IPR and Green Party Watch.… Read more ...

Pat Buchanan Reviews Ralph Nader’s New Book

On his website last Friday, paleoconservative writer Patrick J. Buchanan gave a positive review of consumer advocate Ralph Nader’s latest book: Unstoppable: The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State.  The book identifies several areas where leftists can work with rightists to combat “Corporate Statism.”

The author Nader, best known for his 1965 book Unsafe at Any Speed, successfully lobbied Congress to pass safety and performance regulations aimed at protecting consumers in the 60′s and 70′s.… Read more ...

Free and Equal: United We Stand Fest a Success!

UWS ADedicated supporter,
Thank you Free & Equal Election Foundation supporters! We did it!
Together we made the United We Stand Festival happen at the Belasco Theater in LA on May 10th, 2014.

We overcame huge obstacles to make this festival a success. Originally scheduled to be held on the UCLA campus, the festival had to move at the last minute.… Read more ...

Brian Engleman Issues Videos of Interviews from United We Stand Festival

Brian Engleman of The New American Media has released some videos of interviews he conducted on Saturday, May 10th, at the United We Stand Festival in Los Angeles. Here are a few of them:

Ben Swann, Independent journalist

Abby Martin Of Russia Today

Rosa Koire

Immortal Technique

Keep checking the site and Facebook, as it’s likely there will be more videos issued.… Read more ...