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IPR’s Visitor Vernon Starts His Own Blog

troll doll

Vernon, AKA Randy and a few other monikers, is tired of IPR not being run his way, so he’s started a new blog, promising the demise of IPR.

This is in addition to Concerned Libertarian Citizen’s (or Nathan Norman, or whatever other names he used) blog:

IPR wants to be fair and allow our readers new opportunities to learn about third parties and independents.… Read more ...

Jed Ziggler: Steve Peace Misleads Voters on Top Two and Alternative Parties


Jed Ziggler, who is one of our top writers and commenters here on IPR, has written this rebuttal to an article which appeared August 7, 2014 in IVN , which makes the assertion that the states of Washington and California have third parties which are “thriving” due to the Top-Two laws which have been passsed in those states.Read more ...

Independent American Party to Sue Utah Debate Commission

From the party’s website:

The Utah Debate Commission (or “UDC”) is sponsoring a series of debates in September and October including candidates for Utah’s four congressional districts and attorney general. The debates will be hosted at publicly funded universities, with the exception of one debate that will be hosted by BYU.… Read more ...

Chicago Sun-Times: ‘Open door to third parties on ballot’


The Chicago Sun-Times by way of Ballot Access News:

Pens are not always mightier than the sword.

In Illinois, volunteers have collected tens of thousands of signatures on petitions to get candidates representing “non-established” political parties on the November ballot.

But because of Illinois’ onerous requirements for anyone who isn’t running as a Democrat or a Republican, most of those signatures won’t matter.

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Free & Equal: CA’s Top Two Primary Prevented Marianne Williamson from Winning Election

In 2010, the Free and Equal Elections Foundation, with the help of an election law expert, Richard Winger, and many others, led an all-partisan nationwide effort against California’s Top Two Primary, also known as Proposition 14, because it was a hindrance to the ability of independent and alternative party candidates in getting elected.… Read more ...

Christina Tobin: The Pursuit of Money Out of Politics – A Lesson In Unity

From Free & Equal:

Dear Free & Equal Supporters,

The United We Stand Festival hosted by the Free & Equal Elections Foundation, originally scheduled to be held at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion May 10th, was relocated to The Belasco Theater in downtown Los Angeles just 24 hours before showtime and was made free to the public.… Read more ...

Coalition For Free and Open Elections Holds Annual Board Meeting in New York City

From Ballot Access News:

COFOE, the Coalition for Free & Open Elections, holds an annual board meeting. The minutes of the June 2014 meeting held in New York city are now posted at COFOE’s web page. COFOE is a loose coalition of most of the nation’s nationally-organized minor parties, and has existed since 1985.… Read more ...

Illinois Libertarians Likely to Survive Challenge to Statewide Petition; Constitution, Green Parties Likely to Fail


Posted July 17

For the last four days, the Illinois State Board of Elections has been adjudicating the challenge for the statewide Libertarian Party petition, and also the statewide Constitution Party petition. The state requires 25,000 signatures. Libertarians turned in more than 43,000, and with the process two-thirds done, 44% of the challenged 23,000 signatures have been ruled valid.

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New blog covering alternative parties and independents: American Third Party Report


Posted July 16 at

Starting today, we, the American Third Party Report (ATPR), are covering news and views relating to political parties in the United States that AREN’T the Democrats or the GOP. We seek to be an alternative to the Independent Political Report (IPR), to which I was a contributor from January 2013 until July 8, 2014.

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Top-Two Initiative Qualifies for Oregon 2014 Ballot

From Ballot Access News:

The Oregon Secretary of State says the initiative petition for a top-two system is valid, and the measure will appear on the November 2014 ballot. This article says that proponents have already raised $547,300, although they have spent most of it on paid circulators.

Proponents’ slogan seems to be that the initiative treats all voters equally, a claim that is not true.… Read more ...

Courthouse News Service: Hardship for Minor Parties in PA Struck Down

By Nick Divito:

Minor political parties can challenge Pennsylvania rules that require them to shoulder the costs when major parties challenge their ballot petitions, the 3rd Circuit ruled.

“It would be a sad irony indeed if the state that prides itself on being the cradle of American liberty had unlawfully restrictive ballot access laws,” the court’s 54-page opinion published Wednesday states.… Read more ...

NBC News: Independents’ Day? Game Rigged Against Third-Party Candidates

By Chuck Todd, Mark Murray and Carrie Dann

Independents’ Day?

There’s not a better week to look at the state of “independent-based politics” than on Independence Day weekend! And if there was ever a time for an independent, third-party candidacy to gain a following, it should be this year; the public is almost begging for it (as it was in 2010 or 2012).… Read more ...