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Maine Ballot Access Bill Has Hearing March 9

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

Maine LD 507 will be heard in the Joint Committee on State and Local Government on Monday, March 9, at 10 a.m., in room 437 of the State House. This is the bill that sets a cap on the number of signatures needed for a candidate to get on the primary ballot of a party.… Read more ...

Marc Montoni: How to Leave a Local Meeting With a Handful of LP Memberships

Marc Montoni

Marc Montoni via IPR comments and

I **always** solicit people to join both (the state and national LP).

My membership forms offer a combo national + state option as the main membership option, and at least 90% of people who accept, do indeed join both.

The other 10% are almost always people who, say, know they already joined national, but also know they just need to bring their Virginia membership current.

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Washington State Court Rules that Pro Bono Legal Aid is Not a Campaign Contribution

Ballot Access News:

On February 20, a Washington state superior court in Pierce County ruled that pro bono legal assistance to a committee that is trying to recall a public official is not a campaign contribution to the recall.

In 2012, Robin Farris decided to launch a recall of the Pierce County Assessor-Treasurer, Dale Washam.… Read more ...

Independent Party of Oregon gains major-party status


via the Statesman Journal:

It’s official: Oregon has become the only state in the country with three major political parties.

Secretary of State Kate Brown announced Monday afternoon that the Independent Party of Oregon has enough members to be a major party, on par with the Republican and Democratic parties.

As of Feb.

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Paul Frankel: My path from Democrat to Libertarian….. and: what was your path from D or R to Other?

The following is a biographical summary of IPR Contributing Editor Paulie Frankel’s path from major party supporter (in this case Democratic)  to 3rd party advocate (in this case Libertarian).

It is posted here with an invitation to each IPR reader who chooses to do so to provide a similar biographical summary, in the comments below, of their journeys from major parties into the realm of Independent/Third Party Political interest and activism with the intention that this sharing of our experiences might prove of interest or useful to IPR readers generally.
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Thomas L. Knapp: Time to End the Election Duopoly

From Thomas L. Knapp at Free Press Publications:

California’s elections system is making news again (“Top-two primary system survives challenge,” by Thomas Elias, Salinas Californian, February 17). “Top two,” in California and elsewhere, is the latest effort to strengthen the Republican and Democratic parties’ monopoly — “duopoly” — over American politics.… Read more ...

Actor, Community Leader Andrew Keegan Interviewed by the F&E Network

From a Free & Equal Elections Foundation email blast:

Founder of Free and Equal Elections Christina Tobin interviewed American actor and producer Andrew Keegan — prominent for his acting roles in TV and film such as 7th Heaven and 10 Things I Hate About You — at Full Circle Venice, which Keegan co-founded nine months ago as a community-based “non-denominational, non-profit” center that cultivates unity and spirituality through art, music, and meditation.… Read more ...

IPR Exclusive: .Vote/.Voto Domain Adds Credibility to Political Websites

DotVoteThe Internet is very much like the wild wild west, where anything goes, despite its growing importance in the field of politics and political information. Domain names are at the forefront of this Wild West mentality of the Internet, with people 田yber-squatting・on domain names, either for profit or to cause harm to certain political groups, candidates, or campaigns.… Read more ...

Pennsylvania Ballot Access Bill Introduced

Mike Folmer

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

On February 18, Pennsylvania State Senator Mike Folmer re-introduced his ballot access bill, SB 495. It cuts the number of signatures for independent candidates from 2% of the winning candidate’s vote in the last election to the smaller numbers that are required for major party candidates to get on a primary ballot.… Read more ...

Updates on ballot access legislation: OK, OR, MD, NH


Oklahoma Ballot Access Bill Passes House Committee Unanimously

On February 18, the Oklahoma House Elections & Ethics Committee passed HB 2181 by a vote of 7-0. The bill lowers the petition for a newly-qualifying party from 5% of the last vote cast, to 1%.

Oregon Likely to be First State to Put Eligible Voters on Registration Rolls Automatically

The Oregon Secretary of State is backing HB 2177, which provides that every adult citizen known to the Motor Vehicle office, who is not already registered to vote, will get a letter saying the individual will be automatically registered to vote unless the individual responds that he or she doesn’t wish to be registered to vote.

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Second Annual Voting Methods & Election Integrity Symposium Announced

From a Free & Equal email blast:

The second annual Voting Methods & Election Integrity Symposium will take place at Infinity Park in Glendale, CO on Saturday, November 14th, 2015 from 9AM-4PM MT. The event is hosted by the Free and Equal Elections Foundation and co-sponsored by Fair Elections for Colorado, with additional sponsors expected to be announced.… Read more ...