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Socialist Workers Party: Support Eleanor García, SWP Candidate for US Senate in California

Ellie Garcia (right), campaigning in 2014

From The Militant:

In addition to running Alyson Kennedy for U.S. president and Osborne Hart for vice president, the Socialist Workers Party is announcing candidates across the country. In California, the party is running aerospace worker Eleanor García for U.S. Senate and plans to put her on the ballot.Read more ...

Gloria La Riva: Democratic Party Nomination Not So Democratic

From Gloria La Riva at Liberation News:

Gloria La Riva is the 2016 presidential candidate of the Party for Socialism and Liberation. Click here to learn more about the campaign.

In case the result of the popular vote displeases the Democratic Party elite, a unique trick kicks in to keep the establishment in control.… Read more ...

List of Candidates on Libertarian, Green, Peace and Freedom, and American Independent Presidential Primary Ballots in California

Austin Petersen (L)

Austin Petersen (L)

Released by the CA Secretary of State on 2/8/16. H/T Ballot Access News:

Libertarian Party:

Marc Feldman
John Hale
Cecil Ince
Gary Johnson
Steve Kerbel
John McAfee
Darryl Perry
Austin Petersen
Derrick M. Reid
Jack Robinson Jr.
Rhett Smith
Joy Waymire

Green Party:

Darryl Cherney
William Kreml
Kent Mesplay
Sedinam Moyowasifsa-Curry
Jill Stein

Peace and Freedom Party:

Lynn Sandra Kahn
Gloria Estela La Riva
Monica Moorehead

American Independent Party:

Wiley Drake
Arthur Harris
James Hedges
Thomas Hoefling
J.R.… Read more ...

New York Times: Working Families Party May Win Special New York Legislative Race

Yuh-Line Niou

Yuh-Line Niou

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

New York state holds a special election for Assembly, 65th district, on April 19. According to this New York Times story, there is a possibility the Working Families Party nominee, Yuh-Line Niou, will defeat the Democratic nominee, Alice Cancel.

In New York special legislative elections, typically there are no primaries.… Read more ...

Socialist Workers Party Announces 2016 Presidential Ticket

Alyson Kennedy

From The Militant:

Join Alyson Kennedy and Osborne Hart, Socialist Workers Party candidates for president and vice president, and other SWP candidates and their supporters fighting alongside workers in cities, towns and farming areas against depression-driven attacks on our living and working conditions. The bosses and their government are escalating assaults on the working class and our unions to shore up profits at our expense.… Read more ...

Former VT Gov. recounts Bernie’s 1986 Independent campaign against her in endorsement of Hillary

In discussing her endorsement of Hillary Clinton, Vermont’s first female Gov. Madeleine Kunin (D, 1985-1991) recounts her experience in the 1986 gubernatorial campaign, when then-Mayor Bernie Sanders ran against her as an independent:

When Bernie Sanders ran against me in Vermont

Hillary Clinton is not the first progressive Democratic woman to be challenged by Bernie Sanders.

Read more ...

Politico Magazine on how socialist and left-wing minor parties, including Greens, are divided over Sanders

Excerpt from Politico Magazine:


Sanders campaign literature from one of his Liberty Union third-party bids in Vermont in the 1970s.

Some welcome it. Philip Locker, Seattle-based spokesman for the national Socialist Alternative organization, is thrilled by Sanders phenomenon, enthusing that “the political system is starting to be shaken” as Sanders “is popularizing socialism to an audience of tens of millions.”

To others, that’s dangerous naiveté.

Read more ...

Candidates with third-party and independent connections in Iowa caucus

The Iowa GOP caucus has been won by Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas. Cruz was endorsed by 2008 LP nominee Bob Barr, as part of his outreach effort to lowercase-l libertarians that merited a mention in Cruz’s victory speech. Second place went to Donald Trump, who in 2000 briefly sought the nomination of the Reform Party and has in the past identified as an independent.… Read more ...

Left-wing parties to contest first all-female presidential primary in California for Peace & Freedom Party nomination

Richard Winger’s Ballot Access News reports:

The Peace & Freedom Party has asked the California Secretary of State to list these four names on its presidential primary ballot:
Lynn Kahn, Gloria LaRiva, Monica Moorehead, and Jill Stein.

Assuming the Secretary of State accepts this list, this will be the first presidential primary in any state in U.S.

Read more ...

American Independent Party Asks California Secretary of State to List 12 Presidential Candidates on Primary Ballot

Tom Hoefling

Tom Hoefling

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

On January 11, the American Independent Party asked the California Secretary of State to list these twelve candidates on its presidential primary ballot: Lawrence Beliz, Wiley Drake, Brian Henry, Tom Hoefling, Rex Kafo, J. R. Myers, Walter Niyakik, Robert Ornelas, George Peabody, Robert S.… Read more ...

Jane Cutter: ‘Fascist militia occupation desecrates Native land’

Jane Cutter at the PSL’s Liberation News:


Fascistic militia march in Burns, Or. prior to takeover of federal property at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

The attention of all anti-fascist people in the U.S. has been drawn to Burns, Oregon in recent days, due to the takeover of a federal building in a wildlife refuge by a group of so-called Patriots/Militia members led by the sons of Cliven Bundy.… Read more ...