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Freedom Socialist Party: End the Israeli Assault on Palestine

From the moment three Israeli teens disappeared on June 12, the Israeli government declared the Palestinian organization Hamas guilty and launched a revenge campaign on the West Bank. Soldiers sealed off entire towns, arrested more than 800, invaded homes, killed several Palestinians, and incited rightwing anti-Arab mobs in the streets of East Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.… Read more ...

The Militant: Socialist Workers Party Holds Convention

By Doug Nelson:

The worldwide slowdown of capitalist production and trade over the last half decade has spurred the propertied rulers to intensify their offensive to whittle away at the living standards, job conditions, rights and expectations of working people. This is generating stirrings of labor resistance and a widening and sustained receptivity to communist politics not seen in decades, creating greater openings and responsibilities for proletarian parties.… Read more ...

Howie Hawkins: Cuomo Misleads on Women’s Equality

Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for Governor, said today that Governor Cuomo’s effort to create a Women’s Equality Party (WEP) ballot line is a slap in the face to the many poor women he has neglected as Governor, especially women on welfare and minimum wage workers.

WEP ironically is also the NYC title of the forced work program for poor women on welfare – Work Experience Program.… Read more ...

Socialist Alternative: The Stranger’s Strange Endorsement of Frank Chopp

By Philip Locker

The Stranger, Seattle’s main alternative newspaper, endorsed Democratic State House Speaker Frank Chopp instead of Socialist Alternative challenger Jess Spear. This represents a 180 degree turn from its previous scathing opposition to Frank Chopp and support for the Socialist Alternative challenger to him in the last election.

This is despite the fact that Spear’s policies, such as refusing to take corporate donations, opposing corporate welfare, taxing the rich, and rent control are far more in-sync with the people of Seattle, especially the 43rd district she is running in.… Read more ...

Dean Corren Calls for Expanding Public Election Financing

Excerpt from a Seven Days article written by Paul Heintz:

The first Vermont political candidate in a decade to secure public financing says he thinks all state elections should be funded by taxpayers.

Standing in front of Burlington’s iconic “Democracy” statue Thursday afternoon, Progressive lieutenant gubernatorial candidate Dean Corren argued that public election financing is the only way to reduce the influence of money in politics.… Read more ...

Socialist Party USA: Stop the Attack on Gaza – Stand in Solidarity with the Palestinian People

As the situations in neighboring Iraq and Syria continue to deteriorate, the crisis in Palestine is also in a downward spiral. The most recent attack on Gaza by the Israeli regime, in which they declared that all Palestinians should evacuate Northern Gaza or be subject to an imminent bombing campaign, brings the long-standing plight of the Palestinian people into a new and deadlier stage.… Read more ...

Socialist Party USA: Get Your Organizing On! Register for the SPUSA National Organizing Conference

JOIN US for a weekend of organizing workshops and solidarity in practice – Chicago, August 1st – 3rd!


Politics as a Contact Sport

This workshop will draw comparisons of political campaigning to athletic teams when it comes to understanding how a campaign team operates.

Using Performance When Addressing Issues
Participants in this workshop will be able to understand the field of Performance Studies, and how to use performance when addressing political issues, and conflict among the group.… Read more ...

Green Left Weekly: Socialist Conference Backs New Red-Green Alliances

Left to right: Jorge Mujica, socialist candidate in Chicago local elections; Howie Hawkins, Green Party candidate for New York governor; Jill Stein, Green Party presidential candidate; and Brian Jones, ISO member and Hawkins’ running mate in New York. Photo by Peter Boyle.

By Peter Boyle

New red-green electoral alliances, a turn to ecosocialism and a deepening of the US International Socialist Organization’s rethink on feminism were key features of the ISO’s well-attended Socialism 2014 conference in Chicago.… Read more ...

Workers World Party: Free Imam Jamil Al-Amin

Workers World Party, without hesitation or compromise, demands along with many others the long-overdue freedom for Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin (formerly H. Rap Brown), who is currently housed at the U.S. Penitentiary, Administrative Maximum Facility in Florence, Colo.

Known as ADX, this federal prison has been dubbed one of the 10 worst prisons in not just the U.S., but the world.… Read more ...

Opposition News: Party for Socialism and Liberation Protests at Israeli Consulate, Confronts Rep. Issa

The conflict between Israel and Palestine is rapidly escalating into an all out war. After three Jewish teens were abducted and killed while walking outside of a Jewish-only area, Israeli Jews responded by kidnapping a Palestinian child and forcing him to drink gasoline, then lighting him on fire and burning him alive from the inside out.… Read more ...

Kshama Sawant: FAQ on Saving Metro the Progressive Way

Kshama Sawant

(The following was originally posted on socialist Seattle Council Member Kshama Sawant’s blog.)

Here are some common questions about Kshama Sawant and Nick Licata’s proposal to fund Metro transit with a progressive tax on businesses. For more information, check out this opinion column by Kshama and Nick in the Puget Sound Business Journal, and see below on how you can support this proposal.Read more ...