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Libertarian and Green Lawsuit Against CPD to Be Filed Tuesday, Washington Post Provides Details

According to a release from Our America Initiative, the much promoted lawsuit against the Commission on Presidential Debates will be filed Tuesday.


What: On Tuesday, September 29, a lawsuit will be filed in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia charging that the exclusion of qualified candidates from the general election presidential debates by the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) violates federal anti-trust laws.

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La Riva-Puryear Campaign Statement on Pharmaceutical Price-Gouging

Turing CEO Martin Shkreli

From Liberation News:

The La Riva-Puryear presidential campaign condemns in the strongest terms the outrageous price-gouging of the pharmaceutical industry. Right now, public outrage is growing over the sudden mammoth increase in the price of a 62-year-old drug, Daraprim, that is used to treat a life-threatening parasitic infection.… Read more ...

Workers World Party to Hold Annual National Conference Nov. 7-8 in New York City

From Monica Moorehead at Workers World:

As workers and oppressed peoples are constantly being inundated with the likes of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and others running for president, Workers World Party will be countering all the early election hoopla with its annual national conference Nov. 7-8 in New York City.… Read more ...

La Riva-Puryear Presidential Campaign Statement on Threatened Government Shutdown Over Planned Parenthood

From Liberation News:

Originally posted on VotePSL. Statement by the La Riva-Puryear presidential campaign.

We condemn in strongest terms the attempt of a group of extreme right-wing politicians in the House and Senate to hold the government budget hostage or force the defunding of Planned Parenthood health services.

This extreme right-wing campaign against Planned Parenthood, a major provider of health care for women, was sparked by a dishonest and manipulative video attack on the reproductive rights organization.… Read more ...

Freedom Socialist Party: Remembering Heidi Durham

Heidi Durham

From the Freedom Socialist Party website:

Heidi Durham was born July 9, 1953, in San Pedro, California; she died on August 23, 2015, in Seattle.

An impassioned pioneer tradeswoman, champion of affirmative action, and decades-long feminist and union activist with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Heidi left an indelible mark on the Seattle scene.… Read more ...

Albany Times Union Carries Discussion of Why the Women’s Equality Party is in Legal Trouble

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

Casey Seiler has this interesting analysis of the legal problems of the Women’s Equality Party, in the Albany, New York Times Union. Seiler suggests that the Attorney General and the Comptroller both have motives for their refusal to sign any documents that would give the Women’s Equality Party a legitimate set of state party officers.… Read more ...

Chris Keniston: My Response to the “Wasted Vote” Argument

From Chris Keniston at his campaign website:

I received another great question from a supporter that I want to answer here publicly.

“I have several friends who love your party and your stance on the issues, but have said that they can’t waste their vote voting for someone who has no chance of being elected.… Read more ...

Leonard Peltier Thanks Supporters on 71st Birthday

Leonard Peltier

Leonard Peltier was the Peace and Freedom Party’s presidential candidate in 2004. The following was posted to Workers World:

U.S. political prisoner Leonard Peltier released the following statement from prison on his 71st birthday.

September 12, 2015

Greetings everyone,

Well, today is another b-day for me — my 71st.… Read more ...

Socialist Party Statement of Congratulations to the New UK Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn

From the Socialist Party website:

Earlier this year, the Socialist Party USA issued a statement of congratulations to the Greek working class on the occasion of electing what was at the time Europe’s only anti-austerity government. In that statement, we wrote that we looked forward to the energy that propelled SYRIZA into power spreading worldwide.… Read more ...

Party for Socialism and Liberation: Down with the AKP Assault on the Kurdish People — U.S. Imperialism is Complicit

Kurdish families take part in a funeral in Cizre, southeast Turkey, on Sept. 13

PSL statement posted to Liberation News:

The Party for Socialism and Liberation (U.S.) extends its solidarity to the Kurdish people and the progressive and popular organizations across Turkey currently under siege from the reactionary AKP government and its far-right mobs in the streets.… Read more ...

Party for Socialism and Liberation Statement on Jeremy Corbyn’s Election as British Labour Party Leader

Jeremy Corbyn in lead contingent of London march protesting Israeli attack on Gaza, July 26, 2014. Photo: Mark Esper

PSL statement posted to Liberation News:

Sept. 12, 2015, recorded a significant development in British and world politics that reflected growing mass opposition to capitalist austerity, environmental destruction and imperialist war.… Read more ...

Vermont Progressive Party Expands Lawsuit to Attack Certain Vermont Campaign Finance Restrictions

vermont-progressiveFrom Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

On September 10, the Vermont Progressive Party filed an amended Complaint in Corren v Sorrell, 2:15cv-58. The amended Complaint charges that Vermont campaign finance law is unconstitutional, when it prohibits political parties from spending even one cent on their nominees who have qualified for public funding.… Read more ...