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Justice Party’s Position on the Current Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

The Justice Party of America vehemently opposes the recent bombing and ground invasion of Gaza by the Israeli military. We support an immediate withdrawal of Israel’s ground forces from Gaza and a ceasefire by both Hamas and Israel, and we call on both governments to seek diplomatic solutions to the ongoing conflict whose primary victims have been — and will undoubtedly continue to be — unarmed citizens, mostly Palestinians.… Read more ...

Peace and Freedom Party: Once Again, Death and Destruction with U.S.-Provided Arms and Money

Statement of Peace and Freedom Party State Chair Kevin Akin, 22 July 2014.

The following statement was adopted by the State Central Committee of the California Peace and Freedom Party at its meeting on November 18, 2012.

The California Peace and Freedom Party condemns the recent attacks on the people of the Gaza Strip, the most aggressive since the massacres of 2008.

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BAN: Los Angeles Times Story on Candidates Who Placed Second in June 2014 Primary Via Write-in Votes

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The Los Angeles Times has this story about the California write-in candidates who placed second in the June 2014 primary. In all cases, a write-in candidate only placed second when only one candidate had filed to be on the June ballot for that office. The only three minor party candidates who will be on the California general election ballot this year were write-ins who ran in such races.

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Party for Socialism and Liberation: STEM isn’t the Solution

By Walter Smolarek

How can young people avoid joining the growing ranks of the permanently unemployed or underemployed? Apologists for the system, especially in the educational field, talk all the time about the virtues of STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. If young people tailor their studies to prepare themselves for a career in these fields, the story goes, they will almost always be able to find well-paying work.… Read more ...

Social Policy: Union Member Recruitment by Vermont Progressives

By Steve Early

As labor-backed independent electoral efforts proliferate, more activists in other state are looking to the example of the Vermont Progressive Party (VPP). More than any other third-party formation in the country, the VPP has campaigned successfully for state legislative seats and municipal office, “while building support for reform and nudging the Democrats left.”

Over the last three decades, Vermont Progressives have also been able to woo local labor organizations away from their previous knee-jerk support for local Democrats or moderate Republicans.… Read more ...

Socialist Alternative: Stop Israeli State Terror

Over 260 Palestinians have been killed in the current war – the overwhelming majority civilians. Two Israelis have also lost their lives. The destruction raining down on the Gaza strip, carried out by the huge US-backed military machine of the Israeli government, is completely disproportionate to the threat faced by homemade rockets fired from Gaza.… Read more ...

Workers World Party: Stand with Gaza

When oppression makes life a living hell for those who suffer under it, there can be no end to their resistance, whatever the cost.

This is what the Israeli settler state and its imperialist backers, particularly the U.S. ruling class, fail to take into account as they try to bludgeon and squeeze the people of Gaza until they can take no more.… Read more ...

John Beacham: This Candidate Stands with Palestine

John Beacham is a community college teacher, union member and anti-war organizer based in Chicago. He is running for alderman in the 49th ward.

In the United States, it is considered political suicide to stand with Palestine. You either stand with Israel or you shut up. What I’m about to say may lose me votes.… Read more ...

Socialist Equality Party: The Assault on Gaza – A Historic Crime

By Patrick Martin and Barry Grey:

At least 100 Palestinians were killed Sunday as Israel escalated its savage land, sea and air attack on Gaza. In a single neighborhood on the east side of Gaza City, Shejaiya, Israeli bombs and artillery shells killed at least 62 people and wounded nearly 300 others.… Read more ...

Party for Socialism and Liberation: Ukraine Air Disaster – Behind the Propaganda Blitz

By Gloria La Riva

Without hesitation, without waiting for an investigation into the tragic disaster of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, the U.S. government immediately laid full responsibility on Russia.

U.S. imperialism is taking advantage of the terrible tragedy to exacerbate its current hostilities against Russia and to deepen the crisis in Ukraine.… Read more ...

The Socialist: Will Capitalism Survive its Growing Wealth Gap?

By David Keil:

The Occupy movement that started in 2011 focused attention on the gap between the “1 percent,” who hold most wealth and power, and the “99 percent” who don’t. A book by Thomas Piketty, the French economist, has provided data and proposals to continue and to focus this discussion.… Read more ...

Socialist Action: Israel Out of Gaza! Justice for Palestine!

By Michael Schreiber:

As we go to press on July 17, Israel has undertaken a ground invasion of the beleaguered Palestinian enclave of Gaza. Naval gunships, drones, helicopters, and F-16 fighters have kept up a constant bombardment of the territory to accompany the assault by infantry and tanks. Israel has called up at least 50,000 soldiers for the operation.… Read more ...