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Kentucky Libertarian U.S. Senate Petition Has Enough Valid Signatures; Polling at 7%

Ballot Access News:

On August 12, the Kentucky Secretary of State’s office determined that the Libertarian Party U.S. Senate petition in Kentucky has enough valid signatures. This is the first time any unqualified party has completed a U.S. Senate petition in Kentucky since 1978, when the American Party petitioned for U.S.

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Birthday greetings to Fidel Castro from PSL

Dearest comrade Fidel:

On the happy occasion of your 88th birthday, we send our most heartfelt comradely greetings. We are among the millions on every continent who have been greatly inspired by your unflinching revolutionary leadership for almost seven decades. Under your leadership and that of the Communist Party of Cuba, Cuba has upheld the banner of socialism – the only real hope for humanity and the world — in the most difficult of times.

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Freedom Socialist: The Boycott Against Israel-Which Side Is Music On?

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British musician Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame spray-paints Israeli separation wall in Bethlehem. Photo credit: AP Photo / Magnus Johansson – MaanImages

The boycott against Israel: which side is music on?

Dennis Sanders
August 2014

Is art a vague, individualistic pursuit of human creativity, divorced from any other reality or social accountability?… Read more ...

Results of Washington’s Top-Two Primary

From Ballot Access News:

On August 5, Washington state held its fourth top-two primary. No candidate for Congress or any partisan state office, who was not a Democrat or Republican, managed to place first or second, in races that had at least two major party members running. The non-major party candidates who ran in State House races with at least two major party candidates included eight independents, four Libertarians, and one Green.… Read more ...

Freedom Socialist Party 2014 Convention Report

From Freedom Socialist August-September 2014 – Volume 35, No. 4:

A world to win, a planet to save

Susan Williams
August 2014

From May 24 to 27, U.S. Freedom Socialist Party (FSP) members, friends, and international allies came together in Los Angeles to discuss the economic and environmental disasters threatening humanity — and what to do about them.… Read more ...

Freedom Socialist Party to Hold Open Meeting on Iraq, Gaza

From the party:

You’re invited to a meeting of the Freedom Socialist Party featuring discussions on two key topics:

First we’ll take a critical look at the recent combustion of sectarian rage in Iraq, tracing its relation to war and occupation and the role played by the American government. For background on this issue, you can read more at “Fundamentalist onslaught in Iraq: made in USA”

The meeting will also include an update on Israeli aggression in Gaza and a discussion of actions here to support Palestinians.… Read more ...

Joshua Fauver: A Diagnosis and Prescription for America’s Economic Crisis

Joshua Fauver

One of the more pressing matters facing our nation today is inequality, specifically income inequality. I think that, perhaps, we have become numb to the word “inequality”, which is a very frightening concept. Our great nation, this precious democracy, was founded on the principle that “all men are created equal.” Therefore, it would seem to me that the gross inequality we see today is wholly incompatible with the principles upon which this great nation was founded.… Read more ...

Socialist Legislative Candidate Jess Spear Arrested

From the Spear campaign:

Today, Jess Spear was arrested during a peaceful protest (Stranger report here). Jess, and other supporters, were protesting the oil trains that run right through our city center, putting thousands of lives at risk. Last week, one of these very same oil trains derailed; thankfully no one was hurt.… Read more ...

Socialist Worker (UK): Anti-fascists can be proud of getting rid of Nick Griffin


Unite Against Fascism protesters outside the BBC in 2009, when Nick Griffin was invited to speak on Question Time (Pic: Guy Smallman)

The removal of Nick Griffin as leader of the British National Party (BNP) comes after years of defeats for the Nazis.

His ousting is a victory for anti-fascists who in their thousands relentlessly campaigned against the BNP around the country, often facing police brutality on protests.

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Opposition News: Only 3 of 16 American Opposition Parties Support Israel

Based on party announcements, press releases and official platforms, Opposition News has compiled a list showing where each of America’s 16 opposition political parties stands on the Israel-Palestine issue.

Libertarian Party – neutral (non-intervention)

‘American foreign policy should seek an America at peace with the world. Our foreign policy should emphasize defense against attack from abroad and enhance the likelihood of peace by avoiding foreign entanglements.… Read more ...