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Opposition News: 2 New Political Parties – Veterans, After Party

There are two new political parties in America, one seemingly from the right and the other proudly representing the left. The Veterans Party was organized in December and has been growing exponentially in its first few months. While the After Party is an [read more]

Elected Working Families Party Office-Holder Leaves Party Over Party’s Cross-Endorsement of Democratic Governor of Connecticut

From Ballot Access News:

In this letter, Maria Pereira, who was elected to the Bridgeport, Connecticut School Board as a Working Families Party nominee in 2009, resigns her office within the Working Families Party. She objects to the party’s cross-endorsement of Democratic [read more]

New York Times Article Lauds Vermont Progressive Party’s Success in Implementing Universal Healthcare

By Molly Worthen

When most liberals hear the words “third party,” they have nasty flashbacks to Ralph Nader’s spoiler campaign in 2000. The history buffs among them might think of the populist Greenback Party’s feckless protests against the [read more]

Opposition News: US Socialist Parties Defend Russia Over Crimea

Pro-independence socialists march in Odessa, Ukraine last month. Image courtesy of

From their national headquarters in Michigan, the Socialist Equality Party strongly believes that the US should stay out of the controversy over Crimea. In fact, [read more]

Socialist Equality Party: Celebrate May Day with the World Socialist Web Site

To mark International May Day 2014, the International Committee of the Fourth International and the World Socialist Web Site are organizing a global online rally against inequality, dictatorship and war. We urge all workers and youth to register today to participate in [read more]

New York Poll Shows Working Families Party Would Poll Large Vote if it Ran its own Gubernatorial Candidate

Letitia James

From Ballot Access News:

A New York gubernatorial election poll conducted by David Binder Research shows that if the Working Families Party ran its own nominee for Governor of New York this year, the party would poll between 6% and 13%, [read more]

New Jersey Election Officials Will Allow Voters to Register into Socialist Party and Will Keep a Tally

Via Ballot Access News:

On March 19, New Jersey election officials agreed that they will grant voter registration rights to the Socialist Party. This means that when anyone fills in the “political party” blank on voter registration forms, the state will [read more]