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Jed Ziggler: Will We Have Multiparty Debates in 2016?

Posted by Jed Ziggler at American Third Party Report:

Presidential debates in the United States are kind of a joke. No matter how many candidates are on the ballot in your state, or on the ballot in enough states to have even the most remote chance of being elected president, there’s pretty much always just two candidates.… Read more ...

Burlington, Vermont, Holds City Election

vermont-progressiveFrom Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

On March 3, Burlington, Vermont, held its election for city office. The Democratic nominee for Mayor was re-elected, defeating the Progressive Party nominee, the Libertarian nominee, and an independent candidate. The new city council has 4 Democrats, 4 Progressives, 3 independents, and one Republican.… Read more ...

Freedom Socialist Party Solidarity Statement to the February 28, 2015 TPR Rally

From the FSP website:

FSP Solidarity Statement to the February 28, 2015 TPR rally calling for the recall of U.S. Ambassador Noah Mamet

The Freedom Socialist Party, U.S. stands in solidarity with the protest organized by TPR at the U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires. We support the demand that U.S.… Read more ...

Seattle Times Article on Kshama Sawant and Her Bid for Reelection

Kshama Sawant

Kshama Sawant

From Socialist Kshama Sawant: Action-now approach gains influence by Daniel Beekman at the Seattle Times:

The Indian-born former computer engineer and community-college instructor, who knocked off incumbent Richard Conlin in 2013 under the banner of the Socialist Alternative Party, has rapidly become one of the council’s most influential members.… Read more ...

Patrick Martin: Wisconsin Governor Walker, American Workers, and Terrorism

Scott Walker

From Patrick Martin at the World Socialist Web Site, website of the international arm of the Socialist Equality Party:

On three separate occasions in the past four days, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, one of the frontrunners for the Republican presidential nomination, has stressed the close connection between the struggle against the working class at home and Washington’s militarist policies internationally.… Read more ...

Steve Rossignol: Texas Republican Political Worms Talking Out of Both Sides of Their Mouth

Steve Rossignol is Archivist for the Socialist Party USA. Posted at The Socialist:

“There are two things a person should never be forced to see—how the sausage makers make sausage and how Texas politicians make their daily bread”

With the opening of the Texas Legislative session earlier this week, this age-old Texas proverb above has never been truer.… Read more ...

Walter Smolarek: SYRIZA Bows to Banks, Capitalists Take Aim at Democracy

Eurogroup chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem (left) and Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis (right) speak during a press conference following a meeting at the Finance Ministry in Athens, Greece, Jan. 30

From Walter Smolarek at Liberation News, newspaper of the Party for Socialism and Liberation:

On Feb. 20, the new Greek government led by the Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) signed an agreement with the Eurogroup, composed of the finance ministers of all the countries that use the Euro currency.… Read more ...

PSL’s Liberation Radio moving to Friday Mornings

Liberation Radio, the weekly show from PSL, is moving to Friday mornings. Image courtesy of

By Mark Wachtler. Posted February 17, 2015 at Opposition News.

The Party for Socialism and Liberation has announced it is moving its weekly syndicated radio show from Monday mornings to Friday mornings beginning this Friday.… Read more ...

Freedom Socialist Party: ‘No Justice Without Radical Change’

The death of Michael Brown fueled protests against racist cops in Ferguson, Mo., including this one on Aug. 22, 2014. Scott Olson / Getty Images


Read the full article at the Freedom Socialist Party website.

February-March 2015 – Volume 36, No. 1

No justice without radical change

Monica Hill
February 2015

“No Justice, No Peace!” This ringing slogan is close to the hearts of protesters marching against police abuse in Black and Latino communities in the USA.

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Greg Pason: Socialists and the Living Wage Issue

From Greg Pason in The Socialist:

The current left and progressive labor movement’s call for a $15 minimum wage poses the need for immediate improvements in compensation of the lowest-paid workers. But it falls short in some ways, and I believe democratic socialists can both strengthen the campaign and use the current focus on a $15 and hour minimum wage to put forward a democratic socialist vision.… Read more ...

Future of Left/ Independent Politics Electoral Action Conference to be held May 2-3, 2015 in Chicago


H/T Deran in Open Thread, facebook event page:

What we propose:

1. A dialogue for those who are committed to left politics outside of the two-party system

2. To discuss the “why” goals

3. To share experiences and reflections of campaigning

4. To share challenges after being elected to office and strategies for opening political space for social movements

Aims and Objectives:


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