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NH: “preponderance of the evidence” that Sanders is a Democrat


Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders has long chosen to self-describe on the ballot and in Congress as an Independent. In spite of that, he has always caucused with the Democrats in the House and Senate, and has always endorsed the Democratic nominees for President. In exchange for this, the Democratic Party of Vermont has agreed since 1990 to not back any Democratic challengers to Sanders, even in years when a nominal Democratic candidate was on the ballot.… Read more ...

Workers World Party Candidates Condemn Shooting of Minneapolis Black Lives Matter Activists

From Monica Moorehead and Lamont Lilly at Workers World:

The Moorehead/Lilly 2016 election campaign condemns in the strongest terms the shootings of Black Lives Matter activists at the hands of white supremacists in Minneapolis, Minn., at 10:45 p.m. Nov. 23. This attack happened outside the Fourth Precinct Police Station where a protest was taking place demanding justice for Jamar Clark, a 24-year-old unarmed Black man who was fatally shot in the head by the police on Nov.… Read more ...

Socialist Workers Party Demands Washington Get Troops, Warplanes Out of the Middle East

French fighter planes during November airstrike on Islamic State bases in Raqqa, Syria. U.S., French and Russian governments are using Islamic State terror attacks to escalate war moves.

From The Militant, newspaper of the Socialist Workers Party:

The following statement is by Osborne Hart, Socialist Workers Party candidate for mayor of Philadelphia in 2015.Read more ...

Socialist Party USA Co-Chair statement on the recent attacks in Paris

By Pat Noble, SPUSA Co-Chair
November 15, 2015

Even in a world torn apart by war and bloodshed, the events of the past few days bring shock and speechlessness.

From Paris to Beirut and Baghdad to al-Wahga, Yemen, hundreds of innocent people lay dead, casualties of an international war in which they did not participate and with their only crime being that of nationality and skin tone.… Read more ...

Cyber Party Chooses Vice-Presidential Nominee

Ken Rutkowski

Ken Rutkowski

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

As reported earlier, John McAfee has formed the Cyber Party and is its presidential nominee. The vice-presidential nominee is Ken Rutkowski of California. Rutkowski is well-known because of his radio program, Business Rockstars. It has a greater audience than any other radio show concerned with business.… Read more ...

Kshama Sawant: The Change Socialist Alternative is Fighting For

Kshama Sawant

From Kshama Sawant at the Socialist Alternative website:

Sanders’ Socialist Message Resonates

A specter is haunting the US presidential election – the specter of socialism. Before he even opened up his mouth to speak at the first Democratic Party presidential debate on October 13, Bernie Sanders’ impact on the presidential race was clear.Read more ...

Socialist Workers Party Campaign in Philadelphia: ‘We Won Because We Built the Party

Osborne Hart

Osborne Hart

From Chris Hoeppner at The Militant:

“The Socialist Workers Party campaign gave working people in Philadelphia a voice this year,” Osborne Hart, SWP candidate for mayor here, told supporters at an election night victory social at his home Nov. 3. Hart ran along with John Staggs, Socialist Workers Party candidate for City Council at-large.… Read more ...

Party for Socialism and Liberation Statement on Attacks in Paris and Beirut

Survivors outside Paris club where more than 90 killed in Nov. 13, 2015, attack

PSL statement posted to Liberation News:

The Party for Socialism and Liberation (U.S.) condemns the horrific attacks on innocent civilians in recent days and weeks in Paris, Beirut, Ankara, Latakia and over the Sinai Peninsula. The so-called Islamic State (also known as ISIL or ISIS) have taken responsibility for these terrorist attacks.… Read more ...

U.S. Supreme Court Asked to Hear Michigan Ballot Access Case

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

Matt Erard, a Michigan Socialist Party activist, has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to hear his ballot access case. The Supreme Court ruled in 1968 in Williams v Rhodes that states cannot make it more difficult for parties to get on the ballot than to stay on the ballot.… Read more ...

Workers World Party Candidates Stand with the ‘Fight for 15 and a Union’ Movement

Monica Moorehead & Lamont Lilly

From Monica Moorehead at Workers World:

The Workers World Party 2016 National Election Campaign, running Monica Moorehead for president and Lamont Lilly for vice president, released the following statement on Nov. 11:

On Nov. 10, fast food, homecare, childcare, airport and other low-wage workers from many different sectors walked off the job, beginning a strike for $15 and the right to form a union.… Read more ...

“Town Hall” Interview with Socialist Party USA’s Presidential Candidate Mimi Soltysik

Mimi Soltysik

From Jen McClellan at The Socialist:

Jen: I’m here with Mimi Soltysik who has recently been nominated as the presidential candidate of the SPUSA. Mimi, would you say a few words before we get started.

Mimi: Yes, I would. First, I want to thank The Socialist for the chance to participate in this interview.… Read more ...

Workers World Party Candidates Salute Missouri Black Students

Monica Moorehead

From Monica Moorehead and Lamont Lilly at Workers World:

The following is a greeting of congratulations from the presidential campaign of Workers World Party candidates Monica Moorehead and Lamont Lilly to the Black students at the University of Missouri and their supporters.

A little over 100 miles west of Ferguson, Mo., the Black athletes of University of Missouri’s football team, with support from their white teammates, have sent shockwaves across the U.S.… Read more ...