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Zack Strong: Our Fundamental Right to Discriminate

From Zack Strong at the Independent American Party website:

There has been much confusion on the principle of discrimination and association. This article intends to explain the matter plainly in terms that everyone can understand. Freedom is the most precious of gifts, but if we do not understand what Freedom is, then we place ourselves in a situation to be manipulated and controlled by conspiring men.… Read more ...

Robert D Gorgoglione Sr: Ten Reasons Why There Is No Difference Between the Democrat and Republican Parties


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Ten Reasons Why There Is No Difference Between
The Democrat & Republican Socialist Parties

By Robert D. Gorgoglione Sr.

1. Both parties voted for the Federal Reserve central banking System.
2. Both parties voted for the Communist Graduated Income Tax (16th Amendment).
3. Both parties voted for ending the representation of the Sovereign States in the U.S.… Read more ...

Kelly Gneiting Publishes Notes from Independent American Party Meeting

independent-americanFrom Kelly Gneiting at the IAP website:

We had a very good meeting yesterday, which went about 3 hours. (Listen in at

Two central aspects were discussed, 1) recruiting others and 2) working in the Party (as opposed to talking).


Generally, it was agreed that we still have too many “lone wolfs” among people who involve themselves in the battle for freedom.… Read more ...

Rocky J. Suhayda on Native Americans and White People These Days

keepamericabeautifulFrom Rocky J. Suhayda at the American Nazi Party website:

Racial Comrades and all you other pale-faced creatures living in the Twilight-Zone –

Recently I was asked by a curious observer, about National Socialism’s viewpoint on “Native Americans”.

In a knee-jerk reaction, I was prepared to rattle off the usual diatribe that “well they lost, and there wouldn’t BE an “America” without the White/Aryan Europeans crossing vast oceans of water and all that that entailed, discovering AND settling a wild wilderness, and through hardships unbelievable to the weaklings of TODAY’S “white” population, sweating, toiling, fighting and BUILDING – this CREATION of America, and its Western based society.… Read more ...

IPR Regular Vernon Buys Independent Political Report

toilet troll

IPR’s prankster Vernon, fondly known as the Nazi troll, has made an offer to the site owner, Warren Redlich, that the latter cannot refuse. Effective April 1 of 2016, this site will belong to him. So, we have a year to report on the politics of Independents and alternate parties in the United States.… Read more ...

PLAN-SS From Outer Space candidate Robert Milnes leads revolutionary resistance against Jews, Zionists


PLANSS founder Milnes gives a speech.

William Saturn reports at the Saturnalian:

2016 Libertarian Party presidential candidate and Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy (PLAS) founder Robert Milnes has formed a new electoral coalition. This time it includes Nazis.

Milnes announced the plan Wednesday on The PLAS Place blog. He calls it PLANSS, or the Progressive Libertarian Alliance with National Socialists Strategy.

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Tentative Minutes of 2015 COFOE Board Meeting Available Online

Ballot Access News:

The Coalition for Free & Open Elections (COFOE) is a very loose coalition of most of the nation’s active nationally-organized minor parties, along with other organizations that care about their election law problems. It was founded in 1985 in New York city. The Board meets in person once per year.

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American Freedom Party: #WhiteGenocide Project A Success

From the American Freedom Party website:

On March 21st, countless people from around the world got out into the streets with their banners, flyers, stickers, posters, and megaphones alerting the general public to White Genocide – the deliberate destruction of our identity.

For several decades, White people across many majority White countries have been subject to genocidal conditions by a loose collection of small but powerful groups which have a monopoly over the media and politics.… Read more ...

Kenn Gividen & Bob Whitaker to Run for President & Vice President for the American Freedom Party

Kenn Gividen

Kenn Gividen, who in 2004 was the Libertarian Party’s nominee for governor of Indiana (31,664 votes, 1.29%), has filed with the FEC to run for president with the American Freedom Party. Gividen serves on the AFP’s board of directors. From the AFP website:

Kenn Gividen is the editor of, on online news presence with a focus on conservative, libertarian, and paleo-conservative perspectives.

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Kelly Gneiting: The Slippery Slope of Solutions – 3 Answers from the IAP

independent-americanFrom Kelly Gneiting at the Independent American Party website:

In a recent Tea Party newsletter that surfaced in my email, a list of 4 solutions were presented. The first was “work with Tea Party-friendly members of Congress,” second, “launch a major public relations offensive” drawing attention to government overspending; third, “show America that there is a solution” to this overspending; and fourth, “re-double our efforts to grow our grassroots efforts… The Tea Party movement is probably America’s last best hope.”

As Chairman of the Independent American Party, I’ve heard the theories of countless people as to their version of “the answers for America.” Most of the time, they preface each solution with something like, “Congress are a bunch of idiots” or “our representatives aren’t thinking clearly.” At this point I tune out.… Read more ...

American Freedom Party: Birthright Citizenship, the New Immigration Scam

From the American Freedom Party website:

As reported by Liz Peek in Fiscal Times immigration policy – and in particular what to do about the 11 million people in the U.S. illegally – is the new litmus test for the GOP. The arguments over “amnesty” and border security are stale, but the passions are not.… Read more ...