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American Freedom Party: ‘Youth Vote Is Key to 2016 and Saving America’

Image above is not from the following article posted at the American Freedom Party website, but features actual American Freedom Party activists, including the wife of the party’s original leader.

Barack Obama was ushered into the Oval Office by a wave of young supporters and first-time voters in 2008. However, they are now among those most disillusioned with Obama and his regime, and they are the ticket to winning the 2016 presidential election and preserving the heart and soul of our republic.… Read more ...

Independent American Party: “Lone Wolves” Please Join Us

Kelly Gneiting
IAP Chairman

From Kelly Gneiting at the Independent American Party website:

A theme of yesterday’s meeting was the “organizing between many people” vs.”being a ‘lone wolf.’” The evolution of being a patriot was discussed; how folks go from 1) learning about the corruption to 2) being a ‘lone wolf’ to 3) organizing and ACTIVELY being a part of something much much bigger.… Read more ...

George F. Will Column on Possible Independent Run by Bernie Sanders

George Will

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

George F. Will has this column about U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, and the possibility that he will run for president outside the two major parties. Will says Sanders has said he might have trouble getting on ballots, and then chides Sanders, saying George Wallace got on in 1968 in all states even though Wallace had a “miniscule” budget.… Read more ...

American Freedom Party “leaks advanced copy” of 2015 State of the Union


The American Freedom Party posted what it bills as “Obama’s State Of The Union Address first draft. NOT for release (but leaked through a bizarre email accident to Nick Griffin)”:

Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, Members of Congress, Suckers:

We are 15 years into this new century. Nearly fifteen years covering up the truth about the terror of 9/11 which gave your real rulers the excuse to drag a new generation of poor young kids and middle class taxpayers into fighting two long and costly wars; fifteen years of a vicious recession cause by my banking friends who have made ordinary people in spread across our nation and the world pay for their greed and corruption.… Read more ...

Clothing Drive By Oregon American Freedom Party Activists

From the American Freedom Party website:

Innumerable funds, foundations, charities, etc. cater to the needs of sundry “minority” interests. However, there are no foundations for ordinary white people. Efforts to establish advocacy groups for white Caucasian are accused of hateful intentions, despite the charitable nature of such ventures.

Without worrying about being called names or facing other forms of harassment, members and supporters of Oregon’s State Chapter of the American Freedom Party met recently in downtown Portland to assist people lacking basic necessities.… Read more ...

Conservative Party of NY State praises NYC Mayor DeBlasio for planning to block law outlawing police chokeholds


Mayor de Blasio gets a bit of religion and is right on this.  Let’s hope Al Sharpton does not twist his arm to try to have him change his position on the legislation. 

We still worry that his “religion” may be short lived, but live in the hope that it isn’t. 

From the linked NY Post story:

Mayor Bill de Blasio on Tuesday said for the first time that he would block the City Council from enacting a law making it a crime for cops to use chokeholds.

Read more ...

American Freedom Party: The ADL “Tolerance Mafia” Reports Youth Groups


From the American Freedom Party website:

Extremists at the zionist supremacy group, the ADL, have announced the formation of the National Youth Front. The blog states, “The Amer­i­can Free­dom Party (AFP), a white suprema­cist group, has recently estab­lished a youth wing, the National Youth Front (NYF). NYF, which offi­cially launches in Feb­ru­ary, has already cre­ated a web­site, a Face­book page, and a recruit­ment video to appeal to young peo­ple between the ages of 18 and 40.”

The National Youth Front hasn’t officially launched but somehow they are already a “supremacist group”.… Read more ...

Independent American Party: Yo, Government, Thou Shalt Not Steal

From the Independent American Party website:

God says, “Thou Shalt Not Steal.” This is a clear and logical principle that every American can understand.

However, government says, “Government can steal, but not you.” How does THIS make sense? A collective right is based on an individual right. As explained by Frederick Bastiat in, “The Law:”

“If every person has the right to defend – even by force – his person, his liberty, and his property, then it follows that a group of men have the right to organize and support a common force to protect these rights constantly.

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Stop Common Core Party Will Change its Name to “Reform Party”

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

The Stop Common Core Party, which is a ballot-qualified party in New York state, is in the process of changing its name to “Reform Party.” See this story. This is the first time a ballot-qualified party named “Reform Party” has ever existed in New York.… Read more ...

Independent American Party: Sheriffs are the Last Line of Defense – Bundy Ranch & Land Ownership

From the Independent American Party website:

January’s 10,000 faxes & 6,000 emails to:

The Media

Forward this to YOUR reps! STATE or FEDERAL

The Bundy Ranch dilemma was on the Hannity Show a few days ago. See YouTube video at

There’s a lot of talk between our government’s separation of powers.… Read more ...

Breitbart News: One-Third of GOP “Hanging By a Thread From Bolting”

Upside down elephant

Found in Breitbart
By Robert Wilde
January 5, 2015

Fox News contributor and Democratic pollster Pat Caddell told Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon that up to one-third of Republicans are ready to call it quits as members of the GOP.

The alienation among Republican voters is so high,” says Caddell, that conservatively “a quarter to one-third of the Republican party are hanging by a thread from bolting.” Caddell argues that GOP voters’ attitudes are “so anti-establishment,” and they give Republican leadership poor ratings.… Read more ...

Tom Hoefling: Principles are Free, but Activism Costs

Tom and Siena Hoefling

From America’s Party National Chairman Tom Hoefling at his new blog, The Life and Liberty Report:

Principles don’t cost money. That’s one of the reasons America’s Party takes no financial contributions whatsoever. We don’t want money interests anywhere near our principles.

However, organization, activism, communications, and personnel do require funds – at least in modest amounts – to be effective.… Read more ...