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Nelson Hultberg Announces Formation of a New Party: National Independent Party

Nelson Hultberg

From an email announcing the launch of the new National Independent Party:

To all American Patriots:

The battle has begun. The National Independent Party is now officially launched to challenge the egregious monopoly that Democrats and Republicans have in America!

AFR’s video speech, Why We Must Form a Second Political Party in America, by Nelson Hultberg, is our opening salvo to Washington and its relentless destruction of our country.… Read more ...

New blog covering alternative parties and independents: American Third Party Report


Posted July 16 at

Starting today, we, the American Third Party Report (ATPR), are covering news and views relating to political parties in the United States that AREN’T the Democrats or the GOP. We seek to be an alternative to the Independent Political Report (IPR), to which I was a contributor from January 2013 until July 8, 2014.

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American Freedom Party: Immigration Opposed In Oregon

The illegal alien became an “undocumented immigrant”. Then they became “asylum seekers”. And now they have become the “refugee”. No matter what one calls it – illegal immigration is illegal immigration.

Many believe that the primary reason for this unchecked border crossing is to displace and replace European-Americans, the majority population.… Read more ...

Prohibition Party: Our Stance on Pornography


From the Prohibition Party’s Facebook page. [reformatted for easier reading]

Believing that we, as humans, are created in the image and likeness of God, we call for the taxation of all forms of internet pornography at a level which discourages it, as well as all other types of pornography, from being produced and/or sold in the United States.… Read more ...

Prohibition Party: Why Crime Rates Have Gone Up


Ever wonder why crime rates have gone up? One of the biggest reasons is the removal of the Bible from schools. While the Godless Democrats claim “Separation of Church and State” that is not what the founding fathers believed when it came to church and state. Here is Benjamin Rush one of our founding fathers on the Bible is schools…

Benjamin Rush, signer of the Declaration, member of Continental Congress, founder of 5 universities, in a “Defense of the Use of The Bible in Schools”, 1791; “Surely future generations wouldn’t try to take the Bible out of schools.… Read more ...

NPD update

Ina “Kitty Blair” Groll, seen above in an “88″ shirt (88 stands for HH, short for Heil Hitler) quit her porn career to become a spokeswoman for Germany’s far right NPD. The party removed her after they found out that she had done interracial porn:

Now, in what the German press has dubbed the “Peniskuchen-Affäre,” NPD General Secretary Peter Marx—the second-highest-ranking figure in the party—has stepped down after he was photographed at a birthday party featuring a penis-shaped cake.

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Independent American Party: IAP Slogan and Phone Message

This message will be going out to registered voters and Utah, and possibly New Mexico for four months heading into this year’s elections.


“A Return to Citizen Government”

Recorded Phone Message (version 2):

“Hello, Independent American Party here with a message that Citizen Government is returning to Utah (or New Mexico).… Read more ...

Opposition News: American Freedom Party Livid as Terror Cells Flood Across US Border

The Democratic Party has openly sided with Mexico in its ongoing war with America. Republicans are divided, with their leadership insisting the US will lose the war and in order to remain in power, they must join the Democrats on the side of the victors. Are any US political parties on the side of America?… Read more ...

American Freedom Party: Earthquake In Europe Coming To America?

Much of the surprising election earthquake in Europe revolves around the Schengen Borders Code. This regulation allows unchecked movement of populations between member countries in the European Union. In effect, French borders were erased (as were other EU nations) and their sovereignty was lost. Much of the immigration was from poorer EU countries to wealthier EU countries.… Read more ...

John Lewis Mealer Qualifies for Ballot In Arizona


(The following was sent to me from Independent candidate for Arizona governor John Lewis Mealer.)

John Lewis Mealer, Independent Constitutionalist running for Governor makes ballot access in Arizona. This is not only great news, but a never-before-done attempt and win for those of us who have been stepped on, lied to and cheated by elected officials and a government gone mad.… Read more ...