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Modern Whig Party Unveils New Website

From the newly revamped MWP website:

It’s been a bit of a haul, and as usual with these things took longer than planned, but we’re finally here: The Modern Whig Party of America has launched its new, updated website. And we are ready to roll.

Long-time supporters who were used to the old website are going to notice some changes immediately.… Read more ...

Prohibition Party Cancels Presidential Convention and Instead will Nominate by Direct Vote of Members

prohibitionFrom Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

The Prohibition Party has cancelled its national convention, which had been set for June 2015 in Helen, Georgia. Instead the party will chose a presidential candidate by conference call in July 2015. “Member” is someone who had contributed to the party no later than May 5, 2015.… Read more ...

Cryptocoins News Article on Zoltan Istvan and the Transhumanist Party

Zoltan Istvan

Zoltan Istvan

Cryptocoins News recently ran this article on presidential candidate Zoltan Istvan and the newly-created Transhumanist Party. Given the site’s focus, CCN specifically asked Istvan about his and the party’s thoughts on bitcoin. Istvan responded:

Basically, I’d say most Transhumanists support cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin and new technologies that are coming that way.

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Mass Pirates: ‘Stop Fast Track in Congress!’ blog, published April 18:

Already oppose Fast Track, TPP & TTIP? Help stop them!

Thursday Congressional leaders put forward a bill to “Fast Track” the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) deals.

If passed, TPP & TTIP would enshrine some of the worst proposals corporations and the entertainment industry have put forward.… Read more ...

Zoltan Istvan: Transhumanist Party Scientists Frown on Talk of Genetic Engineering Moratorium

From Transhumanist Party presidential candidate Zoltan Istvan at the Huffington Post:

A wave of ethical discussions and admonitions recently appeared after Chinese scientists reported successfully editing an embryo’s DNA. Many large media outlets interviewed scientists around the globe who chimed in on the ethical implications of the science, which ultimately could lead to designer babies.… Read more ...

Link to New York Special Congressional and Legislative Elections of May 5

Diana Richardson (WFP)

Diana Richardson (WFP)

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

The New York State Board of Elections’ web page is reporting election returns, as various precincts report their results for the special elections of May 5. Here is the link. As of 9:15 p.m., only fragmentary results are in, but they suggest that the Republican nominee is winning the U.S.… Read more ...

Report: Split at the top of Massachusetts’ United Independent Party

Evan Falchuk

WWLP Channel 22 via The Thirds:

A report from the Massachusetts State House News Service says two running mates whose campaign produced a new political party, the United Independent Party, have parted ways.

Andy Metzger reports Evan Falchuk, who garnered 3.3% of the November 2014 vote for governor, is no longer working with his running mate Angus Jennings.… Read more ...

Bill Wojtas: I Am an American

From Chicago Reform Party activist Bill Wojtas at the Reform Party website:

In the earliest years of the twentieth century, all four of my grandparents emigrated here from Eastern Europe to escape the ravages of war, poverty and hunger. To be honest, I can’t even say that they came from Poland, because in 1903, Poland as we know it didn’t exist.… Read more ...

Jesse Ventura says he’ll decide on seeking Libertarian nomination in “June 2016″

Ventura (right) with fellow perennial hypothetical candidate, Donald Trump

In a twitter conversation in response to a question from Roger Stone about seeking the Libertarian nomination for President in 2016, Gov. Ventura stated the following:

If I do I will. It won’t be until June of 2016 because we got to get the pikers out first.

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