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Zoltan Istvan: I Visited One of the Largest Megachurches in the US as an Atheist Transhumanist Presidential Candidate — Here’s What Happened

The Immortality Bus pulling up at the church.

The Immortality Bus pulling up at the church.

From Zoltan Istvan at Tech Insider:

As part of my 2016 US Presidential campaign representing the transhumanist party, I’ve spent much of the last month in America’s highly religious South, traversing the Bible Belt and spreading the news that soon radical science and technology will overcome biological death.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party is Cautiously Optimistic About Having Qualified for Party Status in Maine

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

Maine requires a group that wishes to be a ballot-qualified party to have at least 5,000 registered members by December 1 of the odd year before an election year. The only group that tried to use this procedure for 2016 is the Libertarian Party, which has been registering members all during 2015.… Read more ...

Adam Dick: President Ventura?

Jesse Ventura

From Adam Dick at The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity (submitted to IPR for publication):

May former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura announce in March his candidacy for president of the United States? According to a new discussion of Ventura and Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst and former New Jersey Judge Andrew Napolitano on Ora TV, Ventura’s decision regarding a presidential run will largely depend on what happens in the early primaries and caucuses of the Republican and Democratic Parties.… Read more ...

Virgil Goode, 2012 Constitution Party Presidential Nominee, Joins Donald Trump Campaign

Ballot Access News reports:

Former Congressman Virgil Goode, who was the Constitution Party’s presidential nominee in 2012, has become a campaign official in Donald Trump’s campaign in Virginia. See this story.

Goode is still presently a member of the Constitution Party National Committee as well.

Trump is currently the candidate leading in the polls for the Republican nomination for President, but continues to float the possibility that he may switch to run as an independent for the same office if he concludes that Republican Party leaders don’t treat his campaign fairly.… Read more ...

Tom Knapp: ‘I Have to Admit, Donald Trump is Making Me Re-Think the Whole “Deportation” Issue’

Thomas L. Knapp writes at Kn@ppster:

I have to admit, Donald Trump is making me re-think the whole “deportation” issue.

In fact, I’m leaning toward the idea that all Trump supporters should be deported to North Korea where things will be more to their liking.

But I’m also kind of Romneyish on it.

Read more ...

Three Parties Have Already Told Texas they Intend to Petition in 2016

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

Texas has a unique law saying a party that is not now on the ballot, but which intends to try to get on the ballot, must notify the Secretary of State at the beginning of any election year. So far, three parties have notified the Texas Secretary of State that they intend to try: (1) the Christian Party; (2) the Modern Whig Party; (3) the Veterans Party.… Read more ...

Reform Party of Virginia Launches Draft Jim Webb 2016 Campaign

Jim Webb

Jim Webb

From the Reform Party of Virginia website:

In the early 1990’s the country was faced with a U.S. congress that was not acting, and a president that seemed detached from the economic hardships many Americans were experiencing.

Gridlock in government prevailed, our national debt and budget deficits seemed to be on an unsustainable path, and the idea of making government work for the people and not the special interests was foreign to all politicians.… Read more ...

Cyber Party Chooses Vice-Presidential Nominee

Ken Rutkowski

Ken Rutkowski

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

As reported earlier, John McAfee has formed the Cyber Party and is its presidential nominee. The vice-presidential nominee is Ken Rutkowski of California. Rutkowski is well-known because of his radio program, Business Rockstars. It has a greater audience than any other radio show concerned with business.… Read more ...

Modern Whig Party Statement on the Terrorist Attack in Paris

From the Modern Whig Party website (dated 11/14/2015):

Last night terrorists conducted a vicious, coordinated attack in the city of Paris, France. As of this writing the death toll stands at 129 people. Another 352 were wounded, 99 of them critically. So far, one American — 23-year-old exchange student Nohemi Gonzalez — has been reported among the dead.… Read more ...

Presidential Candidate Suggests Microchips for Syrian Refugees

Zoltan Istvan

From Eric Mack at CNET:

The question of allowing Syrian refugees in to the United States has created a political firestorm in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris and one Presidential candidate proposes a novel, high-tech solution, but it’s also likely to make plenty of Americans uncomfortable.… Read more ...

Reform Party Seeking to Reorganize Affiliates in States with Easier Ballot Access Laws

From Nicholas Hensley at the Reform Party website:

The Reform Party of the United States is seeking to reorganize and strengthen affiliates in states where ballot access is easier to obtain. The states where the Reform Party is currently working to establish permanent steering committees are Colorado, Louisiana, Mississippi, Hawaii, Vermont, and several others.… Read more ...

CSO Magazine Article on Cyber Party Presidential Nominee John McAfee’s Ideas

John McAfee

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

CSO Magzine is for individuals who hold the job of Chief Security Officer for organizations, and for all others interested in security for large organizations, including electronic security. It has this article about John McAfee’s ideas on how to protect the United States from electronic espionage and sabotage.… Read more ...