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Dick Meyer: We need a true three-party system

Dick Meyer, Scripps Washington Bureau (TNS):

Unfortunately, we assume the two-party system permanent and unalterable.

But the very phrase — “two-party system” — is a misnomer. Nothing in the Constitution sanctions a two-party system. The two-party duopoly is an accident of history, not the work of the framers.

My list of complaints is long: They have created a primary system so prolonged that elected officials are usually in campaign mode; they ceded the power to select and finance candidates and so have little power over their caucuses in Congress; they don’t recruit and promote the best and brightest; they have lost the trust and loyalty of voters.

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United Independent Party of Massachusetts Now Has 8,576 Registered Members

Ballot Access News:

The United Independent Party is a qualified party in Massachusetts. It will remain ballot-qualified after November 2016 even if it has no statewide nominees that year if it gets its registration up to 1% of the state total.

Two weeks ago, the Massachusetts Secretary of State informed the party that it now has 8,576 registered members.… Read more ...

Canada holds four party debate, UK seven, GOP ten candidates… CoPD still stuck on only two


As Ballot Access News reports,

This newspaper describes the Canadian four-party debate of August 6. The consensus seems to be that the leaders of all four parties did well. Also see this story.


The Republican presidential debate on the evening of August 6 had ten candidates. It lasted two hours.

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Ohio SOS threatens to not put Trump on the ballot if he runs independent

Ballot Access News:

Ohio has had a sore loser law since before 1958. It says, “3513.04: No person who seeks party nomination for an office or position at a primary election by declaration of candidacy shall be permitted to become a candidate at the following general election for any office by nominating petition, including a nomination petition filed under 3517.012.”

On August 7, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted told the press that this means Donald Trump cannot possibly get on the November 2016 ballot as a presidential candidate (unless he is the Republican nominee) because at the August 6 debate he “declared his candidacy” for the Republican nomination.

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Level the Playing Field on more inclusive Presidential Debates; duopolist warns of “dangerous” candidates being included


Ballot Access News:

Level the Playing Field, which supports opening up the general election presidential debates to more candidates, has issued this press release. It points out that if the 15% polling rule were applied to the August 6, 2015 Republican presidential debate, only one candidate, Donald Trump, would qualify.

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Massachusetts Pirate Party: Game Over, Boston 2024

From the Massachusetts Pirate Party website, posted July 28:

Today’s Boston Globe was covered with the headline “GAME OVER”. It’s official, Boston 2024 is dead in the water. Financial backing was the straw that broke the Camel’s back; the USOC wanted the city to cover cost overruns and revenue shortfalls, and Mayor Walsh did the right thing by walking away.… Read more ...

Large Number of Minor Party and Independent Candidates File to Run for Philadelphia City Office

Independent mayoral candidate James Foster hands in his nominating petitions at the county Board of Elections office on Monday morning. Brian Hickey/WHYY, Next Mayor partner

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

According to this Philadelphia Inquirer story, quite a few candidates are running in the November 3, 2015 election for Philadelphia city office.

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Mayor of Kingston, New York, May Depend on Green Party to Get on November 3, 2015 Ballot

Shayne Gallo

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

Mayor Shayne Gallo of Kingston, New York, is running for re-election in a partisan election on November 3, 2015. He is a Democrat, but he has a powerful opponent in the Democratic primary in September. In case he loses the Democratic primary, he hoped to be nominated by either or both the Independence Party and the Conservative Party.… Read more ...

Richard Winger: 2 Ways California Could Expand Voter Choice in Elections

From Richard Winger at Independent Voter Network, reprinted here with permission from the author:

California’s existing election system for Congress and state office could be improved with the following ideas.

The problem with the status quo is that ever since it went into effect in 2011, there has been very limited choice on the November ballot.… Read more ...

Boston Herald Article Suggests Evan Falchuk May Run for MA Governor Again in 2018

Evan Falchuk

This article by Chris Villani in the Boston Herald credits United Independent Party founder and chairman Evan Falchuk with helping to end Boston’s 2024 bid to host the Olympics, and hints that he may run for governor again in 2018. An excerpt:

United Independent Party Chairman Evan Falchuk, who became a visible and vocal opponent of the Boston 2024 Olympic bid, said he would not rule out a possible run for governor in 2018.… Read more ...

Kentucky Likely to Have Three Candidates on November 2015 Ballot for Governor

Drew Curtis

Drew Curtis

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

This news story says Drew Curtis, an independent running for Governor of Kentucky in the November 3, 2015 election, already has 6,000 signatures. The deadline is August 11. He needs 5,000 and says he expects to have at least 8,500 by the deadline.… Read more ...

Zoltan Istvan ‘This US presidential candidate doesn’t want to be president—he wants to live forever’ (Quartz):

Zoltan Istvan was among the earliest candidates to declare his bid for the 2016 US presidential elections. But most Americans still won’t know about this writer and Transhumanist philosopher by the time they head to the polls. Istvan knows that.

Yet, his platform is refreshing: put science first.… Read more ...