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Ballot Access News: Minor Parties Have a Lot Riding on Their Percentage of the Vote on November 4

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

One of the reasons the November 4 election is suspenseful is because there are so many states in which it is difficult to predict whether various minor parties will poll enough votes to obtain, or keep, recognized party status.

Alabama: although no minor party candidate has any candidates on the ballot for statewide office, parties can also obtain recognized party status, for county office only, if they poll 20% of the vote for a countywide county office.… Read more ...

Boston Globe: Text ‘Aye,’ Matey! The Pirate Party’s Push for Direct Democracy

By Joseph E. Hamilton

On Tuesday, voters in two Massachusetts districts will find Pirates on their ballots for the State House of Representatives. The candidates in question—Noelani Kamelamela, running in Somerville’s 27th Middlesex District, and Joseph Guertin, on the ballot in the 8th Worcester District—are the first Bay Staters to run for office under the banner of the international Pirate movement.… Read more ...

Evan Falchuk Compares Baker/Coakley Debate to SpongeBob SquarePants

From Falchuk’s campaign website:

If you want serious, substantive conversation on the future of Massachusetts from televised debates, you have to watch the Western Massachusetts Media Consortium debate held in Springfield (, the WBZ-TV debate in Boston (, and MassLive’s excellent online commentary on the unfortunate Worcester debate (… Read more ...

Evan Falchuk’s Lawsuit for Debate Inclusion Fails

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

On October 27, a state court in Massachusetts refused to require the sponsors of that evening’s gubernatorial debate to include Evan Falchuk, nominee of the United Independent Party. See this story. UPDATE: this story has much more detail about why the judge ruled as she did.… Read more ...

Bob Helland Responds to Rep. Simon’s Election Reform Proposals

Bob Helland is the Independence Party of Minnesota’s candidate for Secretary of State. From the candidate’s tumblr:

Today, DFL candidate Steve Simon released what he calls “Next Generation Election Reform Proposals”.

He made two proposals that he would work towards passing legislation in support of.

1. Automated DVS Registration
2.… Read more ...

Blogger Joshua Evans Reports on Libertarian Party of Massachusetts Convention

As was reported at Ballot Access News, blogger Joshua W. Evans attended the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts State Convention and acted as the ballot counter. From his blog:

Packing into the dining hall of Tweed’s Restaurant and Pub in Worcester, Libertarian stalwarts from across the Commonwealth assembled over this past weekend to continue their push to change the Massachusetts state government.… Read more ...

Prohibition Party Now to Receive Full Pennock Trust Income

Earl Dodge.  Image:

According to the National Prohibitionist, the entirety of the George L. Pennock Trust has been restored to the Prohibition Party after half was withheld due to a 2007 settlement with longtime chairman and five-time presidential nominee Earl Dodge.  Dodge died in late 2007, but the PNC Bank of Pittsburgh continued to give half of the trust to his defunct organization — until now.… Read more ...

Michael McDermott Endorsed By Goetz, McMillan, and Johnson

Press Release from the campaign:

The candidacy of Michael McDermott, running on the Libertarian line of the New York State Governor’s ballot has scored a triple endorsement this past Saturday, October 11th, with high profile endorsements from Bernard Goetz, Jimmy McMillan, and Gary Johnson.

Bernhard Goetz is a New York City man known for shooting four young men when they allegedly tried to mug him on a New York City Subway train in Manhattan on 22 December 1984.… Read more ...

Evan Falchuk Endorsed by 8 South End Pastors


Eight leaders from Massachusetts’ black community today announced their formal endorsement of Evan Falchuk, United Independent Party candidate for governor of Massachusetts.

From the Boston area, Pastor Kevin Coakley, in ministry for over 20 years and pastor of one of the most historic churches in Boston’s South End, has endorsed Falchuk, as has Minister Mary Franklin, a Boston community activist dedicated to empowering women who have lost family members to murder.… Read more ...

New Ballot Access Law in California Keeps 4 Alternative Parties on the Ballot

From Ballot Access News:

On September 30, California Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 2351, which makes it easier for a group to qualify as a party in California, and also makes it easier for an already-existing party to remain ballot-qualified. The old law required an already-existing party to either poll 2% for any statewide in a general election, or to have 103,004 registrants (1% of the November 2010 turnout).… Read more ...

Alternative Candidates Uninvited from Massachusetts Debate

Evan Falchuk, United Independent Party candidate for Governor

From Matt Murphy at the Lowell Sun:

Struggling to gain traction among voters, the three non-party candidates running for governor could face even longer odds as Election Day draws near and their lack of standing in the polls starts to jeopardize their participation in several high-profile events.… Read more ...

Reform Party Seeks Candidates for 2015 Elections

The Reform Party is searching for candidates to run in 2015 elections. The 2015 elections will include thousands of local races across the country including six major metropolitans, three governor elections, and elections for state officials in four states.

“The Reform Party wishes to represent all people,” said Reform Party Chairman David Collison “It doesn’t matter if they live in Dellview, North Carolina with a population of 9 or Chicago, Illinois with a population of 2.5 million”.… Read more ...