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Jim Cook: Americans Elect Alums Gather Around Nick Troiano Campaign to Test New Method for Electing Pols

Jim Cook at Irregular Times (posted March 10):

Three days ago, the Independent Voter Network posted a piece in which it quoted Nick Troiano explaining why he is running for Congress:
Nick Troiano: Part of the reason I’m doing this is to prove a model that can be scaled to other congressional districts in 2016. I want to work with others who are embarking on a new endeavor to recruit, run, and support more independent-minded people. If we can elect around 30, such a group could control the balance of power in Congress…and force both parties to the middle where common ground could be found and the major challenges could be confronted.
I seem to have heard that idea before… but where?
Do you remember what Americans Elect lawyer Daniel Winslow [read more]

Former Youth Leader for Unity ’08 and Americans Elect Likely to be an Independent Candidate for U.S. House

Via Ballot Access News:

Nick Troiano, 24, has set up an exploratory committee for a possible independent race for U.S. House in Pennsylvania’s 10th district. He had been Unity ’08′s College Coordinator, and had been the Communications Manager for Americans [read more]

United Independent Party Founder Pledges Reform in Bid for Governor’s Office

“Students should be graduating in Massachusetts with independence, with resilience, with critical thinking skills, with grit, with the knowledge that they can overcome obstacles. We have to re-think the way our education system works to focus on those outcomes.” —Evan Falchuk

United Independent gubernatorial candidate Evan Falchuk today pledged “smart, brave reform” on issues including health care, fiscal policy, taxes, education and campaign finance if elected to the corner office.

Falchuk, an attorney [read more]