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New Jersey Filing Closes

From Ballot Access News:

Filing has closed in New Jersey. The U.S. Senate November ballot will have five nominees, those of the Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, Democratic-Republican Parties and an independent candidate who ballot slogan is “Economic Growth.” The Democratic-Republican Party is not allowed to use its name on the ballot, and is listed as the “D-R Party.” Its platform is somewhat similar to the Reform Party’s platform.… Read more ...

Evan Falchuk to Participate in Boston Globe’s Independents Debate

Evan Falcjuk

(The following was posted on the United Independent Party’s Facebook Page.)

“Ready for frank talk and big, new ideas? 

Then tune in at 1pm next Tuesday, June 24th to the The Boston Globe‘s independents debate. It’ll be live-streaming on Evan FalchukUnited Independent Party candidate for governor, will be providing concrete examples for smart, brave reform in Massachusetts.

Read more ...

Boston Globe: For Falchuk, Governor’s Race is Just the Beginning

Evan Falcjuk

(The following was originally published on The Boston Globe.)

Most people running for governor just want to be governor. Evan Falchuk has a bigger dream: a brand-new political party that would bridge the left-right divide and restore cynical voters’ faith in government.

His effort might be unusual, but he actually considers himself a pretty typical Massachusetts voter.… Read more ...

Evan Falchuk: Statement on Results of Mass. Democratic Convention

Evan Falhuk

(The following was published on United Independent Party Mass. gubernatorial candidate Evan Falchuk’s campaign website.)

The results of the Democratic convention show that the party wants to stake out its position on the hard left of the political spectrum – the problem being that this is not where most voters in Massachusetts actually are.… Read more ...

Candidate Filing Closes in Maine and Minnesota

From Ballot Access News:

On June 2, filing closed in Maine for independent candidates and the nominees of unqualified parties. Here is a link to the list of those candidates, and a link to the list of primary candidates as well. Maine has three ballot-qualified parties, Democratic, Republican, and Green.… Read more ...

Hannemann Receives Endorsement from Maui Mayor

By Clayton Wakida

Maui County Mayor Alan Arakawa announced his gubernatorial endorsement on Friday for Hawaii Independent Party candidate Mufi Hannemann.

Arakawa said the former Honolulu mayor’s leadership is critical to the progress of the state of Hawaii.

“I know in my heart of hearts that Mufi Hannemann is the best administrator.… Read more ...

Detailed “Thriving Communities Action Plan” Released by Falchuk-Jennings Independent Gubernatorial Ticket

Evan Falhuk

(The following was a press release issued by United Independent Party Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate Evan Falchuk’s campaign.)

Contact: Trinidad Carney
Ph: (857) 239-1433  (617) 360-1396

BOSTON– Massachusetts has an enormous opportunity to cut the cost of living by overhauling its outdated housing policy, according to an in-depth plan and recommendations shared today by the Falchuk-Jennings independent gubernatorial ticket, designed to kick-start the Commonwealth’s housing market, reduce the cost of living, and drive economic growth.… Read more ...

Minnesota Public Radio: Independence Party Candidates Roll Marijuana Into Their Future

By Tim Pugmire

The Independence Party of Minnesota will try to remain a major party this year, largely with young candidates who are politically inexperienced and favor legalizing marijuana.

Marijuana played a role in the party’s recruitment of Brandan Borgos, the Independence Party’s endorsed candidate for attorney general. He said party officials asked him to run for office and a factor in their consideration was his work as a board member for Minnesota NORML, the organization that lobbies for legalized marijuana.… Read more ...

Reform Party of North Carolina Begins Ballot Access Drive

The Reform Party of North Carolina has filed paper work to begin their ballot access drive. It stands as the Reform Party’s first major ballot access drive in recent memory. The ballot access drive, led by Reform Party of North Carolina’s Vice Chairman and Executive Director Joe Vodenichar, will have to overcome major obstacles to succeed as the Reform Party will be forced to collect over 100,000 signatures.… Read more ...

Massachusetts Pirate Party: Join Us This Thursday, and Reset the Net

On June 5th 2013, Guardian published the first of the Edward Snowden-leaked documents, a National Security letter that compelled Verizon to produce copies of all of their customer’s call records, and deliver them to the NSA on an “ongoing, daily basis”. By itself, that was a huge deal — very few people had ever seen a national security letter, save for those unfortunate enough to receive one.… Read more ...

Ballot Access News: Hawaii Filing Closes; Most Minor Party Candidates Since Statehood

Keiko Bonk

Hawaii primary filing closed on July 3. This year, there are 21 candidates running in minor party primaries, the greatest number since statehood in 1959. All minor parties in Hawaii nominate all of their candidates in the August 9 primary. There are also eleven independent candidates.

The minor party candidates include sixteen Libertarians, three from the Independent Party (a new party formed this year), and two Greens.… Read more ...

Gubernatorial Candidate Evan Falchuk Says Independent Party Has Strong Appeal

Evan Falhuk

(The following was originally published in The Berkshire Eagle.)

PITTSFIELD — Gubernatorial candidate Evan Falchuk believes his independent campaign has more than an excess of enthusiasm: It has what most independents have lacked — a sustainable political party.

That difference, plus the swelling discontent he sees among voters yearning for alternatives, could make him a contender, he said.… Read more ...