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Two CT Libertarian Candidates Retain Ballot Access for their Seats

Richard Lion

Dan Reale

From the Libertarian Party website:

Two Connecticut LP candidates, Dan Reale and Richard Lion, retained ballot access for a US House seat and for a state house seat due to votes they received in their respective races.

In Connecticut, a political party is recognized if it has at least 20% of the registered political party voters, or if the party’s gubernatorial candidate gets 20%.… Read more ...

Libertarian, Green, and Constitution Parties Each Gain in Ballot Status Relative to Four Years Ago


From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

The Libertarian Party is now on the ballot for president in 2016 in thirty states. By contrast, in mid-November 2010, it was on in twenty-seven states.

The Green Party is now on the ballot for president in 2016 in nineteen states. By contrast, four years ago it was on in fourteen states.… Read more ...

Examiner Interviews Tom Knapp, Author of ‘Kn@ppster’s Big Freakin’ Book of Stuff’

Thomas L. “Tom” Knapp, in addition to his work mentioned in this interview, is a contributor here at IPR. Excerpt from Interview: A big freakin’ libertarian’s Big Freakin’ Book by Garry Reed:

What were your criteria for including/excluding articles in your book?

Really, there were only four: I had to be able to find the stuff; it had to strike me as interesting; it mostly had to be political; and I started to get worried when the book’s length approached 100,000 words and at that point I started getting more selective.… Read more ...

Latest from the Joshua Katz and his Libertarian Presidential Exploratory Committee

Joshua Katz

Joshua Katz is chairman of the Connecticut Libertarian Party, alternate for the Libertarian National Committee region including New England, New York and New Jersey, and a local elected official in his town. He has published a number of essays at and comments frequently at IPR. He is currently exploring a run for the 2016 LP Presidential nomination.Read more ...

Libertarians happy with most ballot measure results from around the country in 2014

Via blog:

In an article for Liberty magazine that summarizes election results for key statewide ballot measures in Tuesday’s election, Bruce Ramsey said, “Libertarians should take encouragement …”

Read the full article here.

And via Our America Initiative, 2012 Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson writes:

A good start

While the media and the army of pundits in the national media have been talking nonstop since the election about the Republican takeover of the Senate, much less has been said about a number of victories for liberty that were won at the state and local level.

Read more ...

LPHQ job posting: Editor & Technology Developer; Eric Dixon moving on

null blog:

The Libertarian Party is seeking an editor and technology developer who shares our love of liberty and hopes to help the Libertarian Party succeed as a vehicle for implementing libertarian ideas. The position will be based at the Libertarian National Committee’s headquarters in Alexandria, Va.

The best candidates should have a range of skills, including:

  • InDesign page layout
  • Copyediting for content and AP style
  • Writing articles about LP candidates and solutions for shrinking government
  • Drupal 7.17 or higher
  • WordPress
  • HTML, PHP, and other scripting languages
  • MySQL in a web environment
  • API integration with PayPal and
  • FTP & SCP
  • cPanel & WHM
  • Linux servers
  • iContact (or comparable blast email client)
  • Social media management (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest)
  • Basic Photoshop skills (resizing, cropping, adjusting levels, etc.)
  • Final Cut video editing

You may be involved with preparing original content, but often will take content prepared by others.… Read more ...

Hawaii, Maryland and North Dakota Libertarians retain ballot access for the first time

Posted at blog here, here and here:

Tracey Ryan
Tracey Ryan

The Hawaii Libertarian Party met the vote test for the first time in its history, and have retained ballot access through 2016.

In Hawaii, if all of a political party’s candidates running for the state Senate get at least 4% of the cumulative vote, or if all of the party’s candidates running for state Representative receive at least 2% of the cumulative vote, the party retains ballot access for the next general cycle.… Read more ...

LP Blog: Libertarian results for Governor and US Senate, 2010-2014


LP blog posted here and here:

In 2014, there were 24 states with Libertarian candidates on the ballot for governor. Eight candidates got at least 3 percent. The average Libertarian percentage was 2.2 percent.

Candidate State Votes (unofficial) Percentage (unofficial)
Carolyn Clift AK 6,745 3.0%
Frank Gilbert AR 16,220 1.9%
Barry Hess AZ 44,760 3.8%
Matthew Hess CO 37,322 1.9%
Adrian Wyllie FL 222,908 3.7%
Andrew Hunt GA 60,195 2.4%
Jeff Davis HI 6,393 1.7%
Lee Hieb IA 20,139 1.8%
John Bujak ID 17,883 4.1%
Chad Grimm IL 116,460 3.4%
Keen Umbehr KS 33,708 4.0%
Shawn Quinn MD 23,816 1.4%
Mary Buzuma MI 35,574 1.1%
Chris Holbrook MN 18,088 0.9%
Mark Elworth, Jr NE 18,454 3.5%
Michael McDermott NY 15,031 0.4%
Richard Prawdzienski OK 9,102 1.1%
Paul B.
Read more ...

Libertarian Registration Rose 8.3% in Last Seven Months


Ballot Access News reports:

Between March and October 2014, Libertarian voter registration rose 8.3%. Voter registration as a whole rose 1.4% during the same period. Independent and miscellaneous rose 2.7%. Democratic registration rose .7%. Republican registration rose 1.0%. Green Party registration rose 2.1%.

The Constitution Party new total is still not known, because the Pennsylvania figure is still unavailable.… Read more ...

A. Barton Hinkle: The 98 Percent of Americans Who Don’t Vote Libertarian Spoil Elections for Everyone Else


From A. Barton Hinkle at Reason:

Funny thing about those professing to care about libertarian values. This year the Republican candidate, Ed Gillespie, came from the more establishment wing of the GOP, and could not be mistaken for a libertarian even on a moonless night. This made Sarvis the undisputed libertarian in the race.… Read more ...

Palm Beach Libertarians Plan to Defy Ordinance in Order to Feed the Homeless

From Karl Dickey at The Examiner:

The Libertarian Party of Palm Beach County (LP Palm Beach) met last night, November 9, 2014 and officially condemned the City of Fort Lauderdale for having an ordinance which prohibits feeding hungry people. The LP Palm Beach also made plans to feed the hungry in the City of Fort Lauderdale without asking permission from the City on December 17, 2014.… Read more ...

Libertarian Attorney Jim Duensing Found Guilty on all Charges

DuensingNovember 12, 2014



Failed Clark County District Attorney candidate Raymond James “Jim” Duensing was convicted Monday on three felony charges stemming from a roadside confrontation with Las Vegas police.

After a more than weeklong trial, a jury convicted Duensing on charges of resisting a police officer, carrying a concealed weapon, and unlawful possession of a firearm in connection with a traffic stop on Oct.… Read more ...