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Ohio LP asks sixth circuit to invalidate ballot access law blog:

ImageOn November 19, the Ohio Libertarian Party filed a notice of appeal to the Sixth Circuit Court, over whether the ballot access laws recently written by the state legislature violate the Ohio Constitution.

The Ohio Constitution states that all recognized parties must nominate by primary, yet the ballot access laws written in 2013 state that new parties cannot nominate by primary.… Read more ...

Darryl W. Perry: Should refugees be surveilled, refused or interned?

By Darryl W. Perry, a candidate for the 2016 Libertarian Party Presidential nomination, at

In the days after the attacks in Paris, France that were claimed by The Islamic State, reports, “there has been a growing backlash against refugees, particularly among US Republicans.”

In addition to the US House passing a bill, largely along party lines, to effectively halt the admittance of Syrian and Iraqi refugees into the United States, leading Presidential candidates seem to be in a competition to see who can take the most draconian position.… Read more ...

Teen Libertarian Starts County Party Organization in PA

Press release sent to IPR: Trent Somes, III, may not be old enough to vote but that didn’t stop him from creating a new political organization dedicated to ensuring that the residents of one western Pennsylvania county can enjoy all of their freedoms, all of the time. The 17-year-old junior at Penn-Trafford High School founded the Westmoreland County Libertarians (WCL) after learning about libertarian ideals and realizing that they represent the best hope for securing our country’s future.… Read more ...

Gary Johnson Talks ISIS, Refugees, Black Lives Matter and Marijuana Legalization

The once and future LP nominee?

Gary Johnson, the former two-term Republican governor of New Mexico who ran for president in 2012 briefly as a member of the GOP and eventually as the nominee of the Libertarian Party, has made his first public remarks following last Friday’s terror attacks in Paris, in the form of a press release and an exclusive interview with Reason.

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George Phillies: Message to Libertarian Party State Chairs

vote_libertarian_classic_round_sticker-rc6f67375728f4c389695febddeb2859d_v9waf_8byvr_324To state chairs, MA State Committee, and MA newsletter editor for newsletter.

Esteemed fellow State Chairs:

The purpose of this missive is to open discussion on our Presidential candidate and campaign. I am not here to argue which candidate is more libertarian or less libertarian, or which candidate is more pure of heart, or more electable, or the like.… Read more ...

Steve Kerbel: The reality of Government’s Impact on Liberty

12270574_1528232144165856_1185315932_nMessage from Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Steve Kerbel:

The common denominator we all have as human beings, is that we were born into this world with no government identification. A baby is born pure. A baby owes no allegiance to a government. Government, however claims dominion over a newborn baby.… Read more ...

Message from the LPC Chair – Ted Brown‏


Ted Brown

I received this email this evening.

November 20, 2016


Dear Jill C. Pyeatt,

I have a lot of good news to report!


The Libertarian Party of California state convention will be held April 1 – 3 at the Hilton at Los Angeles Airport, near LAX.  The contract has been signed, and our convention committee headed by Mark Hinkle is in the process of bringing an excellent set of speakers on board. … Read more ...

Chairman Sarwark summarizes highlights of this past weekend’s Libertarian National Committee meeting in Orlando

LNC CHair Nicholas Sarwark

LNC Chairman Sarwark

Libertarian National Committee Chairman Nicholas Sarwark summarized the highlights of this past weekend’s Libertarian National Committee meeting in Orlando thus:

*Audit Committee report mostly deferred to the Executive Committee to handle.

*Budget passed with more conservative revenue numbers and cuts to make it balance.

*Oregon resolution postponed indefinitely.

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Gary Johnson: ISIS is today’s Nazi fascism

November 19, 2015, Salt Lake City, UT — Former New Mexico Governor and 2012 presidential candidate Gary Johnson issued the following statement today regarding ISIS and violent extremism:

“It is time that we have an open, honest dialogue about the politics of Sharia law. It is time that we face the reality that, while Islam is a faith that must be granted the same freedoms of religion as all others, Sharia is a political ideology that cannot coexist with the constitutional and basic human rights on which the United States is founded.… Read more ...

Darryl W. Perry: In Defense of Fantasy Sports Gambling

Darryl W. Perry

From Darryl W. Perry at Free Press Publications:

The New York Attorney General’s office recently sent cease and desist letters to “daily fantasy sports (DFS) wagering sites DraftKings and FanDuel… ordering both companies to immediately stop accepting wagers inside New York.” Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said, “Our investigation has found that, unlike traditional fantasy sports, daily fantasy sports companies are engaged in illegal gambling under New York law, causing the same kinds of social and economic harms as other forms of illegal gambling, and misleading New York consumers.”

To understand the position of the AG, even if you don’t agree with the stance, it is important to know the difference between traditional fantasy sports and daily fantasy sports.… Read more ...