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Libertarian Presidential Candidate Kevin McCormick Pens Open Letter to Senator Bernie Sanders


Libertarian Party presidential candidate Kevin McCormick of Ohio, who announced his candidacy last month, wrote the following open letter to Independent Senator Bernie Sanders, a Democratic presidential candidate.

Senator Sanders,

During your campaign, you have gone to great lengths to point out discrimination in the election process, speaking out about suspected voter fraud, disenfranchised voters, and more recently your campaign made the following statement regarding the election in New York:

“We need to be making it easier for people to vote, not inventing arbitrary obstacles—and today’s shameful demonstration must underline the urgent importance of fixing voting laws across the country.”

For more than 30 years the Libertarian Party has fought for voter rights and ballot access.Read more ...

Libertarian Party 2016 Bylaws and Rules Committee Survey

Libertarian PartyVia email blast:

Dear fellow Libertarian:

I am writing you because I need your help. I serve as the chairman of the 2016 Libertarian Party Bylaws and Rules Committee and we would like to know your opinions about our party bylaws and convention rules.

With the 2016 convention just next month, our convention delegates will soon be voting on amendments to our Bylaws and Convention Rules.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party: Attorney Alicia I. Dearn Announces Run for Vice President

3571434_origAnnouncement from Alicia I. Dearn’s Campaign:

April 24, 2016

ST. LOUIS, MO Attorney Alicia I. Dearn officially announces her run for Vice President on the
Libertarian ticket. Dearn is a tough executive and trial lawyer who has demonstrated throughout her career that she is dedicated to liberty and justice.… Read more ...

Marine Vet for Freedom: Candidate Analysis – Austin Petersen

austin-petersen-600x400 Marine Vet for Freedom is conducting candidate analysis their site. This analysis of Libertarian Presidential candidate Austin Petersen can be read here.\

I am going to put this out front immediately on this article that I have not liked, nor do I support, Austin Petersen. That being said, I am going to be leaving the bias behind and evaluate him on his campaign.… Read more ...

Andy Craig: How a Libertarian Can Win in Milwaukee

Andy Craig DecemberRunning in Milwaukee’s fourth congressional district, a one-time Socialist Party stronghold and geographically, as well as historically, one of the country’s most favorable regions in terms of electing minor-party candidates to public office, IPR’s Andy Craig believes there’s a path to victory for his long-shot Libertarian candidacy in November.

“I’m running as a Libertarian candidate, because I think this country is desperately in need of more choices and more voices in Congress than just Republicans and Democrats, and I think we can make this the most viable campaign to place a Libertarian in Congress in 2016,” said Craig in a statement issued Sunday evening.… Read more ...

Marine Vet for Freedom: Utah Libertarians Pick Candidates, Choose National Delegates for 2016

wp-1461523371503This article was posted by Marine Vet for Freedom and can be read in its original form here, including more photographs. Saturday, April 23rd, the Libertarian Party of Utah held their annual convention to select candidates and choose delegates for the National Convention in May, where they will help select the nominee for President of the United States.… Read more ...

Tiffany Madison: Why I’m Dropping Everything to Manage John McAfee’s Presidential Campaign

mcafee weiss


Why I’m Dropping Everything to Manage John McAfee’s Presidential Campaign

Effective Monday, April 18, I am honored to accept a position as campaign manager for John McAfee’s 2016 libertarian presidential campaign. I’m placing my life on hiatus to work 20 hours per day and 7 days per week to ensure that John McAfee is nominated to be the Libertarian candidate.… Read more ...

Avens O’Brien: Second Generation Libertarian Speaks Out About Growing Up Libertarian, Leaving the Party, and Coming Back


Posted to The Libertarian Republic

This article is being posted in its entirety by permission from the author.  This is the text of her speech at the Libertarian Party of MN’s convention.

April 19, 2016

Second Generation Libertarian Speaks Out About Growing Up Libertarian, Leaving the Party, and Coming Back

by Avens O’Brien

I had the distinct pleasure of speaking to the Libertarian Party of Minnesota‘s state convention this past weekend.… Read more ...

Credentials Committee Refuses to Seat Delegates from Epstein’s Libertarian Party of Oregon’s PAC

This exchange has been seen on Libertarian Party email lists.

Dear Mr. Epstein:

The 2016 LP Credentials Committee has considered your April 16 submission of delegates from Oregon for the convention in Orlando. We regret that we cannot accept these delegates for Oregon.

Since 2011 the national Libertarian Party and the State of Oregon have recognized the Wagner/Hedbor group as the official Libertarian Party in Oregon.… Read more ...

Press Release: Third Party Advocate Richard Winger Endorses Governor Gary Johnson for President

Winger endorses Johnson
Meme above was found on Facebook

The notice below was sent to me from the Gary Johnson campaign.


April 20, 2016, Salt Lake City, UT — Richard Winger, Publisher of Ballot Access News and nationally recognized advocate for more equitable treatment of independent and third party candidates, has endorsed Governor Gary Johnson for President.… Read more ...

Excerpt: Surely We Can Do Better?

George Phillies — author of a number of books on Libertarian Party topics, as well as a long-time party activist and past candidate for the presidency of the United States and the chairmanship of the Libertarian National Committee — recently published his latest work on Libertarian Party campaign finance, titled Surely We Can Do Better?Read more ...