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Sanders attacks Koch’s anti-tax Libertarian 1980 campaign, himself ran radically anti-tax Liberty Union 1976 campaign

via the official Facebook page of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT)

The document quoted is the 1980 Libertarian Party Platform, not anything personal to David Koch or particular to his candidacy for Vice President that year.  To the chagrin of some in the party, the Clark/Koch ’80 campaign actually did not openly advocating the abolition of all taxes, instead calling for substantial tax decreases. … Read more ...

Libertarian Party of the Florida Keys Calls For Repeal of Uber Ban

Excerpt from a letter to the editor of The Blue Paper submitted by Steven Nekhaila:

In the United States, many cities have banned Uber under the influence of these zealous taxi drivers, the only difference between the two scenarios is the amount of bloodshed; it is considered civilized only to arrest our enemies using the force of government, something we would never do ourselves.… Read more ...

Wes Benedict: Three New People Join Libertarian Party Headquarters Team


Libertarian Party

Three new people join Libertarian Party Headquarters team

I’d like to publicly recognize and thank Arthur DiBianca for his ten years of work for the Libertarian Party. He has managed our database, helped assemble fundraising letters, edited nearly everything I have ever written, and recruited and supported many candidates. Recently, Mr.… Read more ...

Public Policy Polling conducts NC survey of Clinton (D) vs. Trump (R) vs. Deez Nuts (I) UPDATE: Deez Nuts endorses Gary Johnson ’16

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Darryl W. Perry: In Defense of the Peer-to-Peer Economy


From Darryl W. Perry at Free Press Publications:

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, two of the at least five Democrats seeking that parties presidential nomination, have recently come out in opposition to a growing segment of the economy: the so called peer-to-peer economy. Sanders, in an interview with Bloomberg News, said he has “serious problems” with the popular car-hailing company Uber, claiming it to be “unregulated.” However, Uber is not unregulated.… Read more ...

Gary Johnson: They Don’t Get It

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

From Gary Johnson in an Our America Initiative email blast:

The Trump “phenomenon” has the professional politicians and Establishment in an absolute dither. They don’t understand it, and they obviously don’t know what to do with it.

I was asked about it this week by a number of national news outlets, including: Neil Cavuto on the Fox Business Channel and MSNBC.… Read more ...

Erie County Libertarian Party challenges year-long delays and arbitrary denials under NY pistol permit law

via Buffalo News:

“Whatever happened to the words, ‘shall not be infringed?’ ” asked Garrett, a Town of Evans resident and the new chairman of the Erie County Libertarian Party.

Garrett is one of eight plaintiffs in a new civil suit challenging the constitutionality of New York’s pistol permit law, a gun control law dating to 1911 and the Tammany Hall days of New York City.

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LP Judicial Committee Meets Tomorrow to Reconsider Prior JC Decision re Oregon Affiliate; Carling Will Not Recuse Himself

LP Oregon

The Libertarian Party’s Judicial Committee meets tomorrow in a virtual meeting to discuss whether they will overturn the prior Judicial Committee’s decision from 2011 regarding the ongoing, complicated matter of who the legitimate affiliate for the Oregon LP is.

IPR has written at length about the dispute, and the reader can learn about the 2011 events from this article.Read more ...

Rand Paul accuses Libertarians of being spoilers, says they need to “vote Republican” and “make the GOP bigger”


Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), in  an interview with the Manchester Union-Leader editorial board:

“I’ve been there. I’ve seen what it’s like in the third-party world,” he said. “Our system is directed to the two parties and I made the decision when I started running for political office that I am a constitutional conservative and Libertarian-leaning Republican.

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Slate of Libertarian candidates in Anderson, Indiana removed from ballot blog:

ImageA slate consisting of five Libertarian Party candidates running for various offices this November in Anderson, Indiana were removed from the ballot this week by the Madison County Elections Board.

The Election Board voted unanimously Friday to remove the candidates because their declarations of candidacy were not certified by the state party chairman.… Read more ... blog: Donate $49.99 to Oklahoma ballot access and get Mary Ruwart’s book Healing Our World blog, August 11:

We’re just $3,330 away from our $10,000 online goal for Oklahoma ballot access.

If you donate exactly $49.99, we’ll send you a copy of Mary Dr. Mary Ruwart’s newly updated book Healing Our World: The Compassion of Libertarianism. The new 2015 release features extensive updates in 20 Chapters and a new foreword by Congressman Ron Paul.

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Ventura endorses Trump for GOP nomination, says he’d agree to be running mate

via The HIll:

Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura suggested Tuesday that he’d be glad to be Donald Trump’s running mate.

“Do you think Donald would ever think of asking me?” Ventura said during an interview on his “Off the Grid” show with former Trump adviser Roger Stone .

Ventura said he’d support Trump for the GOP presidential nomination.… Read more ...