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Libertarian Roger Roots gaining in polls for Montana US Senate race

Ballot Access News reports that Roger Roots has gone up from 6% to 9% in polls in the Montana US Senate contest. The increase in Roots’ support has been at the expense of the Democrat, following news that the incumbent Democrat plagiarized works of other authors in 2007. Republican and undecided percentages have held steady:

Gravis poll this week:
Republican Steve Daines 45%, Democratic incumbent John Walsh 38%, Libertarian Roger Roots 9%, undecided 8%.… Read more ...

Georgia Secretary of State Bars the Only Libertarian Running for State Legislature

Ballot Access News:

Although the Georgia Libertarian Party is ballot-qualified for statewide office, it is not ballot-qualified for district office. This year, the only Libertarian who tried to get on the ballot for a district office, Jeff Amason, managed to collect the signatures of 5% of the registered voters in his State House district.… Read more ...

Eatonville, WA Dispatch: State Rep Challenged by Libertarian, Marijuana Supporter

Steven Nielson

Steven Nielson

By Pat Jenkins

An incumbent Republican, a Libertarian Party member and a candidate whose political affiliation is identified with marijuana are the choices for voters in the contest for state representative in the Second Legislative District in the primary election.

In voting that will end Aug. 5, Rep. J.T.… Read more ...

Libertarian Senate candidate John Buckley (WV) interviewed in Reason


Brian Doherty at Reason Hit and Run:

John Buckley, cousin to William F. Buckley, had a long personal background in Republican Party and conservative movement politics, including a stint running Young Americans for Freedom in the 1970s. He won a state legislative seat in Virginia in 1979. He lost his seat after one term and says that “by the early ‘90s I had soured on the Republican Party as a vehicle for expressing my political principles”—not because his principles had changed that much, or even that the Party’s lip service stated principles had, but that no Republicans seemed to act on the free-market side of their message.

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Independent and Libertarian candidates on the ballot for Governor in Oklahoma

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On July 18, Rasmussen Reports released this poll for the Oklahoma gubernatorial election. Even though respondents were asked, “If the 2014 election for Governor of Oklahoma was held today, would you vote for Republican Mary Fallin or Democrat Joe Dorman?”, 7% of respondents volunteered “someone else.” The poll results are: Fallin 45%, Dorman 40%, “someone else” (volunteered) 7%, undecided 8%.… Read more ...

LNCC: Defending Libertarians in Illinois

The Illinois Republican party, and their billionaire gubernatorial candidate, have declared war on Libertarian candidates.

The Libertarian Party of Illinois has recruited a fantastic and highly active slate of candidates for statewide office and they worked tirelessly to get them well over the 25,000 petition signatures needed to appear on the November ballot.

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Libertarians at 6% in Montana Poll for U.S. Senate, U.S. House

Ballot Access News:

On July 23, Gravis Marketing released a poll for the Montana U.S. Senate and U.S. House races. The Senate results: Republican Steve Daines 45%, Democrat John Walsh 41%, Libertarian Roger Roots 6%, undecided 8%. The U.S. House results: Republican Ryan Zinke 47%, Democrat John Lewis 35%, Libertarian Mike Fellows 6%, undecided 12%.

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Barr Presidential Run

Bob Barr Loses Georgia Republican Runoff Primary for U.S. House, 11th District

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On July 22, Georgia held run-off primaries for the Republican and Democratic Parties. Bob Barr, who was the Libertarian presidential nominee in 2008, was defeated in the Republican primary in the Eleventh District. Here is a link to the state’s tentative election returns. In the 11th district, the vote so far is Barr 17,794; Barry Loudermilk 34,641.

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Opposition News: Indy Mealer, LP Hess Want Invite to AZ Gov Debates

J.L. Mealer

While six Republican candidates for Arizona Governor debated each other on television on Monday, two opposition candidates ramped up their campaign to be included in the coming General Election debates. John Mealer is the Independent Constitutionalist candidate running on the Americans Elect party line. Barry Hess is the Libertarian Party nominee and a second-time candidate for Arizona Governor.… Read more ...

FL Gov: Libertarian Adrian Wyllie at 9% in latest Quinnipiac University poll

From the Wyllie campaign and facebook groups:

A new Quinnipiac University poll, not only included Adrian Wyllie but shows him polling at 9% in a 3 way race with Rick Scott and Charlie Crist.

The poll also finds that voters in Florida do not find either Rick Scott or Charlie Crist to be honest and do not see them favorably.… Read more ...

BAN: Los Angeles Times Story on Candidates Who Placed Second in June 2014 Primary Via Write-in Votes

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The Los Angeles Times has this story about the California write-in candidates who placed second in the June 2014 primary. In all cases, a write-in candidate only placed second when only one candidate had filed to be on the June ballot for that office. The only three minor party candidates who will be on the California general election ballot this year were write-ins who ran in such races.

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Libertarian Candidate in Florida Addresses Opponent’s Reversal on Marriage Equality Ban



Overby Addresses Jolly Reversal on Marriage Equality Ban


Pinellas County, FL: July 22, 2014 – In his ongoing commitment to promote dialogue about the issues that have been identified as a concern to the community, Lucas Overby addressed the recent reversal of his opponent’s support during the Special Election of the 2008 Florida Amendment that defined marriage as a union only between one man and one woman and that thus banned the creation of similar unions, such as civil unions or same-sex marriage.… Read more ...