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Libertarian Party: The Only Presidential Choice for Liberty Still Standing

From Libertarian Party email blast and press releaselp_logo_bird_pms_lg

With Sen. Rand Paul’s announcement today that he is suspending his campaign, the Libertarian Party nominee will be, indisputably, the only choice for small government in the 2016 race for President of the United States.

Many “small l” libertarians hoped Rand Paul would win the GOP nomination.… Read more ...

What Questions Should We Ask Austin Petersen, Candidate for the Libertarian Party’s Presidential Nomination?


It appears that I will have the opportunity to interview Austin Wade Petersen this week. What would you all like to know?

I’m taking suggestions for questions.

Gov. Gary Johnson responds to Iowa Caucus results

GaryJohnson 2012Press Release from Gary Johnson 2016:

Gov. Gary Johnson responds to Iowa Caucus results

February 1, 2016, Santa Fe, NM – Gov. Gary Johnson, Libertarian candidate for President, responds to the results of the Iowa Caucus:

“To no one’s surprise, the Republican who emerged from the Iowa Caucuses did so under a banner of social intolerance and carpet bombing.

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Libertarian Party of Nevada Issues February 2016 Newsletter


We are very excited to deliver the next installment of the LPNevada official newsletter! This newsletter is fully interactive and published each month. Virtually every section has links you can click on that will send you to videos, additional information and more.

Remember that we have our Double The LP membership drive taking place right now.… Read more ...

Candidates with third-party and independent connections in Iowa caucus

The Iowa GOP caucus has been won by Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas. Cruz was endorsed by 2008 LP nominee Bob Barr, as part of his outreach effort to lowercase-l libertarians that merited a mention in Cruz’s victory speech. Second place went to Donald Trump, who in 2000 briefly sought the nomination of the Reform Party and has in the past identified as an independent.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party: LNC Executive Committee Meeting 2/1/6 on Connecticut Ballot Access (UPDATED)

1509224_700413806645136_1017446703_nFrom LNC email list:

There will be an Executive Committee teleconference on Monday, February 1 on the subject of an encumbrance for ballot access in Connecticut.
Date: Monday, February 1, 2016
Time: 9:30 p.m. Eastern / 6:30 p.m. Pacific
Dial-in: (217) 258-5588
Guest Pin Code: 207730
1. At conference time, dial the Conference Dial-In number above.… Read more ...

Libertarian Leadership and C. Michael Pickens Create Libertarian Videos for Rebranding by Affiliates and Campaigns

C. Michael Pickens and Libertarian Leadership have created a new series of videos that are intended to be used and rebranded by Libertarian Party Affiliates and campaigns for promotional use at no charge. Here are the four that have rebranded for use with the Libertarian Party of Colorado:

Contact Libertarian Leadership for more information on how these can be rebranded for your affiliate.… Read more ...

Lily Tang Williams: Why Am I Running for the U.S. Senate? (Libertarian Party)

hqdefaultWhy Am I Running for the U.S. Senate?

Because I hate to see the country I love becoming more like the country I left.

Big government bureaucrats and politicians have always been attracted to power. Big government people are perpetually alarmed busybodies who have empowered themselves by inserting their noses into everyone else’s business both here and abroad.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party of California Annual Convention Packages Available Now

LAX Hilton

Posted today to the LA Newsrag

Pricing for the 2016 LPC Annual Convention was set by the LPC Executive Committee last weekend. The convention will be held at the Los Angeles LAX Hilton, and discounted room reservations are available here.

To attend the convention itself, various packages are available. To attend as a delegate eligible to vote, one must be a member of the LPC at least 90 days before the convention date, and pay the $25 delegate fee.… Read more ...

Derrick Michael Reid: Proposed LP Platform, Presidential Pledge, Comprehensive Solution Set



I received the following correspondence from Derrick Michael Reid

National Libertarian Party
January 31st 2016
Libertarian Party State Chairs
(Please kindly distribute as desired to your Libertarian Party Members)

In Re: Proposed Libertarian Platform for 2016 Election Cycle.

I, Derrick Michael Reid, a Libertarian Party candidate for the Presidential nomination, hereby petition the Libertarian Party to adopt the herein below attached PROPOSED LIBERTARIAN PARTY PLATFORM.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party files suit against McCain-Feingold restriction on accepting deceased donor’s bequest

judgeRichard Winger reports at Ballot Access News:

In 2007, Raymond Burrington died and left the Libertarian Party $217,000. The Federal Election Commission would not let the party have the money all at once. Instead, because the McCain-Feingold law limits the amount of money an individual can give to a party (whether the donor is alive or dead), the money had to be parceled out in chunks of about $30,000.

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