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Breitbart: The War on Libertarians and Independents


Found in Breitbart .
October 28, 2014
By Jason Scheurer

The U.S. electoral system is a farce. It is controlled with the same mastery with which Coke and Pepsi dominate the soda market. It is sold to the American public as if the free and open exchange of ideas is what’s inside, but the hidden ingredients are toxic to the body politic.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party on the California Propositions

On Tuesday, November 4, California voters will make decisions on a water bond issue along with 5 other statewide propositions. The Libertarian Party of California has made recommendations on 5 of the ballot issues:

Proposition 1 Water Bond for $7.12 Billion
Authorizes the state to issue bonds for projects related to water supply and infrastructure.… Read more ...

Sarwark:”Seven Reasons to Vote for the Libertarian Party”

Nicholas Sarwark, National Chair of the Libertarian Party, lays out seven reasons to vote for Libertarian Party candidates @

Why should libertarians vote for the Libertarian Party? The short answer is that “libertarian” is right there in the name. If that’s good enough for you, thank you for your vote for our candidates, you can stop reading now.Read more ...

Gary Johnson: “Cannabis potentially an actual cure for ebola. . . FDA; Give us a shot!”

Varney: “You libertarians exercise a great deal of influence, nowadays, within the Republican Party. You really don’t like government. I put it to you though, particularly with ebola, you have got to have a centralized, government response to this problem. You can’t just farm it all out to private enterprise.”

Johnson: “I would agree; I think government has a fundamental role to protect us against harm.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party: WV Editorials Hint at Voting for Buckley for U.S. Senate

From the Staff’s Blog at the Libertarian Party website:

Several major newspapers in West Virginia, led by the flagship Wheeling Intelligencer, ran a prominent editorial on Oct. 25 heaping praise on the ideas advanced by the campaign of Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate John Buckley.

The headline of the editorial in the Intelligencer is, “Libertarian Ideas Merit Discussion.”

In the Martinsburg Journal News, the editorial was headlined, “All-Important: Individual liberties must always be kept in mind.”

The Charleston Daily said, “Government is too intrusive, too big and too expensive.”

The Inter-Mountain led with, “Libertarian Candidates Gaining Traction.”

The article begins with the proposition that Republican Shelley Capito, who leads in the polls, will win and that Buckley, Democrat Natalie Tennant, and a small-party candidate “have no chance of prevailing.”

It then continues, “But much of what Buckley, of Hardy County, has to say should be appealing to West Virginians who believe government has become too intrusive, too controlling and too expensive.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party Vice Chair Arvin Vohra Interviewed on Reason TV

From the Staff’s Blog at the Libertarian Party website:

Arvin Vohra, vice chair of the Libertarian National Committee and candidate for congress in Maryland’s 4th district, was interviewed by Nick Gillespie on Reason TV.

“When you give [Democrats and Republicans] your vote, you’re telling them ‘Go ahead, keep on doing what you’re doing,'” Vohra explained.… Read more ...

Sarvis:”Vote Libertarian to Stop the Next ‘Bipartisan’ Disaster”

Pick a problem. Any problem. There’s a pretty good chance both major parties—Republicans and Democrats—share responsibility for it.

The $17 trillion national debt? Thank bipartisan over-spending. Republicans love to highlight the explosion of the debt under Democrat Barack Obama, but they conveniently forget about the doubling of the debt under Republican George W.Read more ...

US News: Rand Paul Could Win Libertarian Nomination Too

RandSen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., speaks during an event at the University of Chicago on April 22.


By Steven Nelson
Oct. 27, 2014

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., may follow in his father’s footsteps not only by seeking the Republican presidential nomination, but also by receiving the Libertarian Party’s ballot line.

Members of the Libertarian Party are bracing for an internal struggle over whether to back the libertarian-leaning senator if he appears poised to win the Republican nomination in 2016.… Read more ...

Democrat Robocalls For Ed Jany Set To Sabotage Lucas Overby Against David Jolly

Libertarian Lucas Overby

From The Global Dispatch:

The 13th Congressional District race in Florida is heating up in a bizarre fashion. David Jolly has been endorsed by both big Tampa Bay-Pinellas newspapers, in large part because he’s pro-gay marriage and anti-Paul Ryan’s budget. There is no Democrat in the race, but there is mixed support for Libertarian Lucas Overby who is described as some sort of “moderate” Libertarian seeking “incremental change” in Washington.… Read more ...

Libertarian Candidate in Oregon Receives Letter From Richard Burke Recommending He Vote for Republican Competitor

Imagine the surprise Kyle Markley Libertarian candidate for Oregon House of Representives, felt when he opened a letter from Richard Burke. In it, Mr. Burke recommends he vote for his Republican competitor, Dan Mason.

Richard Burke, as many of our IPR readers know, has been involved in a dispute with the Libertarian Party of Oregon since spring 2011, saying that a different set of officers is the rightful leadership of the Libertarian Party of Oregon.… Read more ...