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May Day Money Bomb for Louisiana State Rep Candidate Jay Price


Email blast from the Committee to Elect Jay Price:

Hello, my name is Jay Price. I’m running as the Libertarian candidate for Louisiana State House District 70. Over the course of my life, I’ve watched politicians from the two major political parties work together to advance the goals of a very small group of their special interests.… Read more ...

2015 Libertarian State Conventions (listing in progress II)

Wes Benedict

Wes Benedict has posted this blog post to list state LP conventions for 2015. The list both here at IPR and at is being periodically updated as we learn of more state convention announcements. I posted this previously but I’m reposting it separately to A) reset the comments (while preserving them) – the issues that led rise to discussions in the previous post’s comment section now have their own articles where they can be discussed, and B) break out Wes Benedict’s offer to speak at state conventions into a separate post.… Read more ...

Mississippi LP running eight candidates this November blog:

ImageThe Mississippi Libertarian Party will have eight candidates on the ballot this November.

“We are running 8 candidates this year for various positions”, said state chair Mario Barnes. “This is more than double our previous high mark. It is commensurate with the growth the MSLP is seeing in membership, participation and influence.”

The candidates are:

  • Ron Williams – Lt.
Read more ...

Ohio Libertarians Hail Bill to Permit “Constitutional Carry”


From the LPO website:

A pending bill introduced recently in the Ohio House of Representative to end the licensing requirement for exercising the right to carry a firearm is meeting with widespread approval from Libertarians. The bill, HB 147, was introduced by Rep. Ron Hood (R-78, Ashville). Its provisions “would let anyone 21 or older who is not otherwise banned from having a firearm carry a gun.… Read more ...

Umatilla county representative and new LPO officers

OR: LPO Convention Elects New Chair, Replacing Reeves

From a release by the LPOregon (not the group recognized by the Secretary of State or LPHQ):

Despite all of the internal issues with which the LPO has had to contend in recent years, members gathered at Pendleton’s Red Lion hotel on March 21st for the LPO’s 2015 Annual Business Convention.… Read more ...

J.R. Myers: Tundra Roots Coalition, An Alaskan Tale

J.R. Myers

From Alaska Constitution Party chairman J.R. Myers, submitted to IPR for publication:

What is going on in Alaska politics? Who are some of the players? What can we expect? Oil prices are dropping and are now far below State of Alaska budget predictions of over $100 a barrel. Output and actual oil flow volume have decreased precipitously in the Alaska Pipeline.… Read more ...

Darryl W. Perry: Debating the CPD

By Darryl W. Perry, a candidate for the 2016 Libertarian Party Presidential nomination, at

The 2016 Presidential election is still about 18 months away, yet the debates are becoming subject to debate. This is due partly to the proposed lawsuit by the Our America Initiative against the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), the early start of the 2016 campaign season, and an announcement by the CPD that the Commission will seek input “on various elements of the debates, including the criteria used to determine who will be invited to debate, what formats will be used, and ways to enhance these civic forums.”

The first question to ask is: who is the CPD, and why do they control the Presidential debates?… Read more ...

Sputnik features LNC Chair Nicholas Sarwark’s comments on Clinton Foundation blog:

LP Chair Nicholas Sarwark on Sputnik

“Foreign governments are prohibited by law from funding United States elections. But they are not prohibited from giving unlimited contributions to a charitable foundation that was founded by and maintains close ties to a United States presidential candidate.”

See the full article here.

Other comments from Nicholas Sarwark on the Clinton Foundation:

“While we applaud the good efforts of private foundations like the Clinton Foundation to help solve the world’s problems, when a foundation is funded primarily by foreign states, those states that pay the bills have an outsized influence over what work the foundation does.… Read more ... blog covers Florida Top Two ballot measure

null blog:

A ballot initiative to install a “top-two” primary has begun in Florida, as circulators are now petitioning on the initiative’s behalf.

According to a recent article in the Broward-Palm Beach New Times, the petition was filed by All Voters Vote Inc., a Tallahassee-based group. It is not known yet who is behind the effort.… Read more ...