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The State: American Party, Petition Candidates Take Political Stage in SC

By Cassie Cope:

The Americans hope to rise, the Greens say they are refocusing and two petition candidates have millions to throw into their own campaigns.

Thus far in 2014, that is the story of the wild card candidates — the third-party and petition hopefuls — who will be on November’s ballot, where one third party will disappear from statewide races, another is making its debut and two candidates with personal fortunes hope to make waves in the races for governor and the U.S.… Read more ...

John O’Brien: Millenials Want Neither Major Party

I can’t speak for other generations, but I do know that Millennials like me are fed up with both Republicans and Democrats. Countless surveys will verify this.

For most of us, our nation has been at war for more than half our lives. Our friends are the 19-year-olds coming back from a tour in Afghanistan right out of high school, and our parents are the ones who were deployed for two of the four years we spent in high school.… Read more ...


News from Our America Initiative

News from Our America Initiative (via email):

Gov. Johnson on the IRS Scandal: “None of it Surprises Me”

For 2012 Libertarian Party presidential candidate and former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, the ongoing controversy at the Internal Revenue Service is further proof the agency should be eliminated.

“Imagine life without having to deal with the IRS,” Johnson told New Mexico Watchdog in an interview just two days after a new development in the IRS story, in which former IRS official Lois Lerner warned colleagues to be careful about what they write in emails amid congressional inquiries.… Read more ...

C. Michael Pickens kicks off Libertarian Leader quarterly magazine

H/T Libertarian Party national chair Nick Sarwark:

C. Michael Pickens has published the inaugural issue of “The Libertarian Leader.” Great articles for candidates and activists.

“The Libertarian Leader” is the first newsletter focused solely for Libertarian Party Candidates and Activists! Inside this newsletter you will find stories, advice, and valuable information on:

Signature Gathering
Message Development
Article Writing
Emotional Intelligence
Strategies of Political Warfare
Communicating Libertarian Solutions
Funny stories
Recruiting New Volunteers
Stories about campaigning
Political Tools & Technology
Outside of the Box Challenges
Media Strategies
Motivating Volunteers

Read more ...

Libertarian Roger Roots gaining in polls for Montana US Senate race

Ballot Access News reports that Roger Roots has gone up from 6% to 9% in polls in the Montana US Senate contest. The increase in Roots’ support has been at the expense of the Democrat, following news that the incumbent Democrat plagiarized works of other authors in 2007. Republican and undecided percentages have held steady:

Gravis poll this week:
Republican Steve Daines 45%, Democratic incumbent John Walsh 38%, Libertarian Roger Roots 9%, undecided 8%.… Read more ...

Georgia Secretary of State Bars the Only Libertarian Running for State Legislature

Ballot Access News:

Although the Georgia Libertarian Party is ballot-qualified for statewide office, it is not ballot-qualified for district office. This year, the only Libertarian who tried to get on the ballot for a district office, Jeff Amason, managed to collect the signatures of 5% of the registered voters in his State House district.… Read more ...

Eatonville, WA Dispatch: State Rep Challenged by Libertarian, Marijuana Supporter

Steven Nielson

Steven Nielson

By Pat Jenkins

An incumbent Republican, a Libertarian Party member and a candidate whose political affiliation is identified with marijuana are the choices for voters in the contest for state representative in the Second Legislative District in the primary election.

In voting that will end Aug. 5, Rep. J.T.… Read more ...

Libertarian Senate candidate John Buckley (WV) interviewed in Reason


Brian Doherty at Reason Hit and Run:

John Buckley, cousin to William F. Buckley, had a long personal background in Republican Party and conservative movement politics, including a stint running Young Americans for Freedom in the 1970s. He won a state legislative seat in Virginia in 1979. He lost his seat after one term and says that “by the early ‘90s I had soured on the Republican Party as a vehicle for expressing my political principles”—not because his principles had changed that much, or even that the Party’s lip service stated principles had, but that no Republicans seemed to act on the free-market side of their message.

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Independent and Libertarian candidates on the ballot for Governor in Oklahoma

Posted in null:

On July 18, Rasmussen Reports released this poll for the Oklahoma gubernatorial election. Even though respondents were asked, “If the 2014 election for Governor of Oklahoma was held today, would you vote for Republican Mary Fallin or Democrat Joe Dorman?”, 7% of respondents volunteered “someone else.” The poll results are: Fallin 45%, Dorman 40%, “someone else” (volunteered) 7%, undecided 8%.… Read more ...