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2015 Libertarian State Conventions (listing in progress III)

Wes Benedict

This month I am posting a clean repost of the LP state conventions listing being maintained by myself here and Wes Benedict at The list both here at IPR and at is being periodically updated as we learn of more state convention announcements. At this point, though, we are not expecting a lot of additional announcements, as most of the states have already had their state conventions.… Read more ...

Washington Times Story on Libertarian Party Presidential Debate Lawsuit

govjohnsondeniedJennifer Harper at The Washington Times has written this article about the Libertarian Party’s involvement in the Our America Initiative lawsuit over the CPD’s rules for presidential debate inclusion. The article also mentions the Green Party’s involvement, as well as the 2012 Free & Equal debate featuring Rocky Anderson, Virgil Goode, Gary Johnson, and Jill Stein.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party: Republican-Controlled U.S. House Votes to Jack Up Military Spending, Skirt the Sequester

lp on US mapFrom the Libertarian Party website:

228 Republicans and 41 Democrats in the U.S. House voted for a $612 billion defense authorization bill on May 15. They maneuvered the increase in military spending, which should have been prohibited by “sequester” spending caps established by the Budget Control Act of 2011, by putting some of the spending in a slush fund.… Read more ...

Incumbent Richard Burke beats Lars Hedbor for Tualatin Valley, Oregon Water Commissioner in race between two Libertarians

Richard Burke emailed me the above image to accompany the below email

On Wed, May 20, 2015 at 12:55 PM, Richard Burke wrote:


I’m not sure how to handle this appropriately, but I thought a follow-up story to IPR’s coverage of my re-election bid, and the challenge mounted against me by Lars Hedbor and his supporters, might be in order.

Read more ...

Augustus Invictus announces Libertarian candidacy for Florida U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Marco Rubio

Augustus Invictus (L-FL)

press release:
Augustus Invictus announced his official candidacy to become the next U.S. Senator from Florida on Monday May 18, 2015 to a crowd of supporters and press in a crowded Orlando, Florida venue. “When Augustus wins the race for U.S. Senate, he will become the youngest Senator in America and a champion for generational respect,” remarked campaign manager Thomas R.… Read more ...

Wisconsin Libertarians name and shame unopposed legislators to reform ballot access

Competitive Elections Wisconsin has compiled the following list of forty-seven state representatives who were elected without an opponent on Nov. 4, 2014, out of the ninety-nine members of the Assembly elected every two years. The group’s motto says it all about their motive: only one name on the ballot isn’t an election at all.… Read more ...

Ohio Libertarian Party Notifies U.S. District Court of New Revelation about Ohio Republican Party Involvement

Charlie Earl

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

On May 18, the Ohio Libertarian Party filed this supplemental brief in Libertarian Party of Ohio v Husted, the party’s ballot access case that is pending in U.S. District Court. The case involves the constitutionality of the 2013 Ohio ballot access laws for new and minor parties, and it also involves the constitutionality of the 2014 administrative ruling that kept the party’s gubernatorial nominee off the party’s primary ballot.… Read more ...

Christians for Liberty 2015 Conference Announced

norman horn

Posted to the Libertarian Christians webpage

Welcome to the official page for the Christians for Liberty 2015 Conference

The Christian libertarian movement has grown by leaps and bounds over the past 6 years, and has been at the forefront of that growth. Even so, all of us Christian libertarians still encounter difficulties organizing and networking to help spread liberty ideas with our fellow Christians.… Read more ...

Jose Castaneda: I Am Running for Secretary of the Libertarian Party of California

Jose and Ted


Photo by Harald Zechner

Jose Castaneda is on the left.  Ted Brown is on the right, and is running for Chairman of the CA LP.

Sent to me by Mr. Castaneda for publication here on IPR

I am running for state Party Secretary. Sadly the Libertarian Party of California (LPC) has been going in reverse and the Party leadership seems to have no clue as to the way to reverse the decline and as the way forward to success.… Read more ...

NC progressives charge voter suppression, but is it really voter apathy?

Brian_Irving7North Carolina progressives, and the News & Observer (Raleigh), are up in arms again over another alleged attempt at voter suppression. This time they claim the Republicans have deliberately prevented people from registering to vote. The basis for the charge is that the number of people registering to vote while applying for public benefits or a driver’s license has decreased.… Read more ...

Gary Johnson: Fight for Privacy Moves to the Senate

Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson

Email blast from Gary Johnson and Our America Initiative:

[Last] Wednesday, the U.S. House voted overwhelmingly to approve the USA Freedom Act — legislation which makes some modest reforms to the government’s mass surveillance. The good news is that the lopsided vote shows that the desire of millions of Americans to restore 4th Amendment protections is being heard.… Read more ...

Three Pennsylvania Ballot Access Rules Declared Unconstitutional as Applied to Green and Libertarian Parties


From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

On March 2, 2015, U.S. District Court Judge Stewart Dalzell, a Bush Sr. appointee, struck down three Pennsylvania ballot access barriers, but only as applied to the Green Party and the Libertarian Party. The laws are: (1) the ban on out-of-state circulators; (2) the requirement that each petition sheet be notarized; (3) the prohibition on a voter signing for more than one minor party in any given election year.… Read more ...