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Oklahoma Bill to Ease Ballot Access

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

David Holt

Oklahoma State Senator David Holt (R-Oklahoma City) has introduced SB 318. It lowers the number of signatures needed for a newly-qualifying party to get on the ballot, and also lowers the number of signatures for an independent presidential candidate, or the presidential nominee of an unqualified party, to get on the ballot.… Read more ...

South Dakota Bill Moves Deadline for Newly-Qualifying Party Petition from March to February

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

The South Dakota Senate State Affairs Committee has introduced SB 69, which moves the petition deadline for newly-qualifying parties from March to February. The bill was introduced at the request of the State Board of Elections and the Secretary of State.

These state officials probably don’t remember that in 1984, South Dakota’s Attorney General and Secretary of State admitted that a February petition deadline for a newly-qualifying party is unconstitutional, and the legislature then moved that deadline to April.… Read more ...

Richard Winger Featured In Article About California’s “Top-Two” Lawsuit Appeal

Partisan Advocate Fears Calif. Court May Side with Voters

Jan 16, 2015
By Shawn M. Griffiths

On Thursday, January 15, oral arguments were made before the California State Appeals Court in San Francisco in the case Rubin v. Bowen. Third parties continue to challenge the nonpartisan, top-two open primary in the state, claiming that the system violates the association rights of political parties and disenfranchises third-party voters in the general election.… Read more ...

U.S. District Court Upholds Virginia Law Putting Major Parties on the Ballot First

Robert Sarvis

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

On January 13, U.S. District Court Judge Robert E. Payne upheld the Virginia law that says nominees of the qualified parties should always appear at the top of the ballot, relative to other candidates. Sarvis v Judd, eastern district, 3:14cv-479. The opinion says no evidence is needed, and the state’s motion to dismiss is granted.… Read more ...

Freedom Socialist Party: Should Socialists Align with Greens and Liberals?

At a Capitol rally: progressive U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, whom Socialist Alternative is urging to run for president. Courtesy photo

From Elias Holtz in Freedom Socialist Newspaper:

In the November 2014 election season, voter participation hit a record low. This is more than just a mid-term slump. Voters are increasingly alienated from the two major parties.… Read more ...

Ballot Access News: California State Appeals Court Hearing Goes Badly for Minor Parties

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

On January 15, the California State Appeals Court based in San Francisco heard oral arguments in Rubin v Bowen, the case in which minor parties sued to overturn the top-two primary system on the grounds that the system disenfranchises voters in the general election who wish to vote for minor party candidates.… Read more ...

Virginia legislator re-elected in three-way race as Independent… while in jail


Del. Joseph D. Morrissey was convicted of misdemeanor charges related to sexual activities with a 17-year-old receptionist at his law office, and is currently serving a six-month sentence. He had resigned, prompting a special election, but then he also left the Democratic Party to seek re-election as an Independent.

It is not unheard of for incumbents to run in a special election caused by their own resignation, usually to let the voters vindicate the legislator switching parties and/or continuing to serve after a scandal.… Read more ...

Montana Almost Elected an Independent Candidate to the Legislature in November 2014

Gary Marbut

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

This is old news, but better late than never. At the November 4, 2014 election, an independent candidate was almost elected to the Montana House of Representatives. The vote in the 94th district in Missoula County was: Democratic incumbent Kimberly Dudik 1,748 votes; independent Gary Marbut 1,700 votes.… Read more ...

Competitive Elections Wisconsin seeks bill reducing ballot access hurdles


Competitive Elections Wisconsin, a coalition of groups, parties, and former candidates seeking ballot access reform, has issued the following open letter and draft proposal to the members of the State Legislature.

To the Representatives to the Assembly and State Senators of Wisconsin,

Last November, as happens every two years, ninety-nine Representatives to the Assembly were elected.

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