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Webster G. Tarpley: Bernie Sanders Refuses to Attack Wall Street and the Fed

Webster G. Tarpley

Webster G. Tarpley

From Webster G. Tarpley in the Tax Wall Street Party/United Front Against Austerity morning briefing for May 4, 2015:

With the Presidential election drawing near, we finally have the first opponent for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary: Bernie Sanders, Independent/ Democratic Socialist from Vermont. The Republican primary has Rand Paul, Cruz, Jeb, Rubio and most recently Ben Carson.… Read more ...

Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader: ‘Suddenly, Baltimore – Wonder Why?’

Ralph Nader at

Suddenly, the mass media is writing about or televising the conditions in West Baltimore. Conditions that Washington Post columnist, Eugene Robinson, summarized as decades long “suffocating poverty, dysfunction and despair.”

Suddenly, reporters and camera teams are discovering Baltimore’s inner city—crumbling or abandoned housing; mass unemployment; too many merchants gouging the locals (the poor pay more); too many drug dealers; schools, roads and sidewalks in serious disrepair; debris everywhere; lack of municipal services (which are provided to the wealthier areas of the city); and, as always, grinding poverty and its many vicious circle consequences.… Read more ...

Giggles the Pig Enters Flint, Michigan Mayoral Race


A new write-in candidate has entered the race for Flint mayor: Giggles the pig. Gary Ridley reports at

In a bizarre turn of events that has already set the stage for the possibility of a blank mayoral ballot in Flint, local defense attorney Michael Ewing is trying to enter his pet pig, Giggles, into a race that could already consist of all write-in candidates.

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Concord, NH Newspaper Story on Bernie Sanders Also Covers Libertarian Ballot Access Lawsuit

lpnhlogoFrom Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

This Concord Monitor story is mainly about whether Bernie Sanders can get on the New Hampshire Democratic presidential primary ballot, but the bottom portion of the article also discusses the Libertarian Party’s ballot access lawsuit against the New Hampshire law, passed in 2014, that won’t let new parties petition during odd years.… Read more ...

U.S. District Court in New Mexico Upholds Independent Petition Requirement

Martha Vazquez

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

On April 30, U.S. District Court Judge Martha Vazquez, a Clinton appointee, upheld New Mexico’s requirement that an independent candidate submit a petition of 3% of the last vote cast. Parker v Duran, 14-cv-617. The plaintiff was a candidate for Public Education Commission, district 4.… Read more ...

Dr. David Gill, Four-Time Democratic Nominee for U.S. House in Illinois, Will Run as an Independent in 2016

Ballot Access News:

On April 30, Dr. David Gill, an emergency room physician, said he will be an independent candidate in 2016 for the U.S. House in the Illinois 13th district. He had been the Democratic nominee for U.S. House in the 15th district in 2004, 2006, and 2010, and he had been the Democratic nominee in 2012 in the new 13th district.… Read more ...

Bernie Sanders

CNN: Will Sanders have to join Democrats for the New Hampshire Primary?

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont announced today that he will run for President in the Democratic primaries in 2016. MSNBC and CNN both ran the news as “Independent Senator joins Democratic Primary” without any mention of whether he will affiliate as a Democrat to do so. In interviews on both channels, the subject was not brought up.… Read more ...

Jill Stein & Christina Tobin Deliver Address at 420 Rally


From a Free and Equal Elections Foundation email blast:

Dr. Jill Stein, 2012 Green Party presidential candidate, and Christina Tobin, founder of the Free and Equal Elections Foundation, delivered powerful speeches at the Denver 420 Rally on April 19th in front of Civic Center in downtown Denver to a crowd of over 30,000 people.… Read more ...

Washington, D.C. Special City Council Election Results

Glova Scott (right)

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

On April 28, Washington, D.C., held special elections to fill two vacancies on the City Council. Here are the results. Party labels appeared on the ballot but parties did not have nominees.

In the 4th district race, there were 12 Democrats and Glova Scott, the Socialist Workers Party who had the ballot label “independent”.… Read more ...