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Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader: Democrats Not Knowing What They Stand For—Lose

Ralph Nader was the Green Party candidate for President in 1996 and 2000 and an independent candidate for President in 2004 and 2008. He published the following at on November 7:

Did the Republicans win these mid-term elections? Or did the Democrats lose? The numbers show that in contested Senate races, where the Republicans picked up seven seats and will probably gain two more to take control of the Senate, voters did not support those Democrats who were the most wishy-washy.… Read more ...

Update on IPR social media networks

null has passed 2,000 likes, and we now have over 1,000 followers on Please help retweet, follow, share and like our content on these and other social media networks (for those of you who use them). Although they are no longer visible from the IPR main page, each of our posts has social media sharing icons at the bottom of the body of each post if you open it (before you get to the comment section).… Read more ...

Walker Wins in Alaska, Constitution Party Fails to Qualify for Ballot Status

A whopping 11 days after the election, independent Bill Walker has been projected the winner of the Alaska gubernatorial race. This story explains why vote counting in Alaska takes so long.

The former mayor of Valdez and ex-Republican headed the so-called “Unity Ticket”, with Democrat Byron I. Mallott as his Lieutenant Governor running mate.… Read more ...

2016 National Presidential Ballot Access Requirements are Lower than in 2012

Via :

The ballot access requirements for the presidential election of 2016 can now be estimated. Many states determine the number of signatures needed to get on the ballot for an upcoming election based on the number of votes cast in the preceding election. Now that the November 2014 election is over, it is possible to know approximately what the 2016 requirements will be.… Read more ...

Libertarians happy with most ballot measure results from around the country in 2014

Via blog:

In an article for Liberty magazine that summarizes election results for key statewide ballot measures in Tuesday’s election, Bruce Ramsey said, “Libertarians should take encouragement …”

Read the full article here.

And via Our America Initiative, 2012 Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson writes:

A good start

While the media and the army of pundits in the national media have been talking nonstop since the election about the Republican takeover of the Senate, much less has been said about a number of victories for liberty that were won at the state and local level.

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Might California’s Low Voter Turnout Spark 2016 Initiative Frenzy?

voting ca

Is it possible that third parties in California could organize an initiative for 2016 to neutralize Top-two?

Posted to kqednews

By John Myers
November 12, 2014

Here’s one to ponder as we await the tallying of tens of thousands of uncounted ballots: Will this fall’s voter malaise in California plant the seeds for a ballot initiative frenzy in two years?… Read more ...

Minor Party and Independent Vote for Office at Top of Ticket in 2014 was Lower than in Recent Past Midterm Elections


From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

Based on preliminary election returns, it appears the percentage of the vote in the November 2014 election for independent and minor party candidates, for the office at the top of the ballot, was 4.4%.

By contrast, in 2010 it was 5.4%; in 2006 it was 5.0%; in 2002, it was 5.3%; in 1998, it was 4.9%; in 1994, it was 4.5%; in 1990, it was 4.6%; in 1986 it was 3.6%.… Read more ...

Fourteen Independent Candidates Elected to State Legislatures

Ben Chipman

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

On November 4, fourteen independent candidates were elected to state legislatures.

Two were elected to State Senates: Harri Anne Smith in Alabama, and Edward O’Neill in Rhode Island. Both were incumbents running for re-election.

Twelve were elected to lower houses:
Alaska: Dan Ortiz of Ketchikan
Georgia: incumbent Rusty Kidd
Maine: incumbents Joseph Brooks, James Campbell, Ben Chipman, and Jeffrey Evangelos
Rhode Island: Blake Filippi
Vermont: Alyson Eastman, Barbara S.… Read more ...

David Yee: Joe Biden Sabotaged Greg Orman’s Campaign on Purpose

From David Yee at the Independent Voter Network:

Vice President Joe Biden‘s comments on Election Day that independent Greg Orman was “with us” could have had a profound impact on the election. Before his comments, Democrats had remained mostly silent on speculating which party Orman would caucus with while Republican attack ads claimed Orman was a closet Democrat and would caucus with Democrats in the Senate.… Read more ...

Free & Equal to Host Voting Methods & Election Integrity Symposium

From a Free & Equal Elections Foundation email blast:

Dear Free and Equal Supporter,

The Voting Methods & Election Integrity Symposium will take place at Infinity Park Cherry Creek Room in Glendale, CO on Saturday, November 15th from 9AM-4PM. The event is hosted by the Free and Equal Elections Foundation and co-sponsored by organizations such as Fair Elections for Colorado, FairVote, and Ballot Access News.… Read more ...

Independents Orman & Pressler Fall Short in U.S. Senate Bids

Greg Orman

Two independent candidates polled double digits, yet failed to win their respective races for U.S. Senate. In Kansas, Democrat-turned-independent Greg Orman was less-than 100,000 votes short of unseating incumbent Republican Pat Roberts. Orman won 358,900 votes, about 42.5%.

In the South Dakota race, former Senator Larry Pressler also came up short, a distant third with about 17% of the vote.… Read more ...