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George Will: Goldwater Republicans Will Rally To Third-Party Candidate Against Donald Trump

Transcript from the Hugh Hewitt’s radio show, via the Daily Caller:

HH:  If [Donald Trump] is the nominee, how many Democrats cross over to vote for him and how many Republicans cross over to vote for her if she is indicted?

GW: There would large numbers going both ways. TI would be a very interesting migration.Read more ...

Washington Post: Jim Webb takes step toward independent presidential campaign

Washington Post:

Former senator Jim Webb of Virginia, who dropped out of the Democratic presidential primary in October, has hired a fundraiser to help him launch a possible independent bid for the presidency.

Sam Jones, who led fundraising efforts for a super PAC encouraging Vice President Biden to run for president, will help Webb decide whether he can afford a campaign.

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Libertarian Party lawsuit news: Ohio, Connecticut, Maine, and Presidential Debates


-Ben Swann’s Truth in Media has this article, about the Libertarian Party of Maine’s lawsuit over voter registration.

-Richard Winger’s Ballot Access News reports that the Supreme Court has refused to intervene in Ohio, pending further lower court proceedings.

-The New Haven Register covers the party’s lawsuit against Connecticut’s residency requirement for petition circulators.… Read more ...

Obama, Romney ask for dismissal of Johnson et al v. Commission on Presidential Debates


From this article in the National Law Journal:

The Libertarian Party and the Green Party are suing Romney—along with the Republican National Committee, the Democratic National Committee, President Barack Obama and the Commission on Presidential Debates—over the exclusion of third-party candidates from general-election debates.

In a lawsuit filed in September in federal district court in Washington, the plaintiffs claimed that the politicians, the DNC, the RNC and the debate commission violated antitrust laws.

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CPD co-Chair: Third Party Candidate is “Welcome in these debates.”


In a Washington Post article titled “The presidential debate commission is getting ready for a serious 3rd party candidate” by Callum Borchers, published earlier today (14 JAN 2016), CPD Co-Chair, and former Bill Clinton Press Secretary, Michael McCurry is quoted as saying:

“The dynamic in the electorate right now and the dissatisfaction with the two major political parties could very conceivably allow an independent or a third-party candidate to emerge, and we are very clear that they would be welcome in these debates.Read more ...

Tom Hoefling Announces 2016 Presidential Campaign

Tom Hoefling

Tom Hoefling

Tom Hoefling of Iowa, the founder and national chairman of America’s Party (AP), today announced his intention to seek the office of the President of the United States in 2016.

In 2012, Tom Hoefling was the presidential nominee of America’s Party, and was nominated and placed on the ballot by the American Independent Party of California (AIP).… Read more ...

American Independent Party Asks California Secretary of State to List 12 Presidential Candidates on Primary Ballot

Tom Hoefling

Tom Hoefling

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

On January 11, the American Independent Party asked the California Secretary of State to list these twelve candidates on its presidential primary ballot: Lawrence Beliz, Wiley Drake, Brian Henry, Tom Hoefling, Rex Kafo, J. R. Myers, Walter Niyakik, Robert Ornelas, George Peabody, Robert S.… Read more ...

ATPR: List of nationally organized third party state legislators, past to present

Krzysztof Lesiak at ATPR compiled a list of past and present state legislators affiliated with the current nationally organized third parties:

A business card urging people to vote third party

January 8, 2016: Today, Nevada state assemblyman John Moore joined the Libertarian Party. In doing so, he became the 12th Libertarian Party state legislator in the party’s 44 year history.… Read more ...

Modern Whig Party of Louisiana Invites Presidential Candidates to a Forum on January 28 in Lake Charles, Louisiana

From Ballot Access News:

The Modern Whig Party of Louisiana has arranged for a January 28 forum for all presidential candidates who are willing to attend. So far, nine candidates have accepted:

1. Robert Dionisio, an independent candidate from Atlanta, Georgia
2. Zoltan Istvan, presidential nominee of the Transhumanist Party, of Mill Valley, California
3.… Read more ...

Mary McIlory: Feeling the Bern? Or Getting Burned?

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders

From Mary McIlory at the Peace and Freedom Party website:

It is understandable that so many working class people are “Feeling the Bern.” Self-described democratic socialist Bernie Sanders, the independent Senator from Vermont currently seeking the Democratic Party nomination for President, says a lot of things that resonate with us.… Read more ...