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Ricardo Davis: So It Begins…

Ricardo Davis

From Constitution Party of Georgia state chairman Ricardo Davis at the Constitution Party website:

This has been a tumultuous month for Republican Party politics. Daniel Horowitz commented, “the GOP-led House passed a budget bill and debt ceiling increase that countermands every principle they campaigned on when pursuing majority control of that chamber in 2010.… Read more ...

Jim Webb Opinion Piece: America Needs an Independent Presidential Candidate

Jim Webb

Posted to the Washington Post

America needs an independent presidential candidate

By Jim Webb October 30

Jim Webb, a U.S. senator from Virginia from 2007 to 2013, ended his campaign for the Democratic nomination for president on Oct. 20.

The greatest trend in American politics does not involve the demographic differences that separate voters by ethnicity and age, although these are considerable, but that an increasing plurality of our citizens strongly dislikes both political parties as well as their entrenched leaders.… Read more ...

Courier-Journal: Interview with Heather Curtis, independent candidate for KY Lt. Gov.

Heather Curtis is the official candidate for lieutenant governor on the ticket with her husband, Drew Curtis. But mentioned nowhere on the ballot is a second, de facto entrant with a brash brand of humor –

For the past 16 years, the couple has worked together building Fark, a web community that aggregates news articles with a humorous spin and likely boasts more name recognition than either candidate thanks to its inroads into popular culture.

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Fmr. Congressman Tom Tancredo leaves GOP to become independent

In a piece published at Breitbart, Former Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) announces that he is formally renouncing his membership in the Republican Party, in favor of being a no-party independent.

In a panel discussion at the University of Colorado after the recent Republican debate, I was asked by a student why she should be a Republican.

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Our America Initiative: CPD’s refusal to change shows they are controlled by Republicans and Democrats “for their exclusive benefit”

via press release sent to IPR:

CPD Keeps Polling Threshold for Participation Despite Legal Challenges

October 30, 2015, Salt Lake City, UT — A senior advisor to the Our America Initiative is calling the announcement by the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) that a 15% polling threshold will once again be used to determine participation in the 2016 presidential debates “disappointing but certainly not shocking.”

The Our America Initiative, a nonprofit political advocacy organization, is supporting a lawsuit filed September 29th in Federal Court charging that the CPD’s control of the general election presidential debates constitutes an illegal monopoly and unfairly excludes qualified candidates other than the Republican and Democrat nominees.… Read more ...

Prohibition Party Rejoins Board of Coalition for Free & Open Elections

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

The Coalition for Free & Open Elections (COFOE) has existed starting in 1985. It is a loose coalition of nationally-organized minor parties and other groups that support fair play for independent candidates and minor parties. Recently the Prohibition Party re-joined the COFOE board.… Read more ...

Tom Knapp: Spoiled Rotten – Who Owns Your Vote?

From Tom Knapp at the William Lloyd Garrison Center for Libertarian Advocacy Journalism:

There’s a word that sets my teeth on edge, bubbling up among the commentariat every other year as election campaigns heat up. In this cycle I’m starting to hear it earlier than usual, mainly because prominent candidates — first Donald Trump, now Jim Webb — are rumored to be considering independent bids for the presidency.… Read more ...

Jim Webb publicly considers ditching Dems for independent presidential campaign

via The Hill:

Democratic presidential candidate Jim Webb will consider an independent bid for president amid protests by the candidate that the Democratic Party rigged last week’s debate for Hillary Clinton.

Webb’s campaign emailed out details to a press conference for Tuesday at the National Press Club with the subject line: “Jim Webb to consider independent run.”

During last week’s debate, he only had the chance to speak for 15 minutes compared to about 30 minutes for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, according to NPR.

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Gallup Poll: Informed Americans Rate Both Parties in Congress Worse


via the blog:

Gallup Poll: Informed Americans Rate Both Parties in Congress Worse

A Gallup poll shows that the more Americans know about government, the more they disapprove of the Democrats and Republicans in charge.

“The fundamental finding is that Americans who know the most about how Congress operates are not only the most negative about Congress in general, but also about the Republicans and Democrats in Congress specifically.

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Independent Drew Curtis polling at 7% for Governor of Kentucky

Drew Curtis

Drew Curtis

Drew Curtis, Independent candidate for Governor of Kentucky is polling at 7% in the final Bluegrass Poll, conducted for a consortium of Kentucky media outlets and released just over one month before the November election. Excerpt:

Curtis, through his spokeswoman, Heather Chapman, criticized the poll and its methodology, saying that his campaign looks forward to other public polls on the race.

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Jesse Ventura continues to promote possible bid for Libertarian nomination


Jesse Ventura has, in a series of recent interviews and media appearances, talked about the possibility of seeking the Libertarian presidential nomination in 2016, providing additional details about his intentions.

In an interview with WCCO, a local CBS affiliate in Minnesota:

In a uniquely Ventura approach, he says he won’t actually join the Libertarian Party.

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Larry Lessig Hints He Might Run for President as an Independent, Because Democratic Party is Excluding Him from October 13 Debate

Larry Lessig

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

This Washington Post article quotes Larry Lessig as saying that he is thinking about running for President as an independent. He is unhappy because he is being excluded from the Democratic presidential debate of October 13. Thanks to Rick Hasen for the link.… Read more ...