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Richard Winger: 2 Ways California Could Expand Voter Choice in Elections

From Richard Winger at Independent Voter Network, reprinted here with permission from the author:

California’s existing election system for Congress and state office could be improved with the following ideas.

The problem with the status quo is that ever since it went into effect in 2011, there has been very limited choice on the November ballot.… Read more ...

Opposition News Article on Cooperative Ballot Access Efforts in Oklahoma and South Dakota

Ballot access laws by state. The darker the color, the more difficult for opposition parties to run for office. Image courtesy of Mother Jones.

Mark Wachtler has this article at Opposition News detailing two instances of the Libertarian Party teaming up with one of its fellow minor parties for the purposes of ballot access:

Libertarians, Greens, Constitutionals join forces in SD, OK

By Mark Wachtler

July 31, 2015.… Read more ...

Kentucky Likely to Have Three Candidates on November 2015 Ballot for Governor

Drew Curtis

Drew Curtis

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

This news story says Drew Curtis, an independent running for Governor of Kentucky in the November 3, 2015 election, already has 6,000 signatures. The deadline is August 11. He needs 5,000 and says he expects to have at least 8,500 by the deadline.… Read more ...

Philadelphia Inquirer backs judge’s ruling on Pennsylvania ballot law

ballotaccessIn an editorial this morning The Philadelphia Inquirer writes that “fortunately, the federal courts have finally taken aim at one egregious aspect of the two-party stranglehold in Pennsylvania: the absurd procedural and monetary barriers preventing third-party candidates from even appearing on the ballot. U.S. District Judge Lawrence Stengel ruled last week that by requiring minor-party candidates to collect far more signatures than Democrats and Republicans, and to defend them in court at often prohibitive costs, Pennsylvania’s election laws violate the First Amendment right to free association.”

The Inquirer says Pennsylvania “is the only state where the signatures must be verified by judges,” which “has allowed the major parties to mount costly legal challenges to any candidate who dares challenge their duopoly.” In 2014, Pennsylvania “was one of only four states with no third-party candidates on the statewide ballot.” The newspaper says that rather than challenging the ruling, the administration of Democratic Gov.… Read more ...

Independent Curtis polling eight percent in Kentucky gubernatorial bid

curtisA SurveyUSA poll on the Kentucky gubernatorial race shows that independent candidate Drew Curtis, founder of news aggregator and author of “It’s Not News, It’s FARK: How Mass Media Tries to Pass Off Crap as News,” is drawing eight percent against Democrat Jack Conway (43%) and Republican Matt Bevin (38%).… Read more ...

Independents in Congress listed in Congressional Bioguide

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders

The official Senate website of Senator Bernie Sanders (Ind.-VT) links to a comprehensive list of people who have been elected or re-elected to the Senate or House of Representatives as Independents :

The list includes members who were always Independent, along with Senators or Congressmen who were elected on a party ticket and later were re-elected as Independents.… Read more ...

Sanders rules out third-party presidential run

During an appearance before the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Thursday, Sen. Bernie Sanders ruled out a third-party or independent presidential run if he fails to win the Democratic nomination. He said, “I made the promise that I would not and I will keep that promise. And the reason for that is I do not want to be responsible for electing some right-wing Republican to be president of the United States.”

Read more ...

Freedom Socialist Party Recommendations for the August 4, 2015 Washington State Primary Election

Kshama Sawant

Kshama Sawant

From the Freedom Socialist Party website:

This year Seattle City Council candidates will be voted on by district with two at-large members. While there are an unprecedented number of candidates, only one Seattle City Council candidate, Kshama Sawant of Socialist Alternative, has a platform and track record that is worthy of working-class voters.… Read more ...

Legislative Hearing Set for Pennsylvania Ballot Access Bill

Mike Folmer

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

The Pennsylvania Senate State Government will hold a hearing on SB 495 on Tuesday, September 22, at 9 am. This is the bill that eases ballot access for minor parties and independent candidates. The author of the bill, Senator Mike Folmer, is also chair of the Committee.… Read more ...

Independent Candidate Paul Panepinto Petitioning for Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice in 2015 Election

Ballot Access News:

On November 3, 2015, Pennsylvania voters will elect there new State Supreme Court Justices in partisan elections. There will be three Democrats, three Republicans, and probably one independent candidate. The independent candidate is Paul Panepinto, who switched his registration from Republican to independent in March 2015. He needs 16,639 valid signatures by August 3, 2015.… Read more ...

Green Party Hails Federal Court Ruling Concerning Pennsylvania’s Restrictive Ballot Access

The Green Party of Pennsylvania applauds Friday’s Federal Court ruling which has declared Pennsylvania’s restrictive ballot access procedures as unconstitutional. The July 24, Order by US District Judge, Lawrence Stengel takes aim at the restrictive, two-tiered scheme of forcing a disproportionate number of voter signatures, compared to the requirement for major parties; and the threat or imposition of litigation costs and fees on candidates whose nominating petitions are challenged successfully.… Read more ...

Presidential Debate News Summarizes Recent TV Public Affairs Shows that Have had Segments on General Election Presidential Debates


Ballot Access News:

This article from Presidential Debate News summarizes what has been said on several important television public affairs programs recently, about the Commission on Presidential Debates and its exclusionary rule on who gets invited to debate.

See also: CPD wall starting to crack?, my summary of several indicators that the CPD’s exclusion of non-duopoly candidates is becoming a bigger issue in the public mind, which was picked up by LP national facebook and shared close to a thousand different places on facebook so far.… Read more ...