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Jacob G. Hornberger: There is only one libertarian position on immigration

From Jacob G. Hornberger,  who ran in 2000 for the Libertarian Party Presidential nomination and as an independent in 2002 for the US Senate in Virginia:


There is a common perception that there are two alternative libertarian positions on immigration: government-controlled borders and open borders.

Nothing could be further from the truth.Read more ...

City Pages Article on Deez Nuts Seeking the Independence Party of Minnesota’s Endorsement

Excerpt from “Could Deez Nuts hang at the Minnesota State Fair?” by Michael Rietmulder at City Pages:

[Mark] Meyer, who chairs the Independence Party of Minnesota, confirms that Mr. Nuts emailed his crew seeking an endorsement. At the time, they had no idea Nuts was only an armpit hair past puberty.… Read more ...

Maine Green Party Opens its Primaries to Independent Voters

mainegreensFrom Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

The Maine Green Party (whose name is the Green Independent Party) has voted to allow independent voters to vote in its primaries, and they need not join the Green Party. See this story. The two major parties in Maine also let independent voters vote in their primaries, but only if they join those parties at the polls on primary election day.… Read more ...

U.S. District Court Upholds Arkansas March 3 Non-Presidential Independent Candidate Petition Deadline

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

On August 25, U.S. District Court Judge James M. Moody, Jr., upheld the March 3 petition deadline that was in effect in Arkansas in 2014 (and will be again in 2018, under current law), for non-presidential independent candidate petitions. He said the deadline is needed to give the state time to check the petitions.… Read more ...

Carl Loser (L-VA) holds out “bag of weed” at candidate forum while arguing against prohibition

Via the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Loser provided some of the most memorable moments in the forum by holding aloft what he called “a bag of weed” to demonstrate what he termed the damage of government drug laws to families that run afoul of them. He also caused a stir in the studio audience by suggesting that public school teachers are overpaid, a sentiment that Sturtevant, who is married to a teacher, countered to applause.

Read more ...

Ballot Access News Article on How Lyndon LaRouche’s Past Could Help Donald Trump in the Future

Lyndon LaRouche

Richard Winger has this article at Ballot Access News, entitled “Lyndon LaRouche Doesn’t Approve of Donald Trump, but LaRouche Set Precedents that Would Help Trump if Trump Were To Make an Independent Run“:

If Donald Trump were to leave the race for the Republican nomination and run as an independent or minor party candidate in November 2016, he would be aided by many precedents set in the past by previous presidential candidates who ran in major party presidential primaries and then ran in the general election outside the major parties.… Read more ...

Industrial Hemp Advocate Steven Wilson Exploring Presidential Run in 2016

Steven Wilson

Press release posted here to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

The founder of the Missouri Hemp Network, Steven Wilson, has to decided to explore the possibility of a Presidential campaign in 2016.

Wilson stated a few reasons why he is thinking of running for President: “The choices the American voter has right now are so divisive that logic and reason can’t survive.… Read more ...

Mark Cuban on Why He Is a Political Independent

As posted at, Dallas Mavericks billionaire owner and Shark Tank investor Mark Cuban sent an e-mail to his fans this past week explaining why he chooses to remain politically independent.  Although he refuses to join the Republican Party for the stated reasons. he “would prefer to be Republican.”  His statement is posted in full below.Read more ...

Sanders attacks Koch’s anti-tax Libertarian 1980 campaign, himself ran radically anti-tax Liberty Union 1976 campaign

via the official Facebook page of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT)

The document quoted is the 1980 Libertarian Party Platform, not anything personal to David Koch or particular to his candidacy for Vice President that year.  To the chagrin of some in the party, the Clark/Koch ’80 campaign actually did not openly advocating the abolition of all taxes, instead calling for substantial tax decreases. … Read more ...

Eugene, Oregon Newspaper Endorses Independent Party’s Idea to Send All Three Primary Ballots to New Voters

independent-oregonFrom Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

The Eugene, Oregon daily newspaper, the Register-Guard, here editorializes in favor of an idea first proposed by the Independent Party of Oregon. Currently the Democratic and Republican Parties of Oregon do not let independent voters vote in their primaries, but the Independent Party does.… Read more ...

Jimmy McMillan Endorses Deez Nuts for President, Will Run as a Republican

From Meg Wagner at New York Daily News:

Jimmy McMillan endorses Deez Nuts for President — and he’s going to launch his own bid as a Republican so the Iowa teen can have the Rent is Too Damn High Party’s nomination.

The brazen political activist told the Daily News that he fully supports Brady Olson, a 15-year-old from Wallingford, Iowa, who filed to run for President under the name “Deez Nuts”

“Deez Nuts has the power to inspire young people and turn this country around,” he said.… Read more ...