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Frank Fahrenkopf, Co-Chair of Commission on Presidential Debates, Says Commission is Thinking Whether to Scrap the 15% Rule

Frank Fahrenkopf Jr.

Frank Fahrenkopf Jr.

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

This op-ed by Michael Smerconish in the Philadelphia Inquirer is partly an opinion piece, but it is also a news story. The bottom half of the column quotes Frank Fahrenkopf, Jr., co-chair of the Commission on Presidential Debates, as saying the CPD is studying whether to eliminate the rule that says no one outside the two major parties may participate unless he or she is at 15% in the polls in early September.… Read more ...

Former Congressman Vin Weber: Add Third-Party Candidate to Presidential Debates

VinWeber Former Congressman Vin Weber.

In a interview with Michael A. Smerconish (a weekly Saturday program on CNN) which was broadcast earlier today, former Republican Congressman, and current Jeb Bush adviser, Vin Weber called for the addition of a Third Party candidate to the Presidential debates.

A transcript of the relevant portions of the broadcast follows:

SMERCONISH: There is a new frontrunner emerging from the pack of 2016 GOP Presidential candidates, Marco Rubio (is) gaining traction.… Read more ...

Former Senator Larry Pressler Joins Mormon Faith, with Help from Harry Reid

Clayton Christensen (left), with Senator Pressler

Former Senator Larry Pressler, who last year ran for his old Senate seat as an independent in South Dakota (47,741 votes, 17.09%), recently made headlines when he joined the LDS church in a Chevy Chase, MD ceremony featuring retiring Senate minority leader Harry Reid. Aaron Shill reports in Deseret News:

On Sunday, April 19, Pressler was confirmed as a church member by Nevada Sen.

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South Dakota Referendum Petition, to Overturn Bad New Ballot Access Law, Begins to Circulate

aflcioFrom Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

In March 2015, South Dakota made its ballot access laws worse. SB 69 moved the petition deadline for newly-qualifying parties from March 29 to March 1; said no one can independent candidate petitions if they are registered into a qualified party; increased the number of signatures for major party members to get on a party primary ballot, and made their deadlines earlier as well.… Read more ...

J.R. Myers: Tundra Roots Coalition, An Alaskan Tale

J.R. Myers

From Alaska Constitution Party chairman J.R. Myers, submitted to IPR for publication:

What is going on in Alaska politics? Who are some of the players? What can we expect? Oil prices are dropping and are now far below State of Alaska budget predictions of over $100 a barrel. Output and actual oil flow volume have decreased precipitously in the Alaska Pipeline.… Read more ...

Darryl W. Perry: Debating the CPD

By Darryl W. Perry, a candidate for the 2016 Libertarian Party Presidential nomination, at

The 2016 Presidential election is still about 18 months away, yet the debates are becoming subject to debate. This is due partly to the proposed lawsuit by the Our America Initiative against the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), the early start of the 2016 campaign season, and an announcement by the CPD that the Commission will seek input “on various elements of the debates, including the criteria used to determine who will be invited to debate, what formats will be used, and ways to enhance these civic forums.”

The first question to ask is: who is the CPD, and why do they control the Presidential debates?… Read more ...

Chuck Baldwin: The Pros and Cons of Voting for Rand Paul

chuck baldwin

This was posted to Chuck Baldwin’s FB page:

Rand Paul: Pros and Cons

On Tuesday of this week, Rand Paul made it official that he is a candidate for the office of President of the United States. As I did with Ted Cruz a few weeks ago when he announced his candidacy for President, I want to give readers a preliminary assessment of Senator Paul’s pros and cons.… Read more ...

Thomas Keister Running for President with U.S. Marijuana Party

Thomas Keister

Thomas Keister

Thomas Keister, who was previously affiliated with the Libertarian Party of Indiana, has announced his 2016 presidential candidacy as the nominee of the U.S. Marijuana Party.

In his initial campaign announcement on his blog, he originally said he would run a write-in campaign either with the USMJP or as an independent:

So, wait…am I declaring myself a candidate for President of the United States in 2016?

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Commission on Presidential Debates Will Set Up On-Line Process for Public Input


From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

On April 1, the Commission on Presidential Debates said it will soon announce a transparent online process for receiving and reviewing submissions from any organization or individual who wishes to share their ideas about the debates, including the criteria used to determine who will be invited to debate.… Read more ...

Free and Equal: Hip-Hop Legend Immortal Technique Supports Independent Candidates

From the Free and Equal Elections Foundation:

Independent hip-hop legend Immortal Technique was interviewed on the Free and Equal Network by Christina Tobin during his “People’s Champions” U.S. Tour with Talib Kweli, Constant Flow, Hasan Salaam, and more, to discuss pertinent issues of the day. Tech is most known for his socially and politically-conscious lyrics that are a refreshing alternative to the materialistic, sexist/misogynistic, and superficial lyrics of commercial rappers.… Read more ...

Scott McLarty: Hillary Won’t Save Us, Neither Will Bernie or Liz

Scott McLarty

Scott McLarty

Article by Scott McLarty originally posted to OpEdNews:

21st-century time bombs like global warming require a drastic change in the U.S. political landscape

March 31 news item: President Obama’s Interior Department has approved leases for high-risk oil drilling in the fragile Arctic waters of the Chukchi Sea north of the Bering Strait.… Read more ...