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Adam Dick: President Ventura?

Jesse Ventura

From Adam Dick at The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity (submitted to IPR for publication):

May former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura announce in March his candidacy for president of the United States? According to a new discussion of Ventura and Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst and former New Jersey Judge Andrew Napolitano on Ora TV, Ventura’s decision regarding a presidential run will largely depend on what happens in the early primaries and caucuses of the Republican and Democratic Parties.… Read more ...

Virgil Goode, 2012 Constitution Party Presidential Nominee, Joins Donald Trump Campaign

Ballot Access News reports:

Former Congressman Virgil Goode, who was the Constitution Party’s presidential nominee in 2012, has become a campaign official in Donald Trump’s campaign in Virginia. See this story.

Goode is still presently a member of the Constitution Party National Committee as well.

Trump is currently the candidate leading in the polls for the Republican nomination for President, but continues to float the possibility that he may switch to run as an independent for the same office if he concludes that Republican Party leaders don’t treat his campaign fairly.… Read more ...

NH: “preponderance of the evidence” that Sanders is a Democrat


Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders has long chosen to self-describe on the ballot and in Congress as an Independent. In spite of that, he has always caucused with the Democrats in the House and Senate, and has always endorsed the Democratic nominees for President. In exchange for this, the Democratic Party of Vermont has agreed since 1990 to not back any Democratic challengers to Sanders, even in years when a nominal Democratic candidate was on the ballot.… Read more ...

Tom Knapp: ‘I Have to Admit, Donald Trump is Making Me Re-Think the Whole “Deportation” Issue’

Thomas L. Knapp writes at Kn@ppster:

I have to admit, Donald Trump is making me re-think the whole “deportation” issue.

In fact, I’m leaning toward the idea that all Trump supporters should be deported to North Korea where things will be more to their liking.

But I’m also kind of Romneyish on it.

Read more ...

Free and Equal: ‘The Common Thread: ISIS, the War on Drugs and Puppet Politicians’

by James Gurak at (excerpt):

In 1988, the Republican and Democrat parties devised a plan to strong-arm the debates from the unbiased League of Women Voters, establishing the BIPARTISAN Commission on Presidential Debates. This commission was founded by the leaders of both the Republican and Democrat parties with overt intentions to limit the ability of third party or independent candidates to partake.

Read more ...

Independent Candidate Enters Maine’s 2nd District Race

Mike Turcotte

From Jay Field at MPBN News (local NPR affiliate):

Mike Turcotte, an adjunct ethics professor at Eastern Maine Community College, says he’s launching an independent bid to unseat Republican U.S. Rep. Bruce Poliquin.

Turcotte, who ran for state Legislature in 2006, says he will make lowering student loan debt a big focus of his campaign.… Read more ...

Start Dates Listed for Independent Presidential Petitions for 2016

Richard Winger at Ballot Access News has this list of start dates for independent presidential candidate petitions:

Most states don’t care how early an independent presidential candidate begins to circulate a petition. But some states do set a start date. These are believed to be the start dates for independent presidential petitioning:

California, April 29, 2016
Connecticut, Jan.… Read more ...

Citizen-Times Article on Bad Ballot Access Laws in North Carolina

From Dale Neal at the Citizen-Times:

[Jill] Stein made a fundraising and party-building stop in Asheville Sunday. She took part in a joint press conference on the steps of City Hall, calling for broadening democracy with more parties on the ballots. While the numbers of registered Democrats and Republicans are falling, unaffiliated voters are on the increase.… Read more ...

Kyle Kenley Kopitke: Who is the only Presidential Candidate running that has already defeated Hillary Clinton?

cannon head shots by Annie my Love 003Submission to IPR from Independent Presidential Candidate Doctor Kyle Kenley Kopitke regarding his campaign:

In 1992, Doctor Kyle Kenley Kopitke was the State Director for the Jerry Brown for President campaign during the Utah Primary; Brown and Doctor Kopitke defeated the “Clinton Machine” though heavily outspent.

So that makes Doctor Kopitke 1 and 0 against Hillary Clinton, and Hillary is 0 and 1 against Doctor Kopitke.… Read more ...

Constitution Party of Texas Chairman Resigns

From the Constitution Party of Texas Newsletter:

You are the future of this party, and of this nation, if it is to survive. It’s time for an update on what’s happening with your party.

We had an Executive Committee (EC) meeting by phone on Saturday, 7 November. At that meeting, Chairman Gregg Woodcock resigned, citing business and family pressures, and his realization that the job is too much for him in terms of demands on his time.… Read more ...

Online Survey: Should the Justice Party Endorse Bernie Sanders?

From the Justice Party website:

In the field of presidential candidates, there is one who is in alignment with most of the Justice Party’s platform, and who is certainly addressing our mission of Social, Economic, and Environmental Justice: Bernie Sanders. From Iowa to Hew Hampshire through Super Tuesday and beyond, Democratic voters will be deciding whether to continue supporting politics as usual, or whether they will select an Independent to lead their party.… Read more ...