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Anthony Gonzalez: Why I Would Support Stein over Sanders


Via GreenPapers.Net. Originally posted on February 11 at The Politics of Courage
by Anthony Gonzalez

Jill Stein MD announced Friday she has formed a committee to explore the option of pursuing the Green Party’s presidential nomination after winning it in 2012 and subsequently receiving the highest percentage of the popular vote of any female presidential contender in a US general election — a percentage triple the one garnered by her party’s previous standard-bearer.… Read more ...

Op-Ed Discusses Independent Party of Oregon’s Impact on 2016 Election

independent-oregonFrom Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

This op-ed in The Oregonian discusses the Independent Party’s impact on the Oregon elections of 2016. The author, Tim Nesbitt, speculates that because the Independent Party will probably have a government-administered primary, and because the Oregon Independent Party will let independent voters vote in its primary, that may put pressure on the two major parties to also let independent voters vote in their primaries.… Read more ...

Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader: Follow-up Letter to Jeff Smisek, CEO of United Airlines

Posted at by Ralph Nader. See IPR reposting of first letter:

Dear Mr. Smisek,

I have not yet heard from you regarding my letter of February 13, 2015, but your employees who have read it are coming forward to describe their deteriorating working conditions. These are loyal UAL workers on the front lines, dealing with your aircrafts and your passengers, some with tenures of 20 to 30 years.… Read more ...

Future of Left/ Independent Politics Electoral Action Conference to be held May 2-3, 2015 in Chicago


H/T Deran in Open Thread, facebook event page:

What we propose:

1. A dialogue for those who are committed to left politics outside of the two-party system

2. To discuss the “why” goals

3. To share experiences and reflections of campaigning

4. To share challenges after being elected to office and strategies for opening political space for social movements

Aims and Objectives:


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Working Families Party Elects a State Senator in Connecticut

Ballot Access News:

On February 24, Working Families Party nominee Ed Gomes was elected to the Connecticut State Senate, district 23, centered on Bridgeport. Gomes defeated the nominees of the Democratic and Republican Party, as well as two independent candidates. See this story, which doesn’t contain any figures.

This is the first time a party other than the Democratic or Republican Parties has elected a state legislator in Connecticut since 1938, when the Socialist Party elected four of its nominees.… Read more ...

Keith English: If You Don’t Belong to Two-Party System, You Won’t Get Elected

Keith English

From Jesse Shayne at the Independent Voter Network:

Missouri State Representative Keith English recently cut ties with the Democratic Party to become the Show Me State’s only independent legislator. In line with the state’s nickname (which describes the character of Missourians, who are not gullible), he wants to see more transparency in both state and federal politics.… Read more ...

Independent Jeffrey Mason running for township supervisor in Lower Providence Township, PA

Via timeline comments at

I am set to make change join and support me in this years run I invite everyone to visit my pages click the like button and learn about bringing the party to the hard working people of the great commonwealth and

From that website:

Hello and welcome my name is Jeff Mason.

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Trial Date Set in Ohio Lawsuit Over One-Year Petitioning Limit for Independent Candidates

Richard Duncan

From Ricard Winger at Ballot Access News:

A U.S. District Court in Ohio will hold a trial in Duncan v Husted, s.d., 2:!3cv-1157, on June 22. This is the case in which an independent candidate challenges a new Ohio law that says independent candidates must complete their petition within one year.… Read more ...

Washington State Court Rules that Pro Bono Legal Aid is Not a Campaign Contribution

Ballot Access News:

On February 20, a Washington state superior court in Pierce County ruled that pro bono legal assistance to a committee that is trying to recall a public official is not a campaign contribution to the recall.

In 2012, Robin Farris decided to launch a recall of the Pierce County Assessor-Treasurer, Dale Washam.… Read more ...

Ralph Nader

Statement by Ralph Nader on the Walmart Announcement Raising its Minimum Wage


After meetings with Walmart representatives, public letters to the company’s CEO, and picketing Walmart stores over the past several years (see and, we see that Walmart now decides to be one step ahead of several pursuing state laws that are raising the minimum wage.

Still, Walmart’s increase to $9 an hour in April and to $10 an hour next February is less than what Walmart had to pay its workers in 1968, inflation adjusted.… Read more ...

Paul Frankel: My path from Democrat to Libertarian….. and: what was your path from D or R to Other?

The following is a biographical summary of IPR Contributing Editor Paulie Frankel’s path from major party supporter (in this case Democratic)  to 3rd party advocate (in this case Libertarian).

It is posted here with an invitation to each IPR reader who chooses to do so to provide a similar biographical summary, in the comments below, of their journeys from major parties into the realm of Independent/Third Party Political interest and activism with the intention that this sharing of our experiences might prove of interest or useful to IPR readers generally.
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Thomas L. Knapp: Time to End the Election Duopoly

From Thomas L. Knapp at Free Press Publications:

California’s elections system is making news again (“Top-two primary system survives challenge,” by Thomas Elias, Salinas Californian, February 17). “Top two,” in California and elsewhere, is the latest effort to strengthen the Republican and Democratic parties’ monopoly — “duopoly” — over American politics.… Read more ...