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DC Statehood Green Party on Marion Barry and His Legacy

Marion Barry

From a DC Statehood Green Party email:

The D.C. Statehood Green Party expressed sadness and condolences for the family of former Mayor and Council member Marion Barry and for all those mourning his death on Sunday.

D.C. Statehood Green Party leaders said that Mayor Barry accomplished something that politicians promise but seldom deliver: he gave D.C.… Read more ...

Seattle Times: Activists in Alternative Parties Discuss Cooperating in State


Excerpt from this Seattle Times article, written by Joseph O’Sullivan:

It sounds like the start of a joke: A libertarian, a socialist, an anarchist and a Green Party member walk into a room.

But at the Traditions Cafe on Sunday night, representatives of the four disparate political movements took seats on a low riser in front of a crowd of about 40.… Read more ...

State Green Parties unite against the pipelines

Green Party press release via Green Party Watch:

From Green Party US:

p no kxl green partyWASHINGTON, D.C. — The Green Party of the United States is calling for the defeat of proposed tar-sands pipelines when the U.S. Senate votes on the Keystone XL pipeline on Tuesday and opposes alternative plans, including “Energy East,” that would route Canadian oil into the U.S.… Read more ...

Libertarian, Green, and Constitution Parties Each Gain in Ballot Status Relative to Four Years Ago


From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

The Libertarian Party is now on the ballot for president in 2016 in thirty states. By contrast, in mid-November 2010, it was on in twenty-seven states.

The Green Party is now on the ballot for president in 2016 in nineteen states. By contrast, four years ago it was on in fourteen states.… Read more ...

Liberation News Interview with Eugene Puryear

From Liberation News, the newspaper of the Party for Socialism and Liberation:

Liberation sat down with Eugene Puryear on Nov. 5 to discuss the outcome and significance of the D.C. for the People campaign for the seat of D.C. Councilmember At-Large.

Liberation: Eugene, the purely grassroots D.C. for the People campaign received more than 10,000 votes, how do you assess the campaign overall?Read more ...

Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader: Democrats Not Knowing What They Stand For—Lose

Ralph Nader was the Green Party candidate for President in 1996 and 2000 and an independent candidate for President in 2004 and 2008. He published the following at on November 7:

Did the Republicans win these mid-term elections? Or did the Democrats lose? The numbers show that in contested Senate races, where the Republicans picked up seven seats and will probably gain two more to take control of the Senate, voters did not support those Democrats who were the most wishy-washy.… Read more ...

Green Shadow Cabinet: Nuclear Weapons and the International Security Context

The Green Shadow Cabinet has endorsed the Civil Society Statement to the United Nations First Committee on Nuclear Weapons and the International Security Context. I’m very pleased to report that within just a few days of my invitation, 100 organizations – international, national, regional and local, in 11 countries (plus 8 individuals identified for organizational purposes only), endorsed this powerful statement underscoring the urgency of current nuclear dangers, which was presented to the First Committee on 28 October.… Read more ...

Matt Funiciello Declares Congressional Run a Success, Plans to Run Again

From the candidate’s website:

Matt Funiciello declared his race for the NY-21 as the Green Party’s Congressional candidate a success. Funiciello cited the 11% of the vote he received district-wide, the 24% he polled in Warren county, his inclusion in the debates and media alongside the corporate party candidates, the ratio of money raised and spent to votes garnered, and the success of Howie Hawkins’ campaign as major wins for district and New York voters.… Read more ...

Green Party: Highlights from Election Day 2014

Press Release from the Green Party of the United States:

The Green Party made several advances in the 2014 general election on November 4, with Green candidates winning 27 seats and ballot lines held for most state Green Parties.

The most closely watched Green races were in Richmond, California, where outgoing Mayor Gayle McLaughlin overcame a $3-million campaign by Chevron to defeat her slate, and New York, where Howie Hawkins challenged incumbent Gov.… Read more ...

Lt. Gov. candidate Brian Jones on 2014 Green campaign in NY: ‘Building a strong, independent political movement is the hard work that lies before us’

Brian Jones was the Green Party candidate for Lieutenant Governor in New York in 2014.  Together with gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins, Jones received almost 5 percent of the vote, in one of the most well-organized and visible Green Party campaigns in 2014.  In a post on the leftist website The Jacobin, Jones reflects on running an openly socialist campaign that sought to create an independent, working class alternative to the two major parties.… Read more ...