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Independent Eliot Cutler Endorsed by Former State Green Party Chair

As reported by Austin Cassidy at Uncovered Politics, former Maine Green Independent Party chair Lynn Williams, in an op-ed in Bangor Daily News, has endorsed Independent Eliot Cutler for governor of Maine. An excerpt:

Thinking about environmental issues, Eliot has a number of pluses in his column. As a D.C.… Read more ...

Green Party to Obama: Stop Vilifying Immigrants, Grant Protected Legal Status

Green Party press release:

Green Party candidates and activists expressed alarm at President Obama’s dismissal of immigrants’ rights and apparent capitulation to the rhetoric of xenophobic Republican extremists.

Greens called for humane policies that recognize the basic rights of documented and undocumented immigrants and support an executive order to grant the latter protected legal status, amnesty, and an offer of citizenship.… Read more ...

New Ballot Access Law in California Keeps 4 Alternative Parties on the Ballot

From Ballot Access News:

On September 30, California Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 2351, which makes it easier for a group to qualify as a party in California, and also makes it easier for an already-existing party to remain ballot-qualified. The old law required an already-existing party to either poll 2% for any statewide in a general election, or to have 103,004 registrants (1% of the November 2010 turnout).… Read more ...

Candidates Puryear and Schwartzman Urge Calls to Congress in Support of D.C. Statehood

Press Release from the Green Party. Thanks to Green Party Watch for this news.

On Monday, October 6, D.C. Statehood Green Party candidates Eugene Puryear and David Schwartzman will lead the party in a “D.C. Statehood Call-in Day” on which Green Party members, friends, and all supporters of democracy and equal rights across the U.S.… Read more ...

West Virginia U.S. Senate Debate Will Include All Five Candidates

Phil Hudok, Constitution Party candidate for Senate

From Ballot Access News:

West Virginia Public Television will hold a second televised U.S. Senate debate. The second one will include all five candidates who are on the ballot. The first one was limited to just the Democratic and Republican nominees. See this press release.Read more ...

Opposition News: Green Candidates Stand Out In New York, Texas

By Mark Wachtler

Green Party election candidates are making waves and garnering headlines this election cycle. And in two states, they’re doing it in completely opposite ways. In New York, the Greens’ Gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins is generating excitement with his experience, media style and assists from Ralph Nader and Jill Stein.… Read more ...

Five Candidates Remain on New York Gubernatorial Ballot, Two Removed

Jimmy McMillan

From Ballot Access News:

On September 26, the Rent is 2 Damn High Party petition for New York Governor was held invalid. See this story. The story does not mention another ticket, the candidacy of Michael J. Carey under the label “Life & Justice”; but according to the New York State Board of Elections web page, that petition was also invalidated.… Read more ...

Free & Equal to Host Colorado Gubernatorial Debate, Will Announce Moderator 9/30

Official release from Free & Equal Elections Foundation:

Greetings Free and Equal Supporters!

A press conference will be held on September 30th, 2014 at 10AM MT in Infinity Park Plaza in Glendale, CO, by the Free and Equal Elections Foundation, a non-partisan electoral reform organization, to announce the moderator for their Gubernatorial Debate on October 8th.… Read more ...

Illinois Herald: Green Bradshaw Hits Rep. Enyart for Yes Vote on ISIS War

By Mark Wachtler

It’s a rematch in the race for the 12th US Congressional District in Illinois. And according to national Republican pollsters, first-term Democratic incumbent Bill Enyart is one of the many vulnerable Congressmen currently in jeopardy of being thrown out of office this November. Nobody would like to see than more than the Green Party candidate for the seat Paula Bradshaw.… Read more ...

William Saturn: Third Party Rushmore (2013)

Originally posted by William Saturn, who also writes for IPR, at the Saturnalian:


The work alters Mount Rushmore to feature the top four third party and independent candidates from the past 25 years.

1. Ross Perot – Texas billionaire who ran two self-financed campaigns for president in 1992 and 1996.… Read more ...

Libertarians survive petition challenge in Illinois; Greens, Constitution Party fall short


Ballot Access News:

On August 22, the Illinois State Board of Elections certified the statewide Libertarian Party slate for the November ballot. The decision was not surprising, given that the “binder-check” process had found over 25,000 valid signatures, and that the Hearings Officer for that process had recommended that the petition be considered valid.

Read more ...

Green Party: Demilitarize the police, end racism in the criminal justice system


For Immediate Release:
Thursday, August 21, 2014
This release is online at

Scott McLarty, Media Coordinator, 202-904-7614,
Starlene Rankin, Media Coordinator, 916-995-3805,

Green Party: Demilitarize the police, end racial disparities and bring justice to the criminal justice system

• Greens speak out in the wake of the police shooting in Ferguson, Mo., warn about the emergence of a police state

• Green Party Speakers Bureau: Green leaders available to speak on the criminal justice system:

WASHINGTON, D.C.… Read more ...