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Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader: Follow-up Letter to Jeff Smisek, CEO of United Airlines

Posted at by Ralph Nader. See IPR reposting of first letter:

Dear Mr. Smisek,

I have not yet heard from you regarding my letter of February 13, 2015, but your employees who have read it are coming forward to describe their deteriorating working conditions. These are loyal UAL workers on the front lines, dealing with your aircrafts and your passengers, some with tenures of 20 to 30 years.… Read more ...

Future of Left/ Independent Politics Electoral Action Conference to be held May 2-3, 2015 in Chicago


H/T Deran in Open Thread, facebook event page:

What we propose:

1. A dialogue for those who are committed to left politics outside of the two-party system

2. To discuss the “why” goals

3. To share experiences and reflections of campaigning

4. To share challenges after being elected to office and strategies for opening political space for social movements

Aims and Objectives:


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Rocky Anderson Speaks in SLC: NSA, CPD Lawsuit, Justice Party updates

rocky anderson

Rocky Anderson, 2012 Justice Party candidate for POTUS, Salt Lake City Utah mayor (2000 to 2008) and current co-lead council for the “Our America Initiative coordinated” lawsuit against the Commission on Presidential Debates (see below) spoke at the River Sky Revival event in Salt Lake City on Saturday evening, February 21st.… Read more ...

Illinois Green Party State of State Response

From the ILGP website:

Illinois Green Party Blasts Gov. Rauner’s “Divide and Conquer” Budget

The Illinois Green Party condemns the budget plan announced February 18th by new Governor Bruce Rauner. Although the actual budget proposal has not yet been made available to the public – itself a significant failing for a governor who promised to improve government transparency – Rauner made his intentions abundantly clear in his budget address.… Read more ...

Ralph Nader

Statement by Ralph Nader on the Walmart Announcement Raising its Minimum Wage


After meetings with Walmart representatives, public letters to the company’s CEO, and picketing Walmart stores over the past several years (see and, we see that Walmart now decides to be one step ahead of several pursuing state laws that are raising the minimum wage.

Still, Walmart’s increase to $9 an hour in April and to $10 an hour next February is less than what Walmart had to pay its workers in 1968, inflation adjusted.… Read more ...

Thomas L. Knapp: Time to End the Election Duopoly

From Thomas L. Knapp at Free Press Publications:

California’s elections system is making news again (“Top-two primary system survives challenge,” by Thomas Elias, Salinas Californian, February 17). “Top two,” in California and elsewhere, is the latest effort to strengthen the Republican and Democratic parties’ monopoly — “duopoly” — over American politics.… Read more ...

Virginia Green Announces State Rep Campaign

From, via Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

A Green Party candidate from Chesapeake announced he’ll challenge Del. Barry Knight, R-Virginia Beach, in the 81st House District. Knight won without a challenger in 2013.

Candidate Jeff Staples wrote Thursday on his Facebook page: “Tired of not having choices, I have stepped forward to offer an alternative.… Read more ...

Marianne Williamson: Welcome to Sister Giant 2015!

Marianne Williamson ran for Congress in California in 2014 as an Independent.  Please note that Bernie Sanders will be the keynote speaker at this weekend event, and that there will be live streaming available.

sister giant
Dear Friends,

I’m delighted to announce our next SISTER GIANT Conference, to be held March 28-29, 2015, Live in Los Angeles as well as Livestreamed.

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Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader: What’s Happening to Canada? Open letter to Prime Minister

Ralph Nader at

Dear Prime Minister:

Many Americans love Canada and the specific benefits that have come to our country from our northern neighbor’s many achievements (see Canada Firsts by Nader, Conacher and Milleron). Unfortunately, your latest proposed legislation—the new anti-terrorism act—is being described by leading Canadian civil liberties scholars as hazardous to Canadian democracy.… Read more ...

Pennsylvania Ballot Access Bill Introduced

Mike Folmer

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

On February 18, Pennsylvania State Senator Mike Folmer re-introduced his ballot access bill, SB 495. It cuts the number of signatures for independent candidates from 2% of the winning candidate’s vote in the last election to the smaller numbers that are required for major party candidates to get on a primary ballot.… Read more ...

Updates on ballot access legislation: OK, OR, MD, NH


Oklahoma Ballot Access Bill Passes House Committee Unanimously

On February 18, the Oklahoma House Elections & Ethics Committee passed HB 2181 by a vote of 7-0. The bill lowers the petition for a newly-qualifying party from 5% of the last vote cast, to 1%.

Oregon Likely to be First State to Put Eligible Voters on Registration Rolls Automatically

The Oregon Secretary of State is backing HB 2177, which provides that every adult citizen known to the Motor Vehicle office, who is not already registered to vote, will get a letter saying the individual will be automatically registered to vote unless the individual responds that he or she doesn’t wish to be registered to vote.

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