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Results of Washington’s Top-Two Primary

From Ballot Access News:

On August 5, Washington state held its fourth top-two primary. No candidate for Congress or any partisan state office, who was not a Democrat or Republican, managed to place first or second, in races that had at least two major party members running. The non-major party candidates who ran in State House races with at least two major party candidates included eight independents, four Libertarians, and one Green.… Read more ...

New York Gubernatorial Poll

Howie Hawkins

From Ballot Access News:

On August 5, an NBC 4 NY/Wall Street Journal/Marist Poll was released for the New York gubernatorial race. The results: Democratic incumbent Andrew Cuomo 54%; Republican Rob Astorino 23%; Green Party nominee Howie Hawkins 7%; other 1%; undecided 16%. See here for more detail, including a breakdown by party affiliation.… Read more ...

Bob Fitrakis: Drinking Water Is a Human Right, Ohio Must Go Green in Agriculture

Bob Fitrakis

In response to the water crisis in Toledo this weekend, Ohio Green Party Lt. Governor candidate Bob Fitrakis says that Ohio must move away from petrochemical fertilizers and adopt a new green agricultural economy.

“The harmful algae bloom has been going for more than decade and has gotten substantially worse under Kasich’s administration” Fitrakis said.… Read more ...

Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader: Obama and the “Public Sentiment”

By Ralph Nader at

Dear President Obama:

Abraham Lincoln once said that “With public sentiment, nothing can fail; without it, nothing can succeed.” Presumably, he meant Presidential action on popular issues can and should overcome influential interests.

At long last, the “public sentiment” seems to be aligning with some causes you are advancing.… Read more ...

Ohio Green Party Candidate Bob Hart Renews Call for Firing of CIA Director

From the Ohio Green Party website:

I’m calling upon my republican and democrat opponents in the 12th Congressional District to join me in a demand I originally made in early March for the President to fire both CIA Director Brennan and DNI Clapper for their repeated criminal and unconstitutional misconduct. Supporting the constitution and the rule of law used to be a bipartisan issue.… Read more ...

Joshua Fauver: A Diagnosis and Prescription for America’s Economic Crisis

Joshua Fauver

One of the more pressing matters facing our nation today is inequality, specifically income inequality. I think that, perhaps, we have become numb to the word “inequality”, which is a very frightening concept. Our great nation, this precious democracy, was founded on the principle that “all men are created equal.” Therefore, it would seem to me that the gross inequality we see today is wholly incompatible with the principles upon which this great nation was founded.… Read more ...

Green Party Statewide Petition Fails to Get Enough Signatures in Pennsylvania

Paul Glover (G)

From Ballot Access News:

August 1 is the Pennsylvania deadline for petitions for independent candidates and the nominees of unqualified parties. The Green Party did not obtain the needed 16,639 signatures, according to this story. The party only has 14,000 signatures on hand.

Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Alabama, California, and New Mexico will be the five states this year with a complete Democratic-Republican ballot monopoly for all statewide offices.… Read more ...

Opposition News: Only 3 of 16 American Opposition Parties Support Israel

Based on party announcements, press releases and official platforms, Opposition News has compiled a list showing where each of America’s 16 opposition political parties stands on the Israel-Palestine issue.

Libertarian Party – neutral (non-intervention)

‘American foreign policy should seek an America at peace with the world. Our foreign policy should emphasize defense against attack from abroad and enhance the likelihood of peace by avoiding foreign entanglements.… Read more ...

Massachusetts Green Party Completes Statewide Petition

From Ballot Access News:

The Massachusetts petition deadline for independent candidates, and the nominees of unqualified parties, for U.S. House and statewide office was July 29. The only unqualified parties that submitted petitions in Massachusetts for statewide office this year are the United Independent Party (which is running for Governor and Lieutenant Governor) and the Green Party (which is running for Secretary of the Commonwealth, Treasurer, and Auditor).… Read more ...

Howie Hawkins Says New York Should Adopt Single Payer, Medicare for All

On Medicare’s 49th birthday, Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for Governor, called for New York to enact an improved and expanded Medicare for All program, also known as single payer.

“New York must treat health care as a human right. The state’s own study showed that we would reduce overall health care costs by nearly $30 billion annually by 2019 if we had a single payer health care program rather than the insurance mandates of Obamacare,” noted Hawkins.… Read more ...

Patrick Must Halt New Pipeline Tax Says Green-Rainbow Party

Governor Patrick must withdraw his administration’s support for a new electricity rate tariff that could saddle Massachusetts citizens with billions of dollars in electricity bill increases according to three candidates for statewide office. The increases would primarily go to build a fracked gas pipeline for Houston-based Kinder Morgan corporation.

“The Governor has put us on the road to a 4 billion dollar tax increase using a process that neatly evades the need for approval by the Massachusetts Legislature,” said Danny Factor, Green-Rainbow candidate for Secretary of State.… Read more ...

Christina Tobin: The Pursuit of Money Out of Politics – A Lesson In Unity

From Free & Equal:

Dear Free & Equal Supporters,

The United We Stand Festival hosted by the Free & Equal Elections Foundation, originally scheduled to be held at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion May 10th, was relocated to The Belasco Theater in downtown Los Angeles just 24 hours before showtime and was made free to the public.… Read more ...