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Ohio Democratic and Green Gubernatorial Nominees to Debate

Anita Rios

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

Ohio is one of only three states this year with a gubernatorial election, and in which the Democratic and Republican nominees won’t be debating each other. The other such states are Nevada and Tennessee.

However, the Ohio Democratic gubernatorial nominee, Ed FitzGerald, will debate the only other gubernatorial nominee on the ballot, Anita Rios of the Green Party, on October 22.… Read more ...

Illinois Herald Endorses Two Greens for Congress

From Mark Wachtler at the Illinois Herald:

News outlets don’t typically endorse third party candidates. But then the Illinois Herald is no typical news outlet. We publish independent news for independent thinkers and independent voters. And in the races for US House of Representative in Illinois’ 5th and 12th Congressional Districts, the Illinois Herald proudly and energetically endorses two Green Party candidates – Nancy Wade in CD-5 and Paula Bradshaw in CD-12.… Read more ...

Libertarians Getting 9% Support for Congress in Poll, Support for Greens Also Up

From the Libertarian Party Staff’s Blog:

According to a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released on October 15, 2014, more voters say they will support Libertarians for Congress this year, compared to the last mid-term elections in 2010.

The Wall Street Journal reports, “The poll found that voters are more likely than four years ago to say they would vote for Libertarian and Green party candidates if given a chance, with Libertarians drawing support from 9% of likely voters.”

That’s a significant increase from 2010, when a similar Wall Street Journal poll indicated 5-6% of voters would support Libertarians.… Read more ...

Eugene Puryear Unveils Plan to Aid Small Businesses in DC

Press Release from the D.C. Statehood Green Party:

Eugene Puryear, the D.C. Statehood Green Party’s nominee for At-Large Member of City Council in Washington, D.C. (, has published a white paper outlining steps for aiding small businesses in the District.

The text of the paper, titled “Benefitting Small Businesses in a D.C.… Read more ...

Howie Hawkins: Cuomo Can’t Be Trusted, New York Must Ban Fracking

From the candidate’s website:

Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for Governor, took his campaign today to communities in the Southern Tier. Hawkins is calling for New York to invest in a transition to 100% clean energy by 2030, which would create 4.5 million new jobs whilelowerng electric rate by 50% compared to fossil fuels.… Read more ...

Luis Rodriguez Named Poet Laureate of Los Angeles

Luis Rodriguez was the Justice Party’s vice presidential candidate in 2012 and in the 2014 primary ran for governor of California as a Green. From Jennifer Swann at LA Weekly:

Ex-gang member, author, publisher, organizer, activist, lifelong Angeleno and Green Party California gubernatorial candidate Luis J. Rodriguez can officially add yet another hefty title to his resume: Poet Laureate of Los Angeles, as appointed by Mayor Eric Garcetti today at a ceremony at the Central Public Library.… Read more ...

Green Shadow Cabinet: Why We’re Supporting the USA FREEDOM Act

From Shahid Buttar at the GSC website:

The Green Shadow Cabinet joined dozens of grassroots advocacy organizations from across the political spectrum, comprising a diverse array of organizations representing millions of Americans from every region of the country signing a letter to Congress calling for substantial reforms to surveillance authorities.… Read more ...

Village Independent Democrats Endorse Howie Hawkins

From the candidate’s website.

The progressive Village Independent Democrats endorsed Green Party Governor candidate Howie Hawkins at their Friday endorsement meeting.

It is the first time in the venerable club’s history that it has endorsed a third party candidate for any office.

“I know it is a bold move for any Democratic club to endorse outside the party.… Read more ...

Opposition News: Stats Reveal Major Flaw in 3rd Party Election Strategies

By Mark Wachtler

Your author has been volunteering, helping and reporting on independent and opposition parties and their candidates for over 25 years. We know a thing or two about what we’re talking about here at Opposition News. So take it from the opposition’s equivalent of Karl Rove and David Axelrod – stop running for national offices with no experience.… Read more ...

Independent Eliot Cutler Endorsed by Former State Green Party Chair

As reported by Austin Cassidy at Uncovered Politics, former Maine Green Independent Party chair Lynn Williams, in an op-ed in Bangor Daily News, has endorsed Independent Eliot Cutler for governor of Maine. An excerpt:

Thinking about environmental issues, Eliot has a number of pluses in his column. As a D.C.… Read more ...

Green Party to Obama: Stop Vilifying Immigrants, Grant Protected Legal Status

Green Party press release:

Green Party candidates and activists expressed alarm at President Obama’s dismissal of immigrants’ rights and apparent capitulation to the rhetoric of xenophobic Republican extremists.

Greens called for humane policies that recognize the basic rights of documented and undocumented immigrants and support an executive order to grant the latter protected legal status, amnesty, and an offer of citizenship.… Read more ...

New Ballot Access Law in California Keeps 4 Alternative Parties on the Ballot

From Ballot Access News:

On September 30, California Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 2351, which makes it easier for a group to qualify as a party in California, and also makes it easier for an already-existing party to remain ballot-qualified. The old law required an already-existing party to either poll 2% for any statewide in a general election, or to have 103,004 registrants (1% of the November 2010 turnout).… Read more ...