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Maine Green Party Opens its Primaries to Independent Voters

mainegreensFrom Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

The Maine Green Party (whose name is the Green Independent Party) has voted to allow independent voters to vote in its primaries, and they need not join the Green Party. See this story. The two major parties in Maine also let independent voters vote in their primaries, but only if they join those parties at the polls on primary election day.… Read more ...

Industrial Hemp Advocate Steven Wilson Exploring Presidential Run in 2016

Steven Wilson

Press release posted here to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

The founder of the Missouri Hemp Network, Steven Wilson, has to decided to explore the possibility of a Presidential campaign in 2016.

Wilson stated a few reasons why he is thinking of running for President: “The choices the American voter has right now are so divisive that logic and reason can’t survive.… Read more ...

Green Party to Jon Stewart and His Fans: Join Us in Protesting “Rigged” Presidential Debates

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart

Green Party press release:

Green Party members have responded to a petition requesting an invitation for Jon Stewart of “The Daily Show” to moderate the presidential debates in 2016 with a challenge to Mr. Stewart and his fans to protest the “rigged” debates.

According to the petition’s Facebook page, “Jon Stewart: More Than 100,000 People Sign Petition for Comedian to Host a 2016 Presidential Debate.… Read more ...

In New York: Major party judicial candidates maneuver to take Green Party line

Green Party of SuffolkThe Green Party of New York State has a ban on the policy of endorsing Democratic and Republican candidates, because those parties do not agree with the Green Party’s worldwide Four Pillars of Social and Economic Justice; Grassroots Democracy; Ecological Wisdom, and Nonviolence/Peace.

Democratic and Republican Party insiders have taken advantage of New York State Election law to place their candidates on the Green Party line.… Read more ...

Kshama Sawant Speaks in Oakland, CA on September 19

From the Peace and Freedom Party website:

The Peace and Freedom Party supports Kshama Sawant’s campaign for re-election to the Seattle City Council. Visit our literature table at her fundraiser in Oakland on September 19. Speakers will include Kshama, journalist Chris Hedges and Richmond City Council member Gayle McGlaughlin.

When: Saturday, September 19 at 7:00pm
Where: First Unitarian Church of Oakland, 685 14th Steet, Oakland (MAP)
What: Fundraiser for Sawant for Seattle City Council
Sponsor: Socialist Alternative Bay Area
Contact: visit this Facebook event page
Cost: $10 per person at Brown Paper Tickets

The Peace and Freedom Party endorses this event.Read more ...

Stein campaign criticizes Obama’s approval of Arctic drilling

SteinClimateThe campaign of Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein has criticized President Obama’s approval of oil drilling in the Arctic Ocean.

In a statement, the campaign said, “As wildfires burn up and down the drought-stricken West Coast, and new science shows 10 feet of catastrophic sea level rise as soon as 50 years from now, President Obama has just done the unthinkable.… Read more ...

Green candidate submits signatures for Portland, Maine mayoral race

MacMillanMaine Green Independent Party candidate Tom MacMillan has submitted ballot access signatures for his run for mayor of Portland, Maine. The Portland Press-Herald says “he is running, in part, based on his role to place a question on the November ballot asking residents to raise the local minimum wage to $15 per hour.”

In 2012, MacMillan finished second in a three-way race for state representative with 27% of the vote, easily outpacing the Republican nominee’s 14% but losing to the incumbent Democrat, who received 58%.… Read more ...

Stein to speak at Boston GreenFest Friday

greenfestGreen Party presidential candidate Jill Stein will appear at the 8th Annual Boston GreenFest at Boston City Hall Plaza on Friday afternoon. Stein will speak at 3:45, and will take questions from the audience at 4:30.

Her campaign said, “Come hear Dr. Jill Stein speak at a multicultural environmental music festival with the goal to inform everyone as to the many ways green living can make a positive impact on our world, city, neighborhoods and each of us.”… Read more ...

Green Party of Ohio ballot issue reccomendations: Yes on 1 & 2, No on 3

Press Release:

Columbus OH – The Green Party of Ohio today issued our recommendations of the 3 statewide ballot issues that will be voted upon this November.

Issue 1 is the Ohio Bipartisan Redistricting Commission Amendment. While this proposal is not perfect, it is a step in the right direction. It changes the process by which state legislative districts are redrawn.Read more ...

Green Davis removed from Philadelphia ballot despite court ruling

10436665_1441864652746979_7297081253872166852_nGreen Party of Philadelphia chair Glenn C. Davis has been removed from that city’s November ballot for city commissioner, Ballot Access News reports, “on the grounds that he didn’t have enough signatures.” Davis plans to appeal the ruling.

BAN says the judge “was not moved by the fact that last month, the procedure for checking signatures had been held unconstitutional as applied to Green Party nominees.… Read more ...

Columnist: Greens “after Sanders to run as their party’s nominee”

In his New York Daily News column, Denis Hamill recounts a conversation with his 16-year-old son about the 2016 presidential race.

When his son mentions that an 18-year-old friend, registered as a Green Party voter, is intrigued by the presidential candidacies of Sen. Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, Hamill writes, “The Green Party has been after Sanders to run as their party’s nominee.… Read more ...

Stein: Greens offer “only political alternative”, sees “fighting chance” to open CPD debates

Earlier this month, interviewed Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein “to discuss her 2016 campaign, the policies she’s labeling her Green New Deal, her take on the Black Lives Matter movement, and what’s changed for the Green Party since 2012.”

Stein discussed her strategy for getting into the general election debates if she wins the Green nomination, saying, “We’ve filed a court case against the Commission on Presidential Debates and there is actually a fighting chance that we can open up the debates because they’re breaking the law.… Read more ...