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Ballot Access News: All Statewide Illinois General Election Petitions Challenged

All of the statewide Illinois petitions submitted for the general election this year have been challenged. The independent candidates for Governor and U.S. Senator will certainly be removed from the ballot, because none of them had as many signatures as the legal requirement, 25,000. The three statewide minor party petitions all have over 25,000, however, so the challenge process will be grueling.… Read more ...

Wyoming Constitution Party Sues over Discriminatory Campaign Finance Law

From Ballot Access News:

On June 23, the Wyoming Constitution Party nominee for Secretary of State, and a donor who wants to contribute to her campaign now, filed a federal lawsuit against Wyoming campaign finance laws. The state laws won’t permit anyone to give a campaign contribution to the nominee of a qualified minor party until after the August 19 primary.… Read more ...

Wisconsin Constitution Party chair condemns LGBT pride parade

Posted on the CP Wisconsin website on June 12th, 2014:

CPoW Condemns Pride Fest

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Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind:
it is an abomination.” Leviticus 18:22

By Riley J. Hood-CPoW State Chairman

            In 1988 the Milwaukee “LBGT Community held their first official “Pride-day at Mitchell Park.”  In 1989 Mayor John O.… Read more ...

Jackson Sun: Constitution Party Candidate Speaks to Tea Party Members

By Katherine Burgess

Mark Rawles, Constitution Party candidate for the Eighth District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, kicked off his Madison County campaign Thursday.

He did so by speaking to approximately 20 people at the monthly meeting of the Jackson-Madison County Tea Party at Casey Jones Village.

Rawles is a Jackson businessman and veteran of the Air Force.… Read more ...

Candidate Filing Closes in Maine and Minnesota

From Ballot Access News:

On June 2, filing closed in Maine for independent candidates and the nominees of unqualified parties. Here is a link to the list of those candidates, and a link to the list of primary candidates as well. Maine has three ballot-qualified parties, Democratic, Republican, and Green.… Read more ...

Frank Fluckiger: Constitution Party of Wisconsin Attains Ballot Access

The Constitution Party of Wisconsin is now officially on the ballot, and has two statewide candidates running. If just one contender receives a minimum of one percent of the vote, we remain on the ballot for the all-important 2016 presidential campaign.

Ballot access simply means the opportunity for the Constitution Party to present our ideas in the political marketplace: our party is 100% pro-life … our party rejects entangling foreign commitments … our party is in favor of a gold/silver-backed currency … our party supports home schooling and opposes the Washington-imposed Common Core curriculum.… Read more ...

Constitution Party Denied by Judge

constitution party of alabama

(The following was originally published in the Times Daily.)

FLORENCE — An effort by the Constitution Party of Alabama to get two candidates on the November ballot for Lauderdale County races has been rejected.

Probate Judge James Hall said Wednesday he denied the petition because it did not contain enough names of registered county voters.… Read more ...

Constitution Party: Independence Day Call to Action

In 2013, a Constitution Party leader down in Texas by the name of Daniel New (father of Michael New, the soldier who refused to wear the U.N. uniform back in the late 90′s) sent out an email. He was promoting the idea of everyone holding an Independence Day event on the steps of their local county courthouse at which, among other things, the full Declaration of Independence is read aloud.… Read more ...

Jackson Sun: Attorney Urges Tennessee Constitution Party to Oppose Amending Constitution

By Katherine Burgess

Movements to amend the U.S. Constitution are misinformed and flawed, said Richard Fry, constitutional and civil litigation attorney.

“They have an agenda, and the agenda’s not good,” Fry said. “The agenda is to change the Constitution … in a way that substantially changes our form of government.”

The Constitution Party of Tennessee met Saturday at the Carl Grant Events Center at Union University to nominate candidates for the November general election and hear from Fry.… Read more ...

Associated Press: Cliven Bundy Joins Independent American Party

Mr. and Mrs. Bundy
Photo from Las Vegas Review Journal

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Sunday, May 25, 2014

LAS VEGAS (AP) – Southern Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy no longer is a Republican.

Bundy, who is embroiled in a dispute over grazing with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, has switched his affiliation to the Independent American Party.… Read more ...