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Federal judge: Pennsylvania ballot access law unfair to alternative parties

o-PENNSYLVANIA-VOTING-MACHINEThe Philadelphia Inquirer reports US District Court Judge Lawrence Stengel ruled Friday “that Pennsylvania unfairly treats its third-party political candidates, likely clearing the way for their return to the ballot after nearly disappearing during the last few election cycles.”

In his opinion, Stengel “wrote that the ‘ability of minor parties to organize and voice their views has been decimated’ by portions of the state’s election code,” specifically taking issue with the rule “that third-party candidates often must gather 10 times the number of signatures required of Republicans or Democrats — and then pay costly legal fees if their petitions are challenged — as they almost always are.”

However, the ruling “did not go as far” as the plaintiffs — “the left-leaning Green Party, the Libertarian Party and the conservative-leaning Constitution Party” — wanted, since Stengel ruled that the election law “is constitutional, just not in the way it’s been applied to the minor parties.”… Read more ...

Peter Gemma: Illegal Aliens May Be Worse Than You Think

From Peter Gemma at the Constitution Party website:

Protecting the 1,954-mile Mexico-U.S. line is not just to stave off the dangerous drug cartels and the flood of savage criminal gangs. Congressman Ryan Zinkle asserts: “It’s not about immigration alone. It’s about national security … if children can walk across our border without consequences, what makes this administration think that ISIS can’t?”

Former Chief of Operations for the U.S.… Read more ...

Constitution Party Tells Idaho Secretary of State That it Will Have a Contested Presidential Primary


From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

Idaho holds a presidential primary on March 8, 2016, for qualified parties that tell the Secretary of State that they want a presidential primary and will have at least two candidates. The Constitution Party has notified the Secretary of State that it intends to have a contested presidential primary.… Read more ...

Peter Gemma Interviews J.R. Myers

J.R. Myers

From the Constitution Party website:

J.R. Myers is the Alaska Constitution Party (ACP) founder and now three term state chairman, and was our party’s nominee for Alaska Governor last year. He and his running mate, Maria Rensel, gained 2.5 percent of the vote in the first ACP statewide race in Alaska.… Read more ...

Jim Noorlander: The Difference Between Liberty and Freedom (from Constitution Party on Vimeo)

Posted at; their description:

Filled with profound insight, this presentation looks not only at the difference between liberty and freedom, but at the values and character necessary to remain a free people. If this were taught in every high school civics class, America would be a changed nation inside of a generation.

Read more ...

Constitution Party Selects City and Dates for Presidential Convention

Ballot Access News:

The Constitution Party’s presidential convention will be April 13-16, 2016, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Green Party still hasn’t decided on its location or its dates, but it usually nominates in June or July of the presidential election year.

The Libertarian Party national convention will be May 26-30 in Orlando, Florida.… Read more ...

Birmingham News Prints Constitution Party’s Candidate Recruitment Appeal

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

The blog of the Birmingham News, Alabama’s biggest newspaper, published an appeal by the Constitution Party for a candidate to step forward to run in an upcoming special legislative election.

From the article cited:

In 2014, 59% of Alabamians did not vote in the general election.… Read more ...

Chuck Baldwin: The Confederate Flag Needs To Be Raised, Not Lowered

Chuck Baldwin was the 2008 presidential nominee of the Constitution Party.  He wrote the following commentary today in response to the recent efforts to censor the Confederate battle flag from public view.

File:Confederate Rebel Flag.svg

Ladies and gentlemen, I submit that what we see happening in the United States today is an apt illustration of why the Confederate flag was raised in the first place.… Read more ...

Herbert W. Titus and William J. Olson: Obergefell V. Hodges [is] Illegitimate, Unlawful, and a Fraud on the American People

From Herbert W. Titus and William J. Olson at the Constitution Party website:

There is simply no other way to say it.

The Supreme Court’s decision today redefining marriage to include couples of the same sex is wholly illegitimate and unlawful. A nullity. Worthy only to be disobeyed.

Anyone who says otherwise — that the rule of law requires recognition of same-sex marriage — is committing a fraud.… Read more ...

Sixth Circuit: Tennessee ballot access standards unconstitutional

Sixth_CircuitThe Tennesseean reports the Sixth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Thursday that Tennessee’s ballot access standards violate the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause.

Chief Judge R. Guy Cole Jr. wrote, “Tennessee’s ballot-retention statute clearly imposes a heavier burden on minor parties than major parties by giving minor parties less time to obtain the same level of electoral success as established parties.” The Tennessee Constitution and Green parties had filed the suit.… Read more ...

Constitution Party: Supreme Court Decision on Same-Sex Marriage Violates Rule of Law

The Constitution Party released the following in response to the Supreme Court’s decision yesterday in Obergefell v. Hodges:

The Constitution Party decries today’s Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage as an “unconstitutional decree that cannot legalize anything”, and equates it with the Dred Scott decision, which held that certain people must be recognized as chattel under the law. … Read more ...

Libertarian Party and Constitution Party File Lawsuit Against New South Dakota March 1 Petition Deadline


From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

Earlier this year South Dakota changed the petition deadline for a newly-qualifying party to submit a petition of 2.5% of the last gubernatorial vote for party status. The old deadline was March 29. The new deadline is March 1. On June 15, the Libertarian Party and the Constitution Party filed a lawsuit against that deadline, Libertarian Party of South Dakota v Krebs, 4:15-cv-4111.… Read more ...