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Green Party Will Hold Presidential Convention in Houston, August 4-7, 2016

Ballot Access News:

The Green Party voted on August 2 over the location of its 2016 presidential convention. Houston was chosen. The party has never before had a presidential convention in the South. Toledo was the runner-up. The dates will be August 4-7, the latest presidential convention of any party in 2016, so far at least.

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Robert W. Peck: An Appeal to Heaven

From Robert W. Peck at the Constitution Party website:

I recently read the story of the “An Appeal to Heaven” flag, its history and the important philosophical concept behind it. Most of us don’t even know there was such a flag and even fewer understand its significance. You really cannot correctly understand our nation’s history, or our Declaration of Independence, without understanding the concept behind “An Appeal to Heaven.”

The concept comes from English philosopher, John Locke.… Read more ...

Socialist Workers Party: We Need Labor Party Based on Unions

John Staggs, right, Socialist Workers Party candidate for Philadelphia City Council, at July 20 protest of ironworkers against frame-up and jailing of former union president Joe Dougherty

From John Studer in The Militant:

PHILADELPHIA — John Staggs, Socialist Workers Party candidate for City Council at-large, joined hundreds of celebrants and protesters at City Hall here July 25 to mark the 25th anniversary of President George H.W.… Read more ...

Richard Winger: 2 Ways California Could Expand Voter Choice in Elections

From Richard Winger at Independent Voter Network, reprinted here with permission from the author:

California’s existing election system for Congress and state office could be improved with the following ideas.

The problem with the status quo is that ever since it went into effect in 2011, there has been very limited choice on the November ballot.… Read more ...

Opposition News Article on Cooperative Ballot Access Efforts in Oklahoma and South Dakota

Ballot access laws by state. The darker the color, the more difficult for opposition parties to run for office. Image courtesy of Mother Jones.

Mark Wachtler has this article at Opposition News detailing two instances of the Libertarian Party teaming up with one of its fellow minor parties for the purposes of ballot access:

Libertarians, Greens, Constitutionals join forces in SD, OK

By Mark Wachtler

July 31, 2015.… Read more ...

Frank Fluckiger: Do You Believe This?


From a Constitution Party email blast:

Do you believe this?

• Political scientist Ronald Rapaport wrote the book on third parties. Literally. It’s called “Three’s a Crowd,” and indeed it is. The key thing he found about third parties is that “they need some sort of unique agenda. There has to be a reason why you’re going to support a third party.”

You and I know that the Constitution Party offers voters a reason why our candidates represent Middle America.… Read more ...

Green Party Hails Federal Court Ruling Concerning Pennsylvania’s Restrictive Ballot Access

The Green Party of Pennsylvania applauds Friday’s Federal Court ruling which has declared Pennsylvania’s restrictive ballot access procedures as unconstitutional. The July 24, Order by US District Judge, Lawrence Stengel takes aim at the restrictive, two-tiered scheme of forcing a disproportionate number of voter signatures, compared to the requirement for major parties; and the threat or imposition of litigation costs and fees on candidates whose nominating petitions are challenged successfully.… Read more ...

Constitution Party qualifies for presidential ballot access in Arkansas, and probably also Alaska

Ballot Access News:

The Arkansas Secretary of State’s office has determined that the Green Party petition for presidential status, and the Constitution Party petition for presidential status, both have enough valid signatures. The Green Party is now on 22 ballots for president in 2016 and the Constitution Party is now on 14.

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Federal judge: Pennsylvania ballot access law unfair to alternative parties

o-PENNSYLVANIA-VOTING-MACHINEThe Philadelphia Inquirer reports US District Court Judge Lawrence Stengel ruled Friday “that Pennsylvania unfairly treats its third-party political candidates, likely clearing the way for their return to the ballot after nearly disappearing during the last few election cycles.”

In his opinion, Stengel “wrote that the ‘ability of minor parties to organize and voice their views has been decimated’ by portions of the state’s election code,” specifically taking issue with the rule “that third-party candidates often must gather 10 times the number of signatures required of Republicans or Democrats — and then pay costly legal fees if their petitions are challenged — as they almost always are.”

However, the ruling “did not go as far” as the plaintiffs — “the left-leaning Green Party, the Libertarian Party and the conservative-leaning Constitution Party” — wanted, since Stengel ruled that the election law “is constitutional, just not in the way it’s been applied to the minor parties.”… Read more ...

Peter Gemma: Illegal Aliens May Be Worse Than You Think

From Peter Gemma at the Constitution Party website:

Protecting the 1,954-mile Mexico-U.S. line is not just to stave off the dangerous drug cartels and the flood of savage criminal gangs. Congressman Ryan Zinkle asserts: “It’s not about immigration alone. It’s about national security … if children can walk across our border without consequences, what makes this administration think that ISIS can’t?”

Former Chief of Operations for the U.S.… Read more ...

Constitution Party Tells Idaho Secretary of State That it Will Have a Contested Presidential Primary


From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

Idaho holds a presidential primary on March 8, 2016, for qualified parties that tell the Secretary of State that they want a presidential primary and will have at least two candidates. The Constitution Party has notified the Secretary of State that it intends to have a contested presidential primary.… Read more ...

Peter Gemma Interviews J.R. Myers

J.R. Myers

From the Constitution Party website:

J.R. Myers is the Alaska Constitution Party (ACP) founder and now three term state chairman, and was our party’s nominee for Alaska Governor last year. He and his running mate, Maria Rensel, gained 2.5 percent of the vote in the first ACP statewide race in Alaska.… Read more ...