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Constitution Party: Democrats versus Republicans

From a Constitution Party email blast:

That subject line is supposed to be a joke. Just look at the way the two parties raise money. So far this year, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has amassed $6.4 million in the bank and it’s GOP counterpart raked in $4.4 million. But the DCCC has carries a $10 million debt while the NRCC is $7.5 million in the red.… Read more ...

Constitution Party: The CFR and the 2016 Election

From a Constitution Party email blast:

Many of our Conservative friends are still taken to the word “Conservative.” Barry Goldwater’s “Conservative” was different than the one George Bush used, and that term took on new meaning with Mitt Romney. The point I’m making is “Conservative” has been diluted to fit any candidate who dons the mantle — from the religious right, to tax cutting politicians, to media stars.… Read more ...

Trial Date Set in Ohio Lawsuit Over One-Year Petitioning Limit for Independent Candidates

Richard Duncan

From Ricard Winger at Ballot Access News:

A U.S. District Court in Ohio will hold a trial in Duncan v Husted, s.d., 2:!3cv-1157, on June 22. This is the case in which an independent candidate challenges a new Ohio law that says independent candidates must complete their petition within one year.… Read more ...

Independent Party of Oregon gains major-party status


via the Statesman Journal:

It’s official: Oregon has become the only state in the country with three major political parties.

Secretary of State Kate Brown announced Monday afternoon that the Independent Party of Oregon has enough members to be a major party, on par with the Republican and Democratic parties.

As of Feb.

Read more ...

Constitution Party of Wisconsin opposes gaming on Menominee Native American reservation

In the midst of a legal battle over a new casino in Wisconsin, the state’s Constitution Party issued a short but forceful statement opposing the casino.  This places the Party on the side of Governor Scott Walker, who this past week refused to approve the casino, and against the Menominee tribe’s efforts to open the casino.  … Read more ...

Pennsylvania Ballot Access Bill Introduced

Mike Folmer

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

On February 18, Pennsylvania State Senator Mike Folmer re-introduced his ballot access bill, SB 495. It cuts the number of signatures for independent candidates from 2% of the winning candidate’s vote in the last election to the smaller numbers that are required for major party candidates to get on a primary ballot.… Read more ...

Mike Warner on Article V Convention: State “Control” A Fabrication; Mythical Constructs

They will promise anything you want and give you everything THEY want.

Parts II and III of a series of posts at by Mike Warner of the Constitution Party of Tennessee. IPR reposted Part I here.

Many folks I respect and call friends, support the Article V Convention. I was rabidly supportive myself until I did my “due diligence” research into the actual facts.… Read more ...

Mike Warner: ‘Article V Convention Part 1: Foreign & Multinational Interests’

Mike Warner of the Constitution Party of Tennessee at the Tennessee Watchman via IPR facebook group:

China, Saudi Arabia, United Nations, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Bankers, ISIS, al-Qaeda: What Could Go Wrong?

I will prove with there is no way of limiting the convention to one topic, the entire Constitution, the foundations of our government, would be on the table.Read more ...

Constitution Party of Alabama: A Constitutional Response to Gay Marriage

Press release from the Constitution Party of Alabama:

John F. Kennedy declared, “The rights of man come not from the generosity of the state but from the hand of God.” Therefore, government is incapable of giving men rights they already possess and incapable of lawfully taking them away. Furthermore, any right that man presumes to exercise that has not been lawfully bestowed on Him by the Creator is not legitimate and therefore unlawful and immoral.… Read more ...

chuck baldwin

Chuck Baldwin: ‘Puppets For The New World Order’

Chuck Baldwin at

America’s Founding Fathers wisely instituted a federal government with three separate branches with the intention of creating built-in checks and balances designed to protect the liberties of the American people and the independence of the sovereign states. Each branch of government was given authority to check the other branches when they became oppressive or unconstitutional.Read more ...