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Constitution Party Member Elected to Non-Partisan Local Government Post in Alaska

From Ballot Access News:

On October 7, David Luntz III, a registered member of the Constitution Party, was elected to the Deltana Community Corporation Board. The Board now has two members of the Constitution Party; the first, whose term was not up this year, is Pam Goode.

The Deltana Community Corporation Board is the local government for inhabitants of the city of Delta Junction and the surrounding area.… Read more ...

Opposition News: Stats Reveal Major Flaw in 3rd Party Election Strategies

By Mark Wachtler

Your author has been volunteering, helping and reporting on independent and opposition parties and their candidates for over 25 years. We know a thing or two about what we’re talking about here at Opposition News. So take it from the opposition’s equivalent of Karl Rove and David Axelrod – stop running for national offices with no experience.… Read more ...

West Virginia U.S. Senate Debate Will Include All Five Candidates

Phil Hudok, Constitution Party candidate for Senate

From Ballot Access News:

West Virginia Public Television will hold a second televised U.S. Senate debate. The second one will include all five candidates who are on the ballot. The first one was limited to just the Democratic and Republican nominees. See this press release.Read more ...

William Saturn: Functional Fillmore Frugal Movement Ends

This was posted to William Saturn’s blog, The Saturnalian . Mr. Saturn is a contributor here at IPR.

fffm header

Header for the Functional Fillmore Frugal blog featuring (from left) Newt Gingrich, John Lennon, Millard Fillmore, Jim Burns, and Rand Paul.

In 2010, an individual using the name “Concerned Citizen” (CC) began commenting on Independent Political Report (IPR) articles.… Read more ...

William Saturn: Third Party Rushmore (2013)

Originally posted by William Saturn, who also writes for IPR, at the Saturnalian:


The work alters Mount Rushmore to feature the top four third party and independent candidates from the past 25 years.

1. Ross Perot – Texas billionaire who ran two self-financed campaigns for president in 1992 and 1996.… Read more ...

Constitution Party Has Enough Valid Signatures in Alaska

J.R. Myers has secured a spot on the November ballot. (J.R. Myers for Alaska Governor 2014)

Ballot Access News:

The Alaska Division of Elections has determined that the Constitution Party’s nominees for Governor and Lieutenant Governor each have enough valid signatures on their petitions, and the candidates will appear on the November ballot.

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West Virginia Secretary of State Says Constitution Party Petition for U.S. Senate is Valid


Ballot Access News:

On August 22, the West Virginia Secretary of State certified Phil Hudok for the November ballot, as a candidate for U.S. Senate. He is the Constitution Party nominee. The Constitution Party statewide petition in 2012 had not succeeded, although its 2010 petition for U.S. Senate had succeeded.

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Libertarians survive petition challenge in Illinois; Greens, Constitution Party fall short


Ballot Access News:

On August 22, the Illinois State Board of Elections certified the statewide Libertarian Party slate for the November ballot. The decision was not surprising, given that the “binder-check” process had found over 25,000 valid signatures, and that the Hearings Officer for that process had recommended that the petition be considered valid.

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[] Double Standard in Alabama: Both Major Parties Miss Ballot Deadlines But Will Be on Ballot Anyway


Joshua Cook at

Despite missing the deadline, both the Republican and Democrat Party will be on the ballot in November according to Marshall county Constitution Party’s facebook page.

“Looks like the Probate Judge will allow the major parties on the ballot for 2014, although he does mention that his decision may be overturned.… Read more ...

The Raw Story: Idaho’s Constitution Party Was OK with Gay Governor Candidate Until He Supported Gays

Steve Pankey

By David Ferguson

On May 20, [Steve] Pankey wrote a letter to state Attorney General Lawrence Wasden in which he urged Wasden to comply with a federal court’s ruling overturning Idaho’s ban on same-sex marriage.

“As Idaho’s only gay 2014 candidate for governor,” he said, “I urge you to allow Federal Magistrate Candy Dale’s Order for same sex marriage to stand.… Read more ...