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Three Pennsylvania Parties Ask U.S. District Court to Put Them on 2016 Ballot with No Petition

PA Libertarian petition form

PA Libertarian petition form

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:



On April 26, the Constitution, Green, and Libertarian Parties asked a U.S. District Court in Pennsylvania to put them on the November 2016 ballot, on the basis that the old ballot access law was declared unconstitutional last year, and the legislature has not passed a new one.… Read more ...

Darrell Castle wins the Constitution Party’s presidential nomination

The above image was posted on the Constitution Party’s Facebook page less than an hour ago.

Darrell Castle has won the Constitution Party’s presidential nomination at the party’s national convention in Salt Lake City, Utah, today.

Thanks to Ricardo Davis for the link to the following results from the Constitution Party of Georgia’s Facebook page:

The 2016 vice presidential nominee of the Constitution Party will be chosen later today.… Read more ...

Dan Phillips: The Constitution Party’s Donald Trump Dilemma

The following article, written by Dan Phillips, was published on April 12th, 2016 on and sent to IPR for publication:

The Constitution Party’s National Convention kicks off tomorrow in Salt Lake City, Utah. There the CP will chose its 2016 nominee for President. More interestingly to many observers of third part dynamics, however, is how the CP will handle the Trump phenomenon.… Read more ...

Constitution Party: Miller Out, Castle In, as National Convention Commences

Joe Miller, Alaska, Constitution Party

According to Richard Winger at Ballot Access News, despite the announcement made five days ago, former U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller of Alaska will not seek the Constitution Party’s 2016 presidential nomination.

In an e-mail to party members, forwarded to IPR by Idaho Constitution Party Chairman Floyd Whitley, Miller writes:

I am not seeking the Constitution Party nomination at this time.

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Robert W. Peck: The Three Unequal Branches of Government

Robert W. Peck is the chairman of the Constitution Party of Washington. The following was published on his website on April 2nd, 2016:

The Three Unequal Branches 295pI expect we’ve all heard the phrase,“three coequal branches” used to describe the composition of our federal system of government. In fact, we’ve probably heard it so many times that we don’t even pay attention, we just accept it as fact and move on.… Read more ...

South Dakota Constitution Party chairwoman invites Donald Trump to switch over to her party

Lori Stacey

Lori Stacey, photo by Emily Spartz Weerheim

From Dana Ferguson at, April 5th, 2016:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump should seek the Constitution Party’s presidential nomination to forego a kerfuffle at the 2016 GOP convention, the South Dakota Constitution Party’s chairwoman said Tuesday.

Lori Stacey, head of the recently re-recognized political party, said the business mogul should hop ship and throw his hat into the ring for the Constitution Party’s nomination next week.

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Joe Miller Jumping Into Constitution Party Presidential Contest

Joe Miller, Alaska, Constitution Party

Reports from sources inside the Constitution Party report that Joe Miller will be making his entrance into the Constitution Party’s presidential nomination race. His candidacy will begin in earnest sometime in the next few weeks. Informed sources say he will be well received within the Constitution Party.

Joe Miller is perhaps best known for running an insurgent campaign for U.S.… Read more ...

Exclusive interview with Constitution Party presidential candidate Don Grundmann

Dr. Don Grundmann

Originally published at the American Third Party Report on April 6th, 2016:

On April 2nd, I emailed Constitution Party presidential candidate Dr. Don Grundmann fifteen interview questions. Today, Dr. Grundmann, a longtime Constitution Party activist, emailed me back his responses. The Constitution Party presidential nominating convention will be held April 13th-16th, 2016 in Salt Lake City, Utah.Read more ...

Constitution Party: Join us in Salt Lake City!

The following is an April 1st, 2016 email from the Constitution Party:

Dear Patriot:

It all comes down to this.

The Constitution Party does a lot of things. We define what we stand for using the Constitution as our yardstick of measure and the writings of the Founding Fathers as a specific guide.… Read more ...

Constitution Party is Now Ballot-Qualified in South Dakota

Ballot Access News reports:

The Constitution Party’s petition for party status in South Dakota has been approved by the Secretary of State. The party is now on the ballot for president in 17 states. Four years ago at this time, it was on in 14 states.

The comment thread reveals that they also have what they believe are enough signatures to qualify for the ballot in NJ.… Read more ...

Exclusive interview with Constitution Party presidential candidate Tom Hoefling

Tom Hoefling

 A few days ago, I submitted fifteen interview questions to Tom Hoefling, the founder of America’s Party, its candidate for President in 2012 (he received over 40,000 votes nationally), and a candidate for the Constitution Party’s 2016 presidential nomination, which will be decided April 13th-16th in Salt Lake City, Utah.Read more ...