Libertarian Party of Oregon: Sarwark, Harlos to Speak at Convention


The Libertarian Party of Oregon will hold its 2017 business convention, featuring Libertarian National Committee Chair Nick Sarwark and the founder and chair of the Libertarian Party Historical Preservation Committee, Caryn Ann Harlos as speakers.

The convention will be held at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland on 17 June 2017, starting at 9:15 in the morning. … Read more ...

New (R) Oregon SOS Reaffirms Current Libertarian Party of Oregon Leadership

DATELINE: SALEM OREGON – In a Press Release distributed earlier today, headlined “Oregon Secretary of State reaffirms existing Libertarian Party of Oregon leadership,” newly elected Oregon Secretary of State, Dennis Michael Richardson, announced he had “reaffirmed that control of the Libertarian Party of Oregon (LPO) is to remain in the hands of its current leadership.”  His full statement can be found HERE.… Read more ...

The “Libertarian Party of Oregon” (PAC) that doesn’t have ballot access or listing holds convention, reelects officers

The “Libertarian Party of Oregon” (PAC) that is not the LPOregon that has been on the ballot since the bylaws dispute that broke the two factions into two groups both claiming to be the legitimate LPOR in 2011, and which is not the group that has been listed as the LP’s affiliate at for the last several years, held a convention on March 18, 2017 and reelected its officers.… Read more ...

Warring Factions of the Libertarian Party of Oregon Finally Reach Resolution Regarding Party Leadership

This was sent to us anonymously. It spells out a long-awaited resolution to the dispute over who the rightful leaders of the Libertarian Party of Oregon are.

After six years of infighting over the Libertarian Party of Oregon, the feuding factions have declared a truce.

In 2011, there was a bylaws crisis that made it practically impossible to make quorum at convention.… Read more ...

Burke Writes to the Oregon Secretary of State, Tries to Replace the Libertarian Party of Oregon’s Candidates


Richard Burke has tried (and failed) yet again to get the state of Oregon’s Secretary of State to accept their PAC as the actual Libertarian Party of Oregon. In the following document sent last month, Burke sent a list of candidates he says should be listed on the November ballot, in lieu of those placed by the actual Libertarian Party of Oregon.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party of Oregon: Richard Burke is at it again

Beating dead horse

The following letters were written by Richard Burke, and the response was written by Kyle Markley. Richard Burke is the secretary of a PAC called Libertarian Party of Oregon, which is not the actual Libertarian Party of Oregon political party. Both the Libertarian National Committee and the Secretary of State of Oregon do not recognize Burke’s PAC as the actual political party called Libertarian Party of Oregon.Read more ...

Libertarian Party of Oregon (PAC): Letter to Credentials Committee


This was originally posted by Caryn Ann Harlos.

This letter was provided to IPR editor Caryn Ann Harlos.

Dear Ms. Salvette,

I have received your email rejecting the Libertarian Party of Oregon’s list of delegates for the 2016 Libertarian National Convention in Orlando. In your reply of May 8, your reason for rejecting our delegates is:

“Since 2011 the national Libertarian Party and the State of Oregon have recognized the Wagner/Hedbor group as the official Libertarian Party in Oregon.”

Respectfully, this is demonstrably untrue.… Read more ...

Credentials Committee Refuses to Seat Delegates from Epstein’s Libertarian Party of Oregon’s PAC

This exchange has been seen on Libertarian Party email lists.

Dear Mr. Epstein:

The 2016 LP Credentials Committee has considered your April 16 submission of delegates from Oregon for the convention in Orlando. We regret that we cannot accept these delegates for Oregon.

Since 2011 the national Libertarian Party and the State of Oregon have recognized the Wagner/Hedbor group as the official Libertarian Party in Oregon.… Read more ...

Richard P. Burke (“Libertarian Party of Oregon” PAC Secretary) Endorsing Trump for Primary

Richard P. Burke is a well-known figure to those interested in the dispute over the recognized Libertarian Party affiliate in Oregon which is presently The Libertarian Party of Oregon, chaired by Lars Hebdor. As of a few days ago, Mr. Burke, who retains his seat as Secretary of the PAC written about on IPR here earlier today, has publicly given support for the campaign of Republican Donald Trump.… Read more ...

The Libertarian Party of Oregon (LP Affiliate) Responds to “Libertarian Party of Oregon” (PAC) on Nominating Conventions

LP-OregonThe PAC in Oregon identified as the Libertarian Party of Oregon published a recent notice concerning nominating conventions for the general election in November. A copy of this correspondence will be placed at the end of this article.

In response, the Chair of the official LP affiliate in Oregon, The Libertarian Party of Oregon, Lars Hedbor, provided this statement to IPR:

Once again, the GOP-affiliated “Libertarian” PAC of Oregon is purporting to hold nominating conventions for candidates they claim will be placed on the ballot for the general election in November.Read more ...

Libertarian Judicial Committee and Libertarian Party of Oregon: M. Carling States that Interested Parties Have Seven Days to Respond to Recent Request for Clarification

Oregon_LP_Logo_2010From the LNC Votes Email list:

The Judicial Committee of the Libertarian Party has received the request for clarification attached below. In 2011, the Judicial Committee granted all interested parties the opportunity to submit comments regarding a similar request for clarification and we will do the same this time. So far this term, the Judicial Committee has decided to meet by teleconference rather than in person and to accept submissions in writing rather than orally.

Read more ...

Ian Epstein of Libertarian Party of Oregon PAC Asks for Clarification of August’s Judicial Committee Ruling

It appears that the PAC called the Libertarian Party of Oregon still wants to become the Libertarian Party of Oregon political party affiliate as opposed to being a PAC.

The following letter has been sent to M Carling:

memorandumJudComm Clarification Request (1)

Carling promises a response, and we will update the article when we receive that response.… Read more ...