6 thoughts on “Gary Johnson endorses Lucas Overby

  1. George Whitfield

    Thank you Gary Johnson for endorsing the first Libertarian candidate for Congress that I will have had the opportunity to vote for since I was first eligible to cast a ballot.

  2. paulie Post author

    The Republicans won’t be any more hospitable in 2016 with Rand Paul running, and with his views on issues such as abortion and immigration. The independent route involves paying way too much for ballot access. He’s clearly not a Green or Constitution Party type. I doubt any Americans Elect-type party will consider him “centrist” enough or of “sufficient caliber” to be their candidate. Yes, he didn’t get enough clicks, but if he was their guy they could have found a way. He just doesn’t fit in with their militarist/corporatist agenda regardless of some superficial similarities. Running back and forth continuously between Republican primaries and LP general election runs will leave both sides distrusting him, and cause additional issues such as the Michigan ballot access strongarmed robbery. Time to forget all that nonsense and take a page out of Harry Browne’s book about using LP runs to build the party itself as a base, rather than only OAI. THis is a good step, but a lot more can be done along those lines.

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