Daily Archives: March 31, 2012

2008 GP Prez Candidate writes about Trayvon Martin and the international struggle against US lawlessness

Cynthia McKinney, 2008 Green Party Presidential Candidate, reflects on the Trayvon Martin case, and problems with racism and lawlessness in the United States. [read more]

Jay Anderson: An Open Letter to the Members of the Constitution Party from a Roman Catholic Pro-Life Independent

There was a link to this blog post posted by the author on the CP Debate thread at Ballot Access News. Here is an excerpt. I’ll post the whole thing if I can secure Mr. Anderson’s permission.

Update: Having received the gracious permission [read more]

Lee Wrights: The Health Care Law Is Not Only Unconstitutional, It’s Unhealthy

by R. Lee Wrights

BURNET, Texas (March 31) – Like most bills passed by Congress, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act does exactly the opposite of what its title implies. It doesn’t protect patients at all, but actually harms them by making [read more]