Daily Archives: March 14, 2012

Oregon LP: Response to Lawsuit from Wagner Group to the Reeves Group

For those who have been following the drama of the Libertarian Party in Oregon, this article will present a response to an article from January 18th, 2012, called “LP Oregon: Reeves Group sues Wagner Group”.  There have been many articles posted here on IPR re: the events since March of [read more]

Rocky Anderson Declares for Americans Elect Nomination

Rocky Anderson declared a few months ago that he was going to run for President and form a new party, The Justice Party, in order to attain ballot access. Now, after a few months, he has decided to officially declare for the Americans Elect nomination. This does not [read more]

Judge Roy Moore Wins Republican Nomination for Chief Justice of Alabama

Judge Roy Moore, as he is still known, hasn’t been a judge since 2003 when he was removed from his position by the Alabama Court of the Judiciary. He is nevertheless known throughout the United States as the “10 Commandments Judge”. Moore ran for the [read more]

Jon Huntsman and Evan Bayh Rumored to Run for Americans Elect Nomination

Richard Winger of Ballot Access News is currently reporting on a rumor, which he received from an Americans Elect insider, that Jon Huntsman and Evan Bayh will form a presidential ticket to run with the American Elect ticket. IPR has confirmed this rumor with a source from [read more]