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Alan Keyes Criticizes Republican Presidential Field

Alan Keyes, 2008 Presidential candidate of America’s Independent Party, and himself a contender for the Republican Presidential nomination in 1996, 2000 and 2008, has a column at his blog Loyal to Liberty critiquing the 2012 Republican presidential field. Excerpt:

Back in 2008 we were supposed to believe Mitt Romney’s repeated declarations that he was pro-life and a staunch defender of the God endowed family. We were supposed to accept the notion that he was a “conservative” champion of limited government and fiscal responsibility. But the true facts of his political record utterly contradict these falsehoods. Christie, Perry, Cain and Gingrich have been trotted out, endorsed by this or that supposedly “conservative” element, pundit or apologist. But in one way or another, by their own words and the true facts of their record, all stand exposed as “made men” who have been willing in some decisive way to serve the elite faction’s effort to overthrow constitutional self-government and replace it with elitist dictatorship. One has helped the effort to subvert the republic’s moral foundations; another has openly or silently abetted the attack on its constitutional integrity; another has gone along with the elitist takeover of education; or its subversion of the people’s political and territorial sovereignty; or its suffocation of the economic freedom and consequent material strength of the nation. And finally, Ron Paul and Rick Santorum ironically epitomize the depth of the elite faction’s subversion of the republic’s principles, and its substitution of leaders committed to that subversion in place of those, like America’s founders, determined to articulate, maintain and perpetuate them.

Keyes [read more]

American Third Position Party nominates presidential ticket

The American Third Position Party, which promotes white nationalism, nominated a presidential ticket this past week. Independent film director Merlin Miller was selected as the presidential nominee, and professor Virginia Abernethy was chosen as his running mate.

Miller posted the [read more]

Wayne Root: ‘A Lesson in Capitalism for Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry’

In his column today at LP.org blog, 2008 Libertarian Party VP candidate Wayne Root takes Republican presidential contenders Gingrich and Perry to task for their attacks on Mitt Romney’s record at Bain Capital. Excerpt:

Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry need a lesson in capitalism from my father. Their attacks on Mitt Romney this week are not just disgusting and insulting, they are ignorant. They’ve ruined their Presidential ambitions and damaged their credibility as conservatives.

I’d expect that kind of talk from a socialist like President Obama and his Democratic friends in Congress. Democrat politicians hate businessmen. They’ve never run a business or created a job, so business is like a foreign language to them. Most of them are jealous of anyone who knows how to make money, because they don’t know how. And because successful businessmen rarely support Democrats with contributions, politicians like Obama see them as the political enemy- a target to be demonized, punished and bled dry, so their money can be redistributed to buy more Democratic voters.

So we expect this kind of anti-business rhetoric and class warfare out of Democrats. But Newt and Rick? Now Republicans are turning on capitalism too? The answer here is obvious- big government politicians don’t have a clue about how business, the private sector, or capitalism works. It doesn’t matter which party they are from. Newt and Rick have been in government their entire lives. Their world view because of that turns out to be very similar to Obama.

Towards the end of the article, Root explains that while he [read more]

Mug Wumps, Jedis, Discordians, and Aerosmith: A Listing of Louisiana Party Registrants

The News Star in Louisiana recently did a report on the registrants by party in Louisiana. The results were fascinating, turning up a total of 217 parties, 86 of which have only 1 member. Twelve of those registrants are members of the Jedi Party.

The state has a bunch of Bananas — well, 20 of them — registered as the Banana Party. And there are three rocking members of the Aerosmith Party.

In case you were wondering, there’s one Honest voter. Another is In Between and one is appropriately registered Individualist.

Four voters are Realist Party members and, incongruously, one makes up the Realists Party.

There are some more [read more]