Daily Archives: January 16, 2012

Sam Sloan Announces For Libertarian Party Presidential Nomination

According to an email and blog post by Dr. Tom Stevens, Sam Sloan (aka Haji Mojahammed Ismail Sloan) has announced that he is seeking the Libertarian Party presidential nomination.

Sloan unsuccessfully sought the party’s nomination for Governor of New York in [read more]

Tiffany Briscoe campaign: ‘What started as a simple misunderstanding between campaign officials and the presidential candidate grew into a misrepresentation of the truth’

After Robert Milnes, a candidate defeated for the Boston Tea Party presidential nomination accused nominee Tiffany Briscoe of falsifying her resume, Briscoe initially responded:

I don’t know if this is genuine to the Howard Community College or, in general, to community colleges, but the fact of the matter is that all graduates with a memorable mention at their graduation are offered a title as being part of the “Board of Trustees”. This is like a honorary title, if you want. I receive no pay, I get no voting rights, nor do I attend most meetings. But I do receive a newsletter, have a parking space, and get occasional e-mails on this address provided by HCC. It’s no big thing, as you can see. And I will proceed to the removal of this from my website since it is causing so much “controversy”.

A subsequent investigation by IPR’s William Saturn confirmed that Briscoe is in fact a current student, not a graduate, prompting Boston Tea Party national chair Darryl Perry to demand additional answers from Briscoe.

Briscoe‘s campaign has responded with the following statement posted on the website of her campaign manager Pierre Creveaux:

“In the past few days, many things have been said about the Briscoe candidacy. Allegations have been raised, questions asked, [read more]

Robby Wells drops Reform Party bid to run for Constitution Party nom

Former Savannah State football coach Robby Wells has dropped out of the race for the Reform Party’s presidential nomination to seek the Constitution Party nod.  This comes after Wells’s campaign manager sent out a cryptic message last Thursday announcing that Wells would “join a party” on January 16. The latest [read more]