Daily Archives: January 10, 2012

Rocky Anderson answering questions on Reddit.com

Rocky Anderson, the newly formed Justice Party‘s presidential candidate and former mayor of Salt Lake City, is currently answering questions on Reddit.com.  So far he has talked about foreign policy, social spending, and ballot access, including the possibility of the Justice [read more]

Gary Johnson At 8% in North Carolina Poll

A new poll from North Carolina-based Democratic pollster Public Policy Polling has Gary Johnson at 8%. From Tom Jensen:

In addition to looking at a straight head to head between Obama and Romney, PPP also tested a three way contest with the two of them and Gary Johnson running as a Libertarian.  In that scenario Obama’s lead over Romney expands to 4 points at 45-41, with Johnson taking 8% of the vote. Johnson takes 9% of the Republican vote compared to only 4% of Democrats and his presence results in Romney’s advantage with independents being cut in half from 20 points to only 10.

I doubt Gary Johnson will end up getting 8% of the vote in North Carolina come this fall.  But the numbers do show that Republican voters are more likely to seek out a third party option than Democrats are, and that could really make a difference in a closely divided state whose outcome  doesn’t seem likely to be decided by more than 2 or 3 points either way.

Full results here. In 2008 Libertarian nominee Bob Barr received 0.6% in the polls, one of his stronger states that year. Barr visited the state several [read more]