Daily Archives: December 14, 2011

Bill Still’s “Address to the Libertarian Nation” Contains New Proposals, Disagreements with LP Positions

The campaign of Libertarian presidential candidate Bill Still has been relatively quiet of late, but Still has returned with a new video addressing “the Libertarian Nation.” In the video, he offers new clarity about his views on a wide range of issues — a [read more]

Carl Person Fires Campaign Manager, Apologizes for Bestiality Comments

According to now-fired campaign manager Tom Stevens, Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Carl Person has issued the following statement:

I have terminated Dr. Tom Stevens as my Campaign Manager because of the direction my campaign was going, which was different from the direction I have intended. The material on bestiality published and emphasized by Dr. Stevens has nothing to do with my campaign, and I strongly dissociate myself from issues being promoted about bestiality. As I have repeatedly stated in my speeches and on my campaign website, my focus is job-creation through specific deregulation of small businesses and of vocational and higher education. I apologize for the unwarranted detour that has occurred, and will make sure that no other detours occur in my campaign.

I want to point out that this 2012 election campaign from the voters’ standpoint is going to be about jobs, jobs, jobs, and that there is not a single candidate from any party who has offered any specific, workable ideas for job creation other than me. I would hope that the Libertarian Party is going to capitalize on its great strength in this election, which is that through Libertarian ideals (of deregulating small business in certain specific areas) we can cure the nation’s job problem.

Back on November 10, Person defended and reiterated his bestiality comments to IPR. However, he has apparently changed his mind and repudiated those comments, restoring his campaign’s [read more]

Lee Wrights: Video Op Ed “A Declaration of Peace”

BURNET, Texas (Dec. 15) – In his second video op ed, R. Lee Wrights says his first act as president will be to issue “A Declaration of Peace.” The libertarian writer and political activist is seeking the presidential nomination because he believes the Libertarian message [read more]