Daily Archives: December 13, 2011

California: Green and AIP Team Up For Legalization of Marijuana

It is not very often that you see a member of the Green Party partner with a member of a far-right party like the American Independent Party in government. However, that is just what happened at a meeting of the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors. A couple of days [read more]

John DeTar, IAP Leader in Nevada, Passes Away

John DeTar helped to co-found the Independent American Party in 1968 as a vehicle for the candidacy of then-Governor George Wallace. He was the founder of the Reno chapter of the John Birch Society and a fixture in right-wing politics in Nevada for decades. [read more]

Justice Party Announces Formation, Launches Website, and Forms Steering Committee

The Justice Party is the new party formed by former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson. Today Rocky Anderson and other prominent members held a press conference to announce the formation of the party. It was, as the linked article states, sparsely attended by around 30 [read more]

Gary Johnson Says Libertarian Party is Most in Tune with American Electorate

Former New Mexico Governor and current GOP Presidential candidate Gary Johnson was interviewed recently by AllVoices.com. During the course of the internet, Governor Johnson hinted at where his candidacy might be headed in the coming weeks.

Johnson, who has been excluded from 14 of the 16 Republican debates by what can only be described as “Catch-22” logic, has been the subject of recent speculation that he might end his GOP bid and seek the Libertarian Party’s nomination. Johnson added that by shutting out its libertarian voices, “The Republican Party is abandoning a lot of the electorate. The Libertarian Party is more in tune with the American electorate than any other party at the moment.”

Recent reports from [read more]

Christina Tobin Joins O’Connor Congressional Campaign

According to a recent press release, Christina Tobin will be managing the campaign of Dan O’Connor in New York’s 12 congressional district. O’Connor is challenging incumbent Nydia Velazquez in the Democratic Party primary.

Tobin has a long history of work on [read more]