Daily Archives: December 3, 2011

Whitman Encourages Huntsman: Run With Americans Elect

Christine Todd Whitman is a former Governor of New Jersey and a current board member of Americans Elect. She recently made some statements suggesting former Utah Governor and current GOP presidential candidate John Huntsman should run third party–specifically, that he [read more]

Michael Peroutka Funds Roy Moore’s Run for Office

Former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore has, for several years now, been linked with the Constitution Party. Every presidential election cycle he is rumored to be flirting with the Constitution Party and he has maintained links with certain high profile [read more]

Buddy Roemer Announces His Intention to Seek Americans Elect Nomination

We previously reported on Buddy Roemer, a former governor of Louisiana, hinting that he might continue his run for President in 2012 as an Independent. Now former Governor Roemer has announced that he will seek the nomination of Americans Elect.

Former Louisiana Governor Buddy Roemer today became the first candidate to announce that he will seek the nomination of Americans Elect, an advocacy group that is trying to put a third, split-party ticket on the presidential ballot.

Roemer, who has gained little support in his attempt to win the Republican presidential nomination, said he will continue his primary race and will run as a Republican in the Americans Elect contest. Voters registering with Americans Elect will choose their nominee via the Internet. If nominated, Roemer will have to choose a running mate from a different party.

Of interest to third [read more]