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Socialist Party USA nominates Stewart Alexander for President

Darcy Richardson at Battleground Blog reports:

Delegates to the Socialist Party USA national convention in Los Angeles turned to their 2008 vice-presidential nominee yesterday to head the party’s ticket in the 2012 presidential sweepstakes. In nominating Stewart A. Alexander, an early frontrunner for the party’s top spot, the delegates turned back a late but spirited challenge from sociology professor Jerry Levy, a longtime activist in Vermont’s Liberty Union Party.

The 60-year-old Alexander defeated Levy by an unofficial count of 32-17 on the convention’s first and only ballot.

Alejandro (Alex) Mendoza of Fort Worth, Texas, an ex-Marine and owner of a lawn care business, was named as Alexander’s vice-presidential running mate. The little-known Mendoza, 35, was a last-minute recruit for the party’s second slot.

An attempt earlier in the day to place Cindy Sheehan’s name in nomination for the vice presidency was blocked by national secretary Greg Pason and other party leaders on the grounds that the celebrated antiwar activist — a member of the California-based Peace & Freedom Party — isn’t currently a dues-paying member of the Socialist Party USA.

In rejecting her potential candidacy, the party expressed its gratitude and admiration for Sheehan’s tireless work in the antiwar movement and the struggle for economic justice.

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Alexander was the SPUSA 2008 VP nominee. He was also seeking the 2012 Green Party presidential nomination, but has dropped out of that race. [read more]