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Starchild’s analysis of LP national bylaws proposals, 2012

The following is Starchild’s analysis of the proposals put forth by the LP national bylaws committee. See previous IPR posts and comments here, here, here, here and this post from the York County, PA LP for additional perspective on these proposals.

For those who haven’t heard, the handpicked national LP Bylaws Committee, filled with many of the usual suspects from past years, is surveying members on how they feel about their latest set of proposals. It’s their way of [read more]

LNC reportedly voting by email whether to follow Judicial Committee decision on Oregon

Following the national Libertarian Party Judicial Committee decision that the group led by Wes Wagner is the legitimate LP affiliate in Oregon, and that LPHQ is to restore effective recognition to that affiliate through web linking and sharing of membership data for their state, the LNC is now allegedly voting whether or not to follow the Judicial Committee decision, according to George [read more]

Peace and Freedom Party: Occupy Wall Street!

The Peace and Freedom Party issued the following statement on September 24, 2011. To download this statement as a flyer to print and distribute click here.

Peace and Freedom Party of California, the only working class, feminist-socialist party [read more]

Libertarian vision: Peace, Freedom and Rep. Gordon?

Ed Fitzpatrick in the Providence Journal:

The Libertarian Party of Rhode Island wants to grow. But if the tiny party is going to take state Rep. Daniel P. Gordon Jr. aboard, it better make room for his baggage.

In an e-mail, the Libertarian Party cited a report (on independentpoliticalreport.com) saying that Gordon, who was recently kicked out of the House Republican caucus, became a dues-paying member of the Libertarian Party on Sept. 21.

On Monday, Gordon was still a Republican, according to the secretary of state’s office. (The Libertarian Party is not officially recognized in Rhode Island, so he’d be classified as an independent if he joined the Libertarians.)

And Gordon declined to comment when contacted on Monday, saying a news release would come out in a week or so. So, we’ll have to see if he actually does change parties.

But if the past is any guide, Gordon might not be the life of the party.

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A commenter adds: “I bet Gordon hopes he runs against a Dem/Rep woman in a 3 way race for reelection because he knows he has a history of beating them.” [read more]

RJ Harris: Ballot Access in Oklahoma, Adam Kokesh endorsement

Recent updates from RJ Harris, a candidate for the LP presidential nomination:

* RJ Harris Liberty Team collected nearly 400 signatures on an afternoon at a Oklahoma Sooner football game. RJ Harris and his team had a great time tailgating with fans of the #1 Ranked NCAA Football Team in the Nation.

* [read more]