Daily Archives: September 8, 2011

George Phillies confirms Lew Rockwell story about Gary Johnson campaign inquiry into switching to Libertarian Party

George Phillies at Gold Mass Group confirms a story IPR previously reported, which quoted a claim previously posted by Lew Rockwell (embedded links added by Paulie):

Your Editor can confirm from the first-hand source that a senior staff member from the Gary Johnson (Republican) for President campaign has contacted a member of the Libertarian National Committee about determining the response if Johnson were to switch parties and run for President as a Libertarian. Johnson, who is a former two-term Republican Governor, has been shut out of Republican Presidential debates in favor of candidates who he out-polls. Older members of our Party will remember Johnson directly; he appeared at one of our State Conventions and gave the keynote address.

Phillies sought, but did not receive, the Libertarian Party Presidential nomination in 2008, and the Libertarian National Committee Chair position several [read more]

Roger Gary Campaign Says Perry “Will Split The Politics-As-Usual Vote”

(SAN ANTONIO) Roger V. Gary, a candidate for the 2012 Libertarian nomination for President, welcomed Rick Perry into the Republican field.

“Mr. Perry has proven to be all hat and no cattle when it comes to standing up to Washington,” Gary said. “The latest evidence is his refusal to add the bill opposing TSA [read more]