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Nader Is “Very Unlikely” To Run Again In 2012

Chris Hedges at OpEdNews features a long interview with Ralph Nader.  It is a bit heavy on editorializing but features some good quotes from the consumer advocate ranging from budget fights to neoconservatism. One bit is particularly relevant for political junkies.

When I asked Nader, who mounted campaigns for the presidency in 2000, 2004 and 2008, if he would consider running again, he answered that it was “very unlikely.”

“You have millions of people who say run, run, run,” he said. “Then you put yourself out there and find they are voting for Obama. Until they become mature, until they realize that if they generate 5 to 8 million votes behind a progressive third-party candidate for leverage, what is the point? Why should people try four or five times? Let someone else do it.

“The people who go out there with some credibility and record, go into 50 states, sweat it out month after month, beating back ballot access obstacles, fighting the Democrats who are trying to suppress free speech and candidate choices for the voters, and then you still can’t get on the air to discuss civil liberties,” he said. “Never mind that they do not want to upset dear Obama or dear [John] Kerry. They don’t give you air time to discuss the simple issue of the denial of civil liberties and the crushing of third parties.”

Nader [read more]

MN Libertarians Eye Opening From Government Shutdown

From the Pioneer Press, a newspaper based in the Twin Cities:

Less government is good government, as far as Tylor Slinger is concerned.

As a member of the executive board of the Libertarian Party of Minnesota, the resident of St. Paul’s Highland Park sees benefits in the state government shutdown.

In Slinger’s eyes, this isn’t “tea party” radicalism or anarchist rhetoric. This is Libertarianism 101: Taxpayers accustomed to receiving state support, be it child care subsidies or visits from a social worker, would have to rely on friends, family, churches and nonprofits to get by.

“We think that the shutdown clearly illustrates how centralizing political power to an elite group places the rest of us at their mercy,” said Slinger, 24, who works as a communications specialist at a bank. Slinger is also running for a St. Paul City Council seat.

“While people’s immediate reaction will likely be based on … their daily reliance on governmental services, the longer the shutdown lasts, the more opportunities each individual will have to find more reliable alternatives.”

The Libertarian Party of Minnesota has not been particularly successful at garnering media attention in the state, where libertarians are relatively influential in the state [read more]