Daily Archives: May 12, 2011

Winona LaDuke comments on military’s use of ‘Geronimo,’ publishes book titled ‘The Militarization of Indian Country’

Former Green Party vice presidential candidate and Native American activist Winona LaDuke recently appeared on Democracy Now! to comment on the military’s use of the codename ‘Geronimo,’ a famous Native American leader, for Osama bin Laden.  She has also [read more]

In Tucson, AZ one Green enters mayoral race, another drops out to help Republican

From TusconCitizen.com:

[From a press release sent out by John McLane, the Green who dropped out:]  This humble number of registered Greens has to be accounted for. Not only for the sake of the members who have put their faith in our leadership, but for the two hundred thousand registered voters in the city of Tucson who do not believe in the Green party or our ability to create a sustainable city. This is an issue that the Green Party of Pima County, including myself is accountable for.
While the Green party of Pima County is an amazing organization, and I wish Dave Croteau the best in his recently announced campaign, I have decided to withdraw from the Tucson mayoral race. The Green Party of Pima County is an amazing organization, and I will continue to serve as At-Large Representative with the Green Party – the path that I believe will provide the most direct impact for creating a sustainable Tucson.
While I will not be running for Mayor myself, I have decided to join the campaign committee and act as chair of the Sustainability Committee for Shaun McClusky, Republican Mayoral candidate. After meeting Shaun I was impressed not only by his knowledge on local issues, but his precise plans and strategies for rebuilding Tucson.

Yesterday I reported that Green Party activist & former Mayoral candidate Dave Croteau has entered the race for Mayor (click [read more]

Ballot Access News: Court hears Arkansas Green Party Case

On May 10, the 8th circuit heard oral arguments in Green Party of Arkansas v Martin. The lawsuit challenges the Arkansas law that removes parties from the ballot whenever they go through a statewide election and fail to poll 3% of the vote for the office at the top of the ticket. [read more]