Daily Archives: April 20, 2011

How the Donald Trumped the National Media

“Monday’s downgrade of the U.S. economy by Standard & Poor’s should be a wake-up call to everyone, even the media. America is in deep trouble. Economic Armageddon is fast approaching. The media need only look in the mirror to find the fool.” – Wayne Root [read more]

Some information on Alan Page’s Green campaign for the April 26th DC special election

At the request of a commenter, here is a bit of information about what appears to be an energetic and exciting Green campaign in the nation’s capital.  The candidate is Alan Page, an attorney, single father, community activist, and journalist, among other things, who is running for an [read more]

FL election bill would increase signatures needed for new party presidential candidate from zero to over 335,000

From Ballot Access News:

On April 18, the Florida Secretary of State’s omnibus election law bill was amended to require new political parties who wish to place a presidential nominee on the ballot to submit a petition signed by a number of voters, [read more]

Georgia residents given chance to voice opinion on nation’s most restrictive ballot access law

From Ballot Access News:

In one week, the Georgia Elections Advisory Council will hold its first public meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to let Georgia residents express themselves about problems with Georgia’s election laws. The first meeting [read more]

Three upcoming Green Party of Philadelphia events

The Green Party of Philadelphia has three events in the next two weeks.  First, they will be demonstrating against fracking on Earth Day.  Next, they will be holding a monthly meeting.  Finally, on May Day they will be having a community celebration.  More details [read more]

California: LP Candidate Steve Collett Speaks Out on Immigration and Drug Policy

From a media release by the Collett campaign:

Libertarian Congressional candidate Steve Collett has focused his campaign on U.S. drug prohibition and immigration policies with America’s important neighbor and trading partner Mexico. He has released several statements on [read more]

Free & Equal: Georgia election reform hearings may undo the legacy of hate

From a media release by Free & Equal:

In 1964, the federal government reacted to a shameful but undeniable truth, that in many places in our country the most fundamental element of American freedom, the right to vote in a fair election process, was not only failing, it was [read more]