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Libertarian Party of California Responds to Gov. Brown’s State of the State Address


Symbolism or Substance? The Real State of the State of California


Despite the flowery rhetoric and awkward humor in Governor Jerry Brown’s short-on-words and short-on-ideas January 31, 2011 State of the State address, California is actually in dire condition. We are mired in a $25 [read more]

Green Party of CA warns Gov. Brown that, like Egypt, the “have not’s” can only take so much

As posted by Ian Wilder at onthewilderside.com

Laura Wells in Sacramento for her campaign kic...

Laura Wells

Urge Governor to fix financial crisis by taxing the wealthy as they do the rest of us

The Green Party of California warned Gov. Jerry Brown today – minutes before he gives his “State of the State” address – to not go down the same path as ex-Gov. Schwarzenegger by trying to solve California’s financial crisis on the backs of workers and the poor. Like in Egypt, Californians can only take so much unemployment, out-of-sight education costs and increasing disparity between the wealthy and the rest of the population, Greens said.

“There is no reason California is in the financial state it’s in, other than the fact that our state government continues to practice prosperity for the richest of the rich, and austerity for the rest of us. The richest 1% captured a huge portion of economic growth in past years; they should get the austerity now,” said Laura Wells, a GPCA spokesperson and 2010 candidate for Governor.

“If California taxed them fairly, we would have enough money to improve education, environment, equality, and economy. And, they would still be rich. They would still have multiple houses, and private yachts, and private schools and golf courses. Their assets would keep growing. They just wouldn’t be filthy rich, while so many are dirt poor today,” Wells said.

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John Jay Myers: “War for Terror” speech and video

From John Jay Myers:

I gave my “War For Terror” speech to a local mostly left leaning group, it was a huge success. I am giving it again Thursday night at the University of North Texas.

During the speech I had mentioned the Libertarian party and or philosophy [read more]

Paleocon Red Phillips Discusses Potential Libertarians for President

Posted by Red Phillips at Conservative Heritage Times. Although Phillips also writes for IPR, I (Paulie) am posting it here to make it clear that any opinions expressed are those of Phillips, not an IPR editorial. As with many other stories I post, I am posting it for the sake of discussion, not [read more]

Wayne Root: What Will Obama Do if Egyptian-Style Crisis, Unrest & Revolt Hits America?

“Barack Obama and the U.S. government have called for a “peaceful transition” in Egypt, in response to massive protests, riots and escalating anarchy. But I wonder if President Obama is taking notes? I wonder if he realizes just how close America is to facing a similar crisis that could result in riots, revolt in the streets, and economic paralysis.” – Wayne Root [read more]