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Ralph Nader on Joe Lieberman: “A Right-Wing Extremist On Everything Except The Environment And Gay Rights”

Christopher Keating in the Hartford Courant’s CapitolWatch:

Consumer activist Ralph Nader, who has tangled publicly with both Chris Dodd and Joe Lieberman, is quite pleased that Lieberman will be leaving the U.S. Senate after 24 years.

Democrats praised Lieberman throughout the day on Wednesday, but Nader did not join in on the accolades.

“He couldn’t leave the Senate fast enough as far as I’m concerned,” Nader said in a telephone interview with Capitol Watch from his office in Washington, D.C. “He’s not only driving Democrats nuts down here, but he’s become a right-wing extremist on everything except the environment and gay rights.”

Despite Lieberman’s career as a national figure and a major player in Connecticut politics for three decades, Nader said that his decision to retire from the Senate is not the end of an era.

“It’s the end of a nightmare,” Nader said.

Some people have urged Nader to run for what will now be an open seat, but I have not see whether he has expressed any interest in doing so.

Read the rest of the above quoted column here. [read more]

Kentucky Independent Gubernatorial Candidate Gatewood Galbraith Invited to Forum with Major Party Opponents

Ballot Access News:

Kentucky holds its gubernatorial election on November 8, 2011. So far, it appears there are no minor party candidates running in this race. However, one independent candidate, Gatewood Galbraith, is running and is already collecting signatures. [read more]

Rob McNealy radio show: The Future of Liberty with John Jay Myers

Rob McNealy interviews Texas based Libertarian activist John Jay Myers on the future of liberty and the Libertarian Party in the United States on his radio show.

|#0|#John Jay Myers’ Bio

John Jay Myers, a small business man from Dallas, Texas, ran for chair of the LNC in 2010, is a member of the Texas Libertarian Executive Committee and the Vice Chair of the Dallas County Libertarian Party. For more [read more]

Libertarian Party blog: Bumbling Omaha Mayor Attempts Chicago-Style Politics as Recall Election Looms

Randy Eshelman at LP blog:

The latest blunder in a string of blunders by Omaha Mayor Jim “I’m not subtle about Omaha” Suttle and his “Forward Omaha” lackeys may impact local charities that help the homeless. Fears are rising that donations to [read more]

Libertarian Party blog: Complete November 2010 election results online

Staff at LP blog:

We have posted a table with results for 800 Libertarian candidates in the November 2, 2010 election. Link to November 2010 election results page. At the bottom of the page there is also a spreadsheet file for anyone who would like more details or would like to analyze the results. [read more]

Libertarian Party of Georgia Welcomes Changes To Handling Drug Offenders, Favors Decriminalization Instead of Growing Government

Emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com

ATLANTA – In his inaugural speech, Governor Nathan Deal addressed an issue that the Libertarian Party of Georgia has long been aware of, the unusually high number of residents currently tracked by the Department of [read more]

Georgia Greens Demand Real Reductions in Incarceration’s Costs

Via Ronald Hardy at Green Party Watch:

Greens Demand Real Reductions in Incarceration Costs
Reject Deal Reforms which Fail to Challenge Racist Impact

After last week praising Governor Deal’s expressed concern for the wasted lives, drained treasury and depleted [read more]