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David Smith To Run As Republican For Open Senate Seat In Texas

After Texas Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison announced she planned to retire, speculation soon began as to who would enter the race. One of the first to enter the race is David Smith, a Libertarian who plans to run as a Republican. In 2010 he ran against Republican Ted Poe in TX-02, [read more]

Green Party leaders challenge the new Congress to restore the rule of law after a decade of constitutional violations and abuses of power by Presidents and other officials

Press release:

WASHINGTON, DC — Green Party leaders challenged Democrats and Republicans in the 112th Congress, as well as President Obama, to end a decade of reckless violations of the U.S. Constitution, international agreements, and other laws by the U.S. government and begin a new era of [read more]

PSL: Defend birthright citizenship!

Party for Socialism and Liberation editorial:

On Jan. 5., anti-immigrant lawmakers from across the country held a press conference in Washington, D.C., announcing new legislation in 14 states aimed at [read more]

Peace and Freedom Party: WikiLeaks and the Prosecution of the Whistle-blowers

Resolution adopted by the State Executive Committee of the Peace and Freedom Party on January 9, 2011:

There are many alarming disclosures within the WikiLeaks documents which deserve scrutiny and further investigation. It is therefore all the [read more]

Socialist Party USA update: Walk against torture, union organizing, MLK holiday, and opposition to assassination

From the Socialist Party USA website:

Jan 21st: Walk and Vigil Against Torture and to Close Guantanamo- Join members of the Socialist Party of New Jersey and other civil rights organizations in a walk and vigil against torture and to shut down Guan- tanamo. 3:00pm starting at Montclair Public [read more]

US Pirate Party: Solidarity with Tunisian Pirates


Pirate Solidarity

As some of you may know, there have been demonstrations and protests in Tunisia regarding dismay over unemployment and less than stellar living conditions, among other things. These protests began in December 2010. So far five have [read more]

Three Green Party Co-chairs resign from national Steering Committee

Last week three members of the Green Party (US) Steering Committee resigned their positions as co-chairs of the Party days before two of them were to face votes to “Recall” them from office. The two co-chairs facing recall were Mike Feinstein and Craig Thorsen. [read more]

Eliot Cutler on Civil Discourse

Eliot Cutler, the Independent candidate for Governor in Maine who came within 2% of victory in 2010, recently posted a note on Facebook entitled “Civil Discourse”. I have quoted it in full, as it appears no other news outlets have picked it up.

When I decided, early in my campaign for governor, that I would not engage in any negative campaigning, I was warned by my advisors and consultants that this would be a big mistake, that negative campaigning would be directed against me and that I would need to respond . . . or else I would lose.

I rejected that advice, because I believed that if I did retaliate in kind, we ALL would lose.

I didn’t believe then, and I don’t believe now, that Maine people want the kind of mean-spirited and demeaning trash-talk in which the two political parties indulged in 2010 — and that was echoed by our Governor’s comment yesterday.

If we haven’t learned anything about ourselves, our state and our country in the last year, and in the last week, we should have learned at least this:  Words have meaning.  Words are weapons.  And words can hurt.  We all owe to each other common civility and sensitivity in our discourse.

In no small measure, Martin Luther King’s life should still remind us of the importance of that lesson.  Melanie and I will be attending tomorrow night’s dinner in Portland with several of our friends, and we will be proud to be there.

Controversy also continues over The Cutler Files, an anonymous website which is now known to be connected to certain Democratic politicos in Maine. You can find other recent news about Cutler [read more]

Tim Penny Speaks Out On Governor Dayton’s Cabinet

An excerpt from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

DFL Gov. Mark Dayton is “picking smart and credible people, and that’s a necessary and important first step to governing well,” said Penny, the former congressman and Independence Party candidate for governor in 2002 who now heads the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation.

“This is as good a cabinet as we’ve seen since Ventura, largely because, like Ventura, Dayton has gone outside the realm of politicians and insiders.

“But the jury is still out on whether he’ll be able to pull off the kind of leadership that’s needed.”

What kind is that?

“We need him to be transformational,” Penny continued. “I fear that instead, he may be transactional, both in terms of his personal ideological bias and interest-group-driven considerations.”

Interestingly, 2010 IP gubernatorial candidate Tom Horner had donated money to Penny’s campaign while the former was a Republican and the latter was a Democrat. Both have worked at various times at the public relations firm Himle Horner. Penny has [read more]