Monthly Archives: November 2010

Bronx Greens: Green Party teachers to apply for Cathie Black’s position at Hearst Magazines

Business executive Cathie Black has been nominated by NYC Mayor Bloomberg to head the NYC School System, despite lacking the minimal educational qualifications. On Tuesday November 30, several current and former teachers from the Green Party of New York City will apply for the job of Chair of Hearst Magazines that Cathie Black is vacating. [read more]

Steve Kubby – The Next Marijuana Voter Initiative

“As a Libertarian, I applaud the call for full legalization. However, as an activist, I recognize that the non-medical use of cannabis is absolutely forbidden by federal law and international treaties…” – Steve Kubby [read more]

Irish Green Party, essential to current coalition, to quit government, forcing 2011 elections

In a step that may restore the oft-doubted credibility of the Irish Green Party, due to its presence in and necessity for a coalition government which presided over the financial crisis in Ireland, the party has called for an election, which will be held in [read more]

Libertarian press release: National Opt-Out Day activities at San Francisco International Airport

The Libertarian Party of San Francisco has issued a press release about their activities related to National Opt Out Day, including demonstrations at San Francisco International Airport. This article includes a link to the wewontfly web-site, where this and other TSA demonstrations around the country are presented on an interactive map. [read more]

Wayne Root: TSA: The Three Worst Letters in the English Language

“Privatize and Profile: Two Simple Solutions to Solve the TSA National Security Mess.” [read more]