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Libertarian Party blog: NTU (National Taxpayers Union) added to Liberty Links

Mark Hinkle at Libertarian Party blog, October 3:

I am, once again, please to add another web link on our Liberty-Links web page: www.ntu.org

The National Taxpayers Union has been long time advocate for the U.S. taxpayers.

I’ve been a member for at least a couple of [read more]

Veteran Buffalo News Political Columnist Suggests Libertarian Warren Redlich Won the Gubernatorial Debate

Ballot Access News:

Donn Esmonde, long-serving political columnist for the Buffalo News (Buffalo’s only daily newspaper) has this column about the New York gubernatorial debate of October 18. The column suggests that Warren Redlich, the Libertarian nominee, had the best performance of any of the seven candidates.

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In NY: Six Way Governor Debate Announced (Paladino’s participation was not confirmed at that time).

Video of the debate is on YNN. [read more]

Green Change: Green candidates call for end of corporate personhood

Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

On Monday October 18 Green Change issued a press release entitled “Green candidates call for end of corporate personhood” announcing that 110 Green Party candidates nationwide are calling for a “Green New Deal” to end the legal doctrine of corporate personhood, which grants corporations constitutional rights that had previously been [read more]

Illinois Green Party to protest exclusion of Rich Whitney from debates

Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

Even after Illinois Green Party gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney got over 10% of the vote in 2006 and established the Green Party as a major party under Illinois law, the Illinois League of Women Voters is refusing to let Whitney debate the Republican [read more]

Arkansas Green candidates for Governor, US Senate polling at 3.5, 4%

Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

The City Wire reports on a new poll including Arkansas Green Party candidates Jim Lendall for governor and John Gray for US Senate:

|#0|#In the U.S. Senate race, Boozman’s margin over incumbent U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln has shrunk to 13 points as he now holds a 49-36% lead. Independent Trevor Drown and Green Party candidate John Gray each received 4% support, while 7% of voters remain undecided.

Beebe has seen a steady increase in his advantage — now 16 points — over Republican gubernatorial challenger Jim Keet, 50-34%. Green Party nominee Jim Lendall pulled 3.5%, and 12.5% remain undecided.

If Lendall gets at least 3% of the vote, the Arkansas Green Party will remain ballot-qualified for the next 2 years.
Here [read more]

Think 3 Institute: Turning Inclusive Debates into ‘Reality’

Samuel Wilson at Think 3 Institute:

The aftermath of Monday’s inclusive New York gubernatorial debate, which spotlighted all seven candidates who’ll appear on the November ballot, raises questions about the need for balance between inclusiveness and seriousness. The talk of the night and day after [read more]

Peace and Freedom Party: ‘Cable’s Free Airtime Project’

Posted at peaceandfreedom.org:

Every four years, the League of Women Voters and the California Channel on cable TV collaborate on the production of a series of interviews with candidates for statewide office, the Board of Equalization, and the appellate courts. This year’s effort is called [read more]