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Some North Dakota Libertarians qualify for November ballot

Ballot Access News:

North Dakota held a primary on June 8. The three qualified parties were Republican, Democratic, and Libertarian. Two Libertarians ran for statewide office. They each got enough votes in the open primary to qualify for the November ballot.

North Dakota is the only state in which a ballot-qualified party cannot nominate candidates in its own primary unless its candidates (whose names are printed on the primary ballot) poll a minimum number of votes. Statewide nominees must poll 300 votes.

North Dakota is the only state that does not have voter registration. North Dakota party primaries are open. Anyone who shows up to vote on primary day decides which party’s primary to vote in.

However, The Grand Forks Herald reports that not all would-be Libertarian candidates qualified. [read more]

June 30 Hearing in American Independent Party Internal Court Battle

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On June 8, a hearing was held in Solano County Superior Court, California, on the lawsuit over the identity of the state officers of the American Independent Party. The attorney for the faction that nominated Alan Keyes for President in 2008 [read more]

Texas Democrats Sue Green Party, get Temporary Restraining Order to Prevent Green Ballot Access

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On June 10, the Texas Democratic Party filed a lawsuit in state court in Austin, seeking a court order to prevent the Green Party from certifying the names of its nominees to the Secretary of State. See this story. The case is probably called Texas Democratic Party v Texas Green Party. The case number is not available yet.

The Texas Democratic Party also seeks a court order to allow its attorneys to take depositions to find out who donated money to pay for the party’s petition drive.

Texas Tribune (H/T Joey Dauben in IPR comments):

The Texas Democratic Party won Thursday’s battle against the Green Party — but the war isn’t over yet.

A Travis County District Court judge granted a temporary restraining order that will prevent the Green Party from certifying any candidates for the November ballot for the next 14 days. The big question is whether the Green Party’s use of out-of-state money to gather the more then 92,000 signatures they submitted to get on the ballot (well above the 44,000 necessary) violates state law. Democrats fear that the Green Party’s resurgence is a GOP-fueled effort to peel away Democratic votes.

Texas Green Kat Swift comments on Facebook:

Texas Democratic Party began a slanderous campaign against the Green Party today with a Press Release and robocalls across the state.


The Chair of the TDP, Boyd Richie, has been saying I’ve said we admitted taking an illegal contribution – lie. they started greenequalsred.com, and are robocalling to say we lied to people signing the petition (lie) and are working for the GOP (so funny i can’t stop laughing – we want both the R & Ds to lose and i’d like to see either party try to take over the Green leadership. They have obviously NOT been to a Green convention!)

Following that link, http://greenequalsred.com/ [read more]

Greens support lawsuit, consider initiative to nullify Prop. 14

Greens support lawsuit, consider initiative to nullify Prop. 14; Measure is a clear example of how big money buys California elections, charges Green Party gubernatorial nominee

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For immediate release: June 9, 2010

Erika McDonald, Spokesperson, 415.337.1499, +/2+/

Derek Iversen, Spokesperson, 323.481.8984, +/3+/
Cres Vellucci, Press Secretary, 916.996.9170, +/4+/

SACRAMENTO (June 9, 2010) – The Green Party of California’s gubernatorial nominee Wednesday called the passage of Prop. 14 and near victories of Prop. 16 and 17 clear examples of how big money is buying elections in California, using tens of millions of dollars to mislead voters.

The state’s most progressive political party said it is mulling its options after Tuesday, including joining a lawsuit to overturn Prop.14 and a possible statewide initiative to nullify it.

“The rotten part of Prop. 14 is that what it promised – open elections – is the exact opposite of what it will do. Prop. 14 will keep dissenting voices off the big November ballot,” said Laura Wells, who won the Green Party nomination for Governor Tuesday night with a victory over Los Angeles social justice activist Deacon Alexander.

Greens are already working with representatives of the five other ballot-qualified parties on plans to challenge Prop. 14 on constitutional issues. And, they are discussing a possible challenge to Prop. 14 on the streets – putting a ballot measure on the ballot that would give more power and more choices to voters, not less. Details will be released later this week.

But the story Tuesday was that at least $54.4 million was spent in support of various corporate propositions, including $40.5 million on Prop 16, $8.9 million on Prop. 17 and $4.6 million on Prop. 14. Combined, only about $1.2 million was spent to oppose these ballot measures.

“Silicon Valley mega-corporations, big insurance companies, the state Chamber of Commerce and Arnold Schwarzenegger bought the Prop. 14 election; in turn that will allow corporations to buy other elections, buy candidates and buy our government.

“There will come a day when people will realize that we can either take care of the mega-corporations and billionaires, or we can take care of the rest of us. I see days ahead when Californians will, indeed, follow the money, and run the other way,” said Wells, a financial specialist in Oakland.

She also noted the language of Prop. 14 confused voters, and that a similar measure, but not written in the same manner, was rejected by voters in Oregon.

“Who heads the department that writes make-it-or-break-it ballot language? Jerry Brown. Behind the scenes, Brown sides with corporate money, against the people and voter choice,” she said.


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