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Last Day of LP National Convention, Meeting of New LNC

The last day of the National Convention consisted of the last officer elections and, after the convention was adjourned, a meeting of the new Libertarian National Committee.

The election for the five open at-large seats on the LNC were held early [read more]

James Carville’s hypocrisy on BP and dubious ties to Antanas Mockus’ establishment opponent in Colombia

On Counterpunch, author Nikolas Kozloff examines American political strategist James Carville’s numerous forays into South American politics, including ties to BP and the establishment opponent of Colombian Green presidential candidate Antanas Mockus, who [read more]

Press release: Green Party condemns Freedom Flotilla massacre, urges immediate aid cutoff and end to impunity for Israel

Via Green Party Watch:

WASHINGTON, DC — The Green Party of the United States condemns the attack by the Israeli navy on Gaza-bound humanitarian aid ships in international wates near Cyprus, which have left at least 19 human rights activists dead and at least 50 wounded.

“The attacks on the aid boats is a criminal act of piracy and a deliberate provocation,” said Dr. [read more]

Progressive and Democratic Parties in Vermont County Try to Cooperate

In Windham County there was a meeting yesterday between the leaders and activists of the local Progressive Party and Democratic Party. The mission was to encourage a greater degree of cooperation. This article was printed one day before the meeting:

Hoping to find common ground on a number of hotly debated issues around Vermont, Progressives and Democrats will meet in Marlboro this weekend in an attempt to bring the parties closer together politically in the upcoming election.

But can the two sides find enough give-and-take before Vermonters cast their ballots this November?

Marlboro Democratic Chairman Clarence Boston defines the meeting as an “involved and diverse coalition” of Democrats and Progressives seeking to set Vermont on the right path for the future. During this event, Boston is hoping for a progressive endorsement of some of the Democratic candidates in the county running for office.

“This isn’t a fundraiser. This is a party and it is progressive, it is left-wing, but it is not partisan,” he said. “It is ‘Can we come to terms?’ It is the old political saying ‘Let’s make a deal.’”

This is [read more]

Burlington Free Press Editorializes on the Progressive Party’s Statewide Slate

An editorial in the Burlington Free Press was published a week ago analyzing how the Progressive Party’s entry into the statewide races in 2010 changes the dynamic.

Progressive Martha Abbott’s decision to run for governor alters the terrain for the major party candidates already in the race just as they gear up for a summer of serious campaigning. That’s especially true for the five Democrats, Susan Bartlett, Matt Dunne, Deb Markowitz, Doug Racine and Peter Shumlin. Republican Brian Dubie faces no primary opponent so far.

Hemmed in by Dubie on the right and Abbott on the left, the Democratic candidates have until the Aug. 24 primary to distinguish themselves from the field. That’s best done by clear statements on policy laid out in vigorous and open debates — a different animal from reading position papers at candidate forums or pretending that you’ve already won the nomination.

Vermont’s campaign calculus gets complicated with entry of a third candidate in the general election who could siphon off enough votes to affect the outcome.

The editorial cites Anthony Pollina, who ran for Governor of Vermont in 2008, as an [read more]

Independence Gubernatorial Candidate Rob Hahn Announces Running Mate

Rob Hahn, one of the three candidates for Governor seeking the nomination of the Independence Party of Minnesota, has announced who his running mate will be.

Independence Party candidate for governor Rob Hahn has selected his running mate. He’s Thomas Harens, a former state representative.Hahn says Sunday that he picked Harens because of his experience with statewide and legislative campaigns. Also, he says Harens relates well to independent voters.

The Minnesota Legislative Library says the 56-year-old Harens represented St. Paul in the House as a member of the DFL in the early 1980s.

Hahn says Harens also managed the 1980s recording act Limited Warranty and worked to develop electric vehicle technology with St. Cloud-based E-Tran Inc.

Another candidate, Tom Horner, has already secured the endorsement of the party’s convention, but [read more]

Paper Profiles Connecticut Green Party’s Candidates

The Hartford Courant, a newspaper based in Connecticut, published a lengthy profile of the four Connecticut Green Party candidates who are running in 2010.

The Connecticut Green Party is running four candidates for statewide seats and seats in the General Assembly. They include a youth counselor, a retired guidance counselor and a dual contender for state comptroller and the state Senate’s 33rd District

“I think the overarching theme is they’re average citizens,” said Tim McKee, party spokesman and member of its national committee. “I think they’re going to try to talk about important issues: the economy, certainly social justice issues and clean government.”

One of the candidates, Ben Wojan, is a Green Party candidate for state representative. He’s also a former [read more]

Libertarian Party National Convention Fundraising Banquet Does Well

The Libertarian Party National Convention Fundraising Banquet is held at every party convention–so it is held every two years. The average amount of money raised at these events on non-presidential years is around $30,000. This year’s fundraising, [read more]